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    Accountant work experience question

    CPA assessed my acma status i got in 2012. I passed cima exams in 2009 and i have hrm bachelors defree i graduated in 2009.I didn't get my employment assessed by CPA. do you think I'm at a better position?
  2. ​Dear All, I passed CIMA exams (passed finalist) in 2009 March. and became an ACMA in 2012 October. I worked as an accountant form 2009 July onwards to present for a $ 500 million company. Got my skills assessed as Accountant 221111. But did not get my employment assessed by CPA. i want to make sure whether i can claim 5 points for work experience i also have a HRM bachelor degree graduated in 2009 October. im bit nervous whether my visa will get rejected due to this. Appreciate a response from you Kind regards, mello
  3. mello555

    Skills Assessment - Accountant

    I am going through 189 coz I could not get any state sponsorship. I tried victoria, but failed.
  4. mello555

    Skills Assessment - Accountant

    Hi all, I'm a management accountant (3+ experience) got my skills assessed under Accountant General Occupation. I'm on 60 pts by claiming 5 points for 3+ years work experience. Do you think that would be a problem for work experience points as a Mgt. accountant while getting skills assessed for 221111. Also, i became a cima passed finalist in March 2009 and ACMA in October 2012. I have a Bachelor of Management 4 year degree in Human resource Management graduated in October 2009. I also got CPA membership through MRA between CIMA and CPA. Do you think that i can claim 5 points for work experience with i'm being in above situation? I haven't got my experience assessed by CPA... Your feedback is very much appreciated..