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  1. Brills33

    Hairdresser Skills assessment - Query

    Hi Scott We’ve applied for a 187 direct entry RSMS visa for the NT. I have a sponsor in place waiting for me but the wait it still set to be a long one. It’s possible we may apply for a temporary visa while we wait for the 187. No children so that makes things easier for us in terms of the move itself. Sometimes it feels like we are never going to get there. Reading through this forum there are so many people with their lives on hold just waiting in limbo for some news, with no guarantee. I agree take what you can, get there and then rethink if you want to change or apply for a different visa. Good luck though guys. Emma
  2. Brills33

    Hairdresser Skills assessment - Query

    Hi Scott There is a thread on here that’s been running a few years, with a lot of infomation on the whole vetesses skills assessment process and detailed lists of the questions they ask for the technical interview. It’s a long read but well worth it. See below. I did my skills assessment Sept 2017. Submitted visa application in Nov 2017. No news yet. The wait will be very long unfortunately. Good luck.
  3. Hi ?? It’s frustrating for sure waiting as we’ve done everything we can now. We just wait and potentially could still get turned down for the visa. Although I don’t know what the chances are of this happening. As for Vetassess evidence, you really sound like you have a plan and know what your talking about. The aim of this evidence submission is show you have understand, so I don’t think there is such a thing as overkill. I used a spreadsheet with the units listed down one side. And I numbered all my pieces of evidence, then listed the evidence number next to the units it related to. Sometimes most or all of my evidence referred to these units so it was time consuming listing them. Anything that I couldn’t add to my evidence, I wrote up my understanding of this unit to show I had knowledge. I hope this helps. Emma
  4. Hi Bella Sorry for the super late reply. Yes I had my interview back in September and passed, it all went very well. I purchased an Australian standard hairdressing book and read it cover to cover over a few months before the technical interview. All of the questions asked I had read in the book so it was well worth the $70 I paid for it. We applied for a 187 visa November 2017 and expected a year wait, but was advised in March 2018 that the wait could be 17 months due to changes within the department of immigration. So applications aren’t being processes as quickly as they should be. So we are in for a long wait. Currently still in the UK. Emma
  5. Great thank you again for your advice again, what was the actual name of the book you bought, I've had a look online but unsure as to which book to get? Thank you x
  6. Hi Bella Thank you for the advice, I've now submitted all my evidence online, plus videos sent to Melbourne on a USB, I was asked to provide a few more bits which I did so just waiting to hear back now. As for the chemical straight service, it's not something I've really done but I know a bit about it from others that have, but there's so many types of straightening products, some with the use of irons, some without. So a little worrying as to what answers they will be looking for in the step by steps, although I guess if I explain that, all should be ok? Wow thats quite a long wait, but it's good to hear you are feeling relaxed now your paperwork is all in. Good luck with the process. I've been advised that once the visa application starts it could take a year, so we are hoping for the end of next summer. Thanks again for your advice, this forum has been very helpful, thanks girls x
  7. Hi all, Emma Louise I'm at a similar stage to you, I'm almost completed and ready to submit, I've been uploading my documents online for the last few days with just a little more to do. I have evidence for most things, but where some might be a little less direct I've written up my understanding of that unit, I'm not sure if this is acceptable but hopefully this will be ok. As for the videos, how did everyone submit theirs? Did I ready somewhere rhey have to go on a memory stick or CD, and post? I'm unsure where I have to send it? Any advice on this will be fantastic, thank you. Emma
  8. Hi again girls. I'm just wondering if you can advise me on something? In regards to Vetesses, am I able to register online now ready for applying, even I'm not ready to submit my documents just? Is there a time limited between registering and actually submitting the evidence? Or is it better to wait to register and apply in one go? Thank you. Emma
  9. Hi again guys. Sorry for the delay in replying. The information needed to submit for the skills assessment has taken up a fair amount of my time. Bella, you submitted so many certificates and courses that you have done, plus with many years experience I guess they just didn't need any video evidence. Well done. I've started gathering statements from my regular customers and taking lots photos of my work too so it's coming along slowly. And well done on your skills assessment, that's really great news. Vicky you must have been so frustrated when Hairdressing was taken off the list in QLD, this is always the worry. I have been informed that in NT hairdressers are very much in shortage so fingers crossed. That's good you have a job offer though. I am in the U.K and yes have been told the wait can be around a year but I thought that was for the whole process, or is this just the visa alone? Same for you Laura, you must have been so annoyed with the changes. Good luck with your medical, do you know what it will involve? Thanks again to you all for the information on what you did. It's very helpful for me. Lauren, if you read right back on this thread there's a fair bit of info on what questions the girls have been asked in their technical interviews. It's surprising because even after all these years of hairdressing, some of the questions are still quite challenging so I think some refreshment of the basics is a good idea. Emma x
  10. Thanks for the reply and the info on the videos. So did you edit the videos or mute the sound at times? Were your videos taken in the salon or at home? I'm not sure what program to use for editing videos or even how to send them over...tech novice haha. I'm sorry to hear you are still waiting, wow it's really taken a while. It's a very slow process and I guess the change in your situation may have held things up. I'm guessing you changed visa applications. I have a job offer 187 RSMS in NT. Thanks again for your advice.
  11. Hi all, I've been reading through this thread for a few weeks as I also have to do a skills assessment. Vicki and Laura the information you have supplied has been really great, I feel I have more of an understand of what to expect. Also Bella, thank you for listing some of your question too. Could I ask a little about video evidence submitted, I know Vicki and Laura have covered a little on what they did with their videos, but I'm unsure how to make them and whether to try to talk through the process or do a voice over. Bella what did you submit in terms of videos, how many and what were they? Do you think there is a criteria on how many to send. Vicki and Laura how have things worked out for you both, I'm guessing you should both have finally finished the process by now? Thanks guys.
  12. Brills33

    Commonwealth or NAB?

    Hey Guys I have opened an account with Commonwealth Bank and I leave for Perth in 2 and a half weeks. I haven't transferred any money over yet, what's the best way to do this? Also I'm worried I'll transfer the money over but then wont have access to it till I arrive and go to a branch, is this correct? Thanks Em
  13. Brills33

    People in Perth/WA Oct-Jan

    Hey guys I arrive on the 29th October too and will be staying just outside of Perth with family for a few months. I also wont be doing the hostels and was a little apprehensive about meeting new people as I want to travel a bit too. So yeah I'm up for meeting also Maybe see you soon Emma
  14. Brills33

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    Hey sorry for the late reply, I am flying with Emirates arriving at lunchtime PM me for a chat
  15. Brills33

    Arriving in Australia on a WHV in 2013

    Arriving in Perth 29th October 2013