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  1. is there any 5 or 6 a side football (soccer) leagues or teams in mandurah area? need to get back playing footie thanks in advance Danny
  2. I play golf regularly (not very good) need to meet people that are up for a game now and again, getting a bit boring playing on my own. anyone out there? Danny
  3. beefz88

    Electrician need advice!!!

    thanks very much for the advice, can you explain how you apply for artc
  4. is there shipping companies that can ship just some basic items that i need IE tools, golf clubs etc. i don't want to pay for full containers whos the best to go with thanks danny
  5. i am 25 years old and coming over to the perth area in july on a working holiday visa with my Mrs . I am reading different things about what i will need to do to work as a spark. I was a general domestic/commercial spark through my apprentership but the last 2 years i have been working on substations (industrial). ​what recognized qualifications do i need to do when i get out there, a licence? can i do it in the UK before i go. i need someone just to clear this whole thing up for me, costs, time frames. will i find it easy to get work out there and is there plenty of companies that can sponsor? thanks in advance Danny