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Found 19 results

  1. Hi I put an EOI for a 189 visa in July and yet to hear anything. I have 90 points with my partner on my application. We both previously worked in Australia for 4 years with full AHPRA registration between 2015 and 2019. We now live and work in the UK but plan to go back to Aus. Having not heard anything I am increasingly concerned there is something wrong with our application. We currently have non-practicing AHPRA registration; is this sufficient to act as an appropriate Skills Assessment? Or do we need full registration? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I'm new to poms in Oz and have been searching the forums to find a recent hairdresser thread. I have just sent off my skills assessment to Vetassess after a lot of work and stress getting it all together, feeling relieved now that it has gone but now worrying in case I have missed anything or haven't provided something very important! Any other hairdressers or tradies out there that are currently going through this? And does anyone know of current vetassess wait times and what is involved for a positive assessment and technical interview? Thanks in advance Vicki.
  3. Deniz Adrian Hoteit

    Skills Assesment required?

    Hello my name is Deniz Adrian. I´ve been in Australia for 2 years on a WHV. Im from Germany and a qualified bricklayer and did my master of bricklaying and concreting (kind of builders license) I want to apply for a medium term visa 482 and my question is now: Do i have to make an skill assesment or are there any examptions? I even worked in Canberra as a bricklayer and i´ve got 9 years experience and all my qualifications. Because if i read right, a skill assesment wouldn´t be necessary or am I wrong? I appreciate your help. It is really confusing me and i really want to come in november. Cheers Deniz
  4. Hey Guys, Can anyone help? My Boyfriend has worked two years under his 457 visa and now wants to apply for Permanent Residency. His employer wants to sponsor him under the 186 Visa - Temporary Transition Scheme. Have any other mechanics on here made the same application? Most importantly do you have to get skills assessed if you are doing Temporary Transition Scheme. Just what paperwork does he actually need? Thank so much and sorry if this has been asked before I can't find it. Laura
  5. upgradingdegree

    Upgrade Education to get Permanent Residence

    Hi all, I'm already in Oz on a 457 temporary visa although my company won't nominate me for PR after the mandatory two years! I'm now looking to go independent as a skilled migrant but I have the following unique issues (I think it's fairly unique). I dropped out of University (in the UK) and was awarded a Diploma (one rank below a full bachelors degree). If I take a top up course with the Open University (the British one) and upgrade my diploma to the full degree, will that be acceptable? I need to get a skills assessment from the ACS. What I'm worried about is: I think the ACS say that any years of experience you have before your degree is awarded are not counted towards the requirement to have 2 years experience as well as a degree; am I reading that wrong or would my several years of experience I have gained (that are closely related to the nominated job on the SOL) be counted towards the 2 years experience requirement as well as having a degree? I'm a little confused by this. note: for a software engineer, the SOL says you must have a degree and 2 years of experience. Any knowledge is really appreciated! Thanks Adam
  6. Alice6521

    Chef/Cook TRA Skills Assessment

    Hello everyone, My partner (a chef) wants to get a permanent visa for Australia. Right now we are intending on applying for subclass 190, state sponsorship. (If his English test goes really well we might try for subclass 189) We are currently getting the (ENDLESS) paperwork together for his TRA Skills Assessment. We're struggling to know exactly what to write for Part 8 / his Description Of Your Work (in own words) and exactly what we need in the letters from his employers (how much detail?!). I would appreciate any tips anyone has and if anyone would share with me their own documents (actual letters, templates, anything) we would be so grateful. Especially other chefs/cooks! Just for ideas and peace of mind, I would never plagiarize! Thank you, Alice
  7. Hi Everyone, My husband is a bricklayer and Mcdonald-Jones are currently offering sponsorship for Bricklayers. They are currently completing reference checks and we should hear back in a couple of days. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions of what we will need to apply for the 457 Visa, I have done a lot of reading, but there just doesn't seem to be a definitive yes or no answer to the following: 1. Does hubby need to do an IELTS test? he was born in the UK and has lived here all his life, however never completed secondary school so doesn't have any GCSE's to prove his level of English. 2. I have read that Bricklayers do not need to complete a skills assessment, is this right? He doesn't have NVQ in Bricklaying, he is "time served" with over 10 years experience. 3. It says that he needs to prove the last 5 years of self employment, well of course this time 5 years ago we were in a very bad recession and his work was on and off. He has done his tax returns, but this doesn't show who he was working for and when. We also don't have 5 years worth of references as those of you who know, bricklayers move around sites... a lot!! Any help would be much appreciated, if there is anything anyone thinks I have missed off, please feel free to mention it!! Thanks Natalie
  8. Hi everyone! I was wondering if any Cafe Manager out there has done skill assessments with Vetasses. I'm soon-to-be on a 457 visa but thinking ahead already. My occupation is not an easy one to get the PR so I'm gathering as much info as I can to see what I can do. I can wait 2 years to apply under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream (186) but things change quick here. As I don't want to take chances I would like to apply for the Direct Entry Stream (186) - and to do that I need my skills assessment done. I could also try the Skilled Nominated Visa (190) but it's only accepted in the Northern Territory or maybe in ACT (limited). Either way I need the bloody Vetasses assessing my skills. My question is what do I need to present to get a positive result... how many years of experience, documents and so forth. Any help is appreciated. Thanks =)
  9. Hi there Has anyone got their skills assessment back more quickly than 10 weeks from final documents? They have been ultra pedantic about my documents, e.g. After 5 weeks, saying that my Uni docs saying "postgraduate diploma of teaching (secondary) includes 60 days teaching practice" wasn't sufficient to show my teaching practice and asking me for another letter from Uni. I'm already registered with VIT but this doesn't seem to speed it up any. I'm concerned my current visa is due to expire soon and I won't get to lodge my new application in time. Does anyone have any hints or knowledge about getting it processed more quickly or if it sometimes takes less than ten weeks? i have everything else else ready to submit my EOI and just waiting on this...... thanks
  10. Hi All, My girlfriend and I are currently on a Working Holiday Visa. This is ending on 8 December. Last week, we submitted an EOI for a family nominated Regional sponsored visa (489). We have enough points, and she had applied for her skills test 12 weeks ago so in the EOI we inputted the ref no we got from the accreditation board and the date that we applied for the skills assessment. We got the invitation last Sunday, and have been waiting anxiously for the skills assessment to be completed so we could go ahead with our application. We received the E-mail from the accreditation board today stating the skills assessment was complete. SUCCESS! Or so we thought. My girlfriend rang immigration today and they told her that because our invitation pre-dates our skills assessment result, when we apply we will be rejected, as this was an invalid invitation. I don't want anyone replying to this thread to post links to the immigration page or large chunks of text where it states that this is the case. What I want to know is 1. Should we go ahead with the application and play dumb and 2. Is there any chance it will go through, as we now have everything required. Has anybody else had this experience and can they offer any advice? :arghh:
  11. Hi, Has anyone applied for a skills assessment with the ICAA (or another accounting body) with a non-accounting degree? I am happy that the skills assessment can still be positive based on my membership of a fully recognised accounting body. However, I am wondering if my non-accounting degree needs assessed to get points for my education qualifications? Given that a minimum of a bachelor degree is required to sit the chartered accountancy exams and this is the case in Australia as well, and the chartered accountancy exams meet core knowledge requirements to prove a bachelor degree level, does DIAC regard the accountancy exams as comparable to degree level and thus should qualify for 15 points? Any ideas? Or, do you think that I will need to apply to another assessment body to verify my non-accounting degree is comparable to an Australian bachelor degree? Any feedback or prior experience you may have had with this issue would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
  12. lovejarora

    Need help with getting my ACS

    Hi Everybody, I need to get my skill assessment done but i am a lil bit confused about things. * I persued my graduation from Melbourne three and half a years ago in Information Technology * Since, then i have been working in India in IT Industry in networking. * My joined my first job as a Network Engineer later on i was promoted to Network Specialist. From 06/2010 till 10/2012 * Since then i have been working as a Senior Specialist. Confussion: Need ACS against "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" * I have a total of 3 + years of exprience but i have been told by an agent that when i would file my ACS they would knock off the first two years of my exprience as the exprience after it meets the ACS criteria gets counted. So, i would get my skill assessment but no points for exp. * I have been told that the jobs n responsiblities listed for "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" should match to my jobs n responsibilities atleast 80% of them. I have attached both of the Reference letters, could someone please advise if they qualify or not. Much Appericiated. Regards, Lovej
  13. Hi All, I'm wondering which body to go with for submitting my skills assesment. I have a degree in Accounting & Finance and part qual ACCA and wondering which body will give me maximum chances of a positive assesment..... Which of them usually give a positive result? Ive read that they have differing criteria for assesment..... Whats your experience....:unsure:
  14. Can anybody help me on info how to get my skills assessment done for AQF Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Graphic Pre-Press) (ICP30205) did anybody use these people before ? https://www.australianskillassessments.com/ I have also recently done the IELTS test, any info would really help, thanks
  15. Daveymb

    Documents sent to Aitsl today

    Hi All This is my first post, although I have been consulting the forum for info and advice for many weeks now. My partner and I went to Oz in August for a reconnaissance mission, visiting Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Whilst there we visited friends and had a great time, although visiting four states in four weeks was a little hectic to say the least. Ever since I went to Oz in 1999 on a WHV I have wanted to make the move. After finishing Uni in 2003, I went to NZ on a WHV with the intension of making it work there and then making the move to Oz, but that wasn't meant to be. As many of you know, life just takes a certain path which isn't necessarily straight. But, it's the twists and turns of life which makes us who we are right? Anyway, after talking about Oz for many years, August was the first time in 12-13 years since I have been back. I have to admit, I had mixed feelings about going back; although I was excited I was also worried that for all those years of talking about Oz and longing to be back, was I simply looking through rose tinted glasses at the land down under? I was a very different person when I was 18-19 in Oz as a backpacker on a WHV moving from state to state; I had more hair for a start :biggrin:. For my partner going to Oz was a different adventure. Although she had visited in 1999 as part of a school trip and really liked what she saw, she hadn't experienced Oz in the way I had experienced it. Granted, my experience was nothing more than an extended holiday and I couldn’t honestly say that I had really immersed myself in the everyday 'Australian life'. It is also a fact that I want different things out of life now than I did back when I was young. For a start, I would be going back to Oz as a couple, with the intension of starting a family; very different things from the fun loving, long haired guy back in the late 90s. For my partner there was no risk of breaking the rose tinted glasses or shattering illusions, she went to Oz with an open mind, which is probably the best approach one can ever take. To cut a long story short (too late) we managed to speak to a lot of people, including teachers and individuals working with the department of education SA (my partner is a secondary school teacher and will be the main visa applicant), which put my partner’s mind at rest re employment. After two weeks of being in Oz my partner and I made some enquires re visas etc and were toying with the idea of using an agent recommended by a friend of ours in Oz. However, on coming back to the UK we made the decision to conduct the visa process ourselves. Surprisingly, I was the one who questioned our decision to migrate. Don't get me wrong, it was not that I didn't want to make the move, but I have to admit the rose tinted glasses had certainly been removed and I was now really seriously weighing up the implications, consequences, costs and benefits of migrating to Oz. Anyway, as the title of the tread illustrates, we have finally sent all of the documentation off to Aitsl this morning. It has been an absolute nightmare getting the information together, particularly getting official letters re number of supervised teaching days etc. But, it’s done and all we can do now is wait. Incidentally, getting the IELTS was the easy part (sorry for those still struggling to get their desired marks), although my partner did practise for a whole week in order to get an overall band score of 9. So for all those still having difficulty with this, we understand how frustrating this can be. Anyway, we are hoping for a speedy turnaround by Aitsl so that we can lodge our EOI asap. With 80 points we are hoping that we will get an invitation. Has anyone else had their skills assessed by Aitsl? How long did it take and were there any issues? Good luck to all those applying etc and making the move to Oz and we hope to hear from you soon. Cheers D
  16. Hi Guyz, I am stuck up in 2 things while filling ACS skill assessment online application. I do not have SurName/Family Name mentioned in my Passport, it is empty. So while filling personal details, what should I enter in Family Name which is a mandatory field. Should I enter Family Name Unknown? I have done Microsoft Certification - MCTS. It is said in guidlines document, that we can add this details, and we need to give TranscriptId and access code. But, in online application process, I did not find any place where I can enter these details. I just uploaded the transcript in Qualifications section, Saying Microsoft as university and MCTS as course. Is this correct? Where to enter Transcript Id and Access code? Please help me to go ahead in the process and applying for ACS skills assessment ASAP. Thanks in advance. Chethoo
  17. Hi Guys I am a 40 yr old Solicitor - looking for a slight change in stress levels or at least better weather to cope with it in - bit afraid to say this but even I find some of these requirements difficult to understand! My wife was an NVQ Level 3 Management in Hairdressing and is now almost 2 years through her 3 year nurse training - she is currently being sponsored by the NHS Trust to do this. My wife would love to become a midwife in AUS. We have only thought about this as an option over the last few weeks but need a new challenge as a family. My plan (having spent some time looking at this albeit not as much as most of you) - is this - if I apply now (with ILETS Superior English) I would score 60/65 points. I was looking at a 189? skilled independent visa for me initially (hope this is the correct choice - no job lined up as yet but could look at this before we leave maybe?) - hopefully if this took up to 12/18 months to resolve then my wife would have qualified as a nurse (albeit not done her 6 month perceptorship) So i was thinking of doing the ILETS now and when I "managed" to pass the Superior Level (hopefully) - sending my EOI - not sure what other documents I would need - i have the usual certificates as a Solicitor, but it seems I may need references from clients/accountants etc (is that correct), my wife has some as a Hairdresser and a Nurse - how long can it take for them to deal with the EOI? if successful (will we be with 60/65 points) - I presume i can then submit all the relevant documents and fee for assessment?? Or should I do the EOI first and will i have time to sort the ILETS out if i am invited to apply (i heard you only get 60 days to apply and what if i haven't got all the documents/ILETS together at this stage?)? I often work on the basis that if i have most of the requirements sorted beforehand then i am better prepared. (the Lawyer in me i guess!!!) What is skills select and how are you assessed? If i do not get an agent is it up to me to sort out or do we get guidance from a case worker and how long do we get to get this together? I note some of you discussing state sponsorship - if that something I should look into as a solicitor - if so how do i? should i approach an agency to help or wait until i see if i am lucky to get a visa then look for a job agency? My plan was that I might be able lucky enough to get the visa before my wife qualifies as a nurse, if not could we then look at applying or asking the NHS to sponsor her - we have some friends who seem to have been successful (under the old scheme) by getting an agency job in nursing before going etc. So many questions - i apologise - as i say this is something we have thought about but never looked into (until now!) Thanks for any advice C
  18. Guest

    Skills assessment

    How much approximately does the skills assessment cost for a bricklayer? Cheers, Ian.
  19. Hi All, I have unfortunately failed my skills assesment with the ICAA :em4600: They asked for additional information on my university syllabus which I could not supply and so failure was due to lack of information. I have now managed to get further information from my university which I think will be sufficient to pass. I was wondering if I should apply for a review of the assesment with the ICAA or go with a different body - the IPA instead. I hear that the ICAA are mor strict with the assesment criteria than the IPA so should I go for a review with the ICAA or a new assesment under the IPA? :confused: The choice is pay $100 for a review under the same body ICAA as they have most my info already and I can just submit the additional info but risk failing again as they are strict... OR Pay $400 with new body IPA and submit all info again but with the chances that they will be more linient..... :angel_happy_face_ha Any Ideas????