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  1. JohnAli

    holiday first or just emigrate ??

    We did that 2 years ago never looked back it's brilliant here Ali
  2. JohnAli

    Liverpool family

    Hi We are a 50% Liverpool family of 2, mid 40s, I'm from county road Walton. We've been here 2 years and it's amazing. I'm a Teacher, John works in electronics , pleased to help if you have any questions Ali
  3. JohnAli

    Argh! School Dilemna! Help!!

    Private schools open doors in Perth that state schools never will
  4. Freo every time or North or East Freo still funky but not as funky as Freo
  5. JohnAli

    Rockingham High School ?????

    Kolbe Catholic College is a great school
  6. Moved 2 years ago never looked back - it's fabulous. Only thing we wished we'd bought a big huge 4x4 that are cheap in UK ad no one afford to run them and shipped it over as cars seriously hold their value in WA
  7. JohnAli

    WA economy and building industry

    Nice area not as much going on as Freo or Perth but great family area. If you have teenagers think about kolbe catholic college - great school but I am biased as I work there .
  8. JohnAli

    New to Perth and keen to make friends :-)

    Hi Kelly, are you going to work at PLC ? I worked there for 6 months part time when we moved over here 18 months ago. Teaching is brilliant here, I loved it Ali
  9. JohnAli

    New to Perth and keen to make friends :-)

    Hi Chris and Joe You should come over to Fremantle one weekend or evening when the night markets are on. Next weekend is the George St festival / market. The Arts centre in Freo will have a xmas market soon and they have free live music events throughout the summer. Drop me a message if you fancy meeting up , we are a straight couple mid 40s no kids, I'm a home economics a Teacher and John works in Electronics ( after 7 years I still don't really understand what he does ! ) we've been here 18 months Ali
  10. JohnAli

    Moving to Perth from Brisbane

    We love Freo PM me if want to meet up for a coffee or find out more info. we've only been here just over a year and loving it. We are in our 40s a Teacher and a Biomed Ali
  11. JohnAli

    moving to perth june/july

    Have you looked at Victoria Park ?
  12. JohnAli

    Typical outgoings in Perth... Help!!

    On suburbs depends what you are looking for. Lots of Brits in the northern suburbs row after row of new housing close to the beach . Freo and surrounding areas are a lot more eclectic with lots going on - we love it here. Not that familiar with Belmont - most places are good depends what you are looking for . I love Guildford and Kalamunda up in the perth hills - we wanted somewhere with lots going on within walking distance as we don't want to spend our weekends driving everywhere.
  13. JohnAli

    Typical outgoings in Perth... Help!!

    Hi There are 2 of us . We live by the Swan River in a 2 bed apartment $600 per week. Our electric bill is approx $80 per month due to being in an apartment and with the breeze off the river we did not run our ac much over the summer. Our water is included with the rent , we pay $85 for phone and internet that includes unlimited international calls. Foxtel is $55 we have a quite basic package as we don't watch tv that much. We spend between $150 - $200 per week on food - we can be extravagant and I am sure we could do this more cheaply. We go out for dinner at least once per week and out for drinks twice a week spending at least $200 per week. $80 gets me to work for 7 days but I do have a longish drive 60km round trip. We hear very mixed reports about people managing I think you will be ok - hope this info helps - I remember the anguish we went through last year before we arrived, we worried over nothing everything worked out for us we are sorry we didn't do it sooner.
  14. We only arrived in Perth earlier this year and I had to return home in Oct as my Dad was very poorly although I spent most of the 2 weeks in the hospital with Dad I did manage to get out and about - grim is the only way to describe the country and people attitudes. I had forgotten how much Brits moan. A lot of my friends are painfully unhappy in their jobs due to demanding bosses expecting more and more from them yet their pay does not reflect this. Personally being used Perth prices I could not believe the 6 bags of shopping I was able to buy from M&S food dept for under £100 ! Like a previous post said I would see it out get PR so you have more options available to you. Can you take a trip to UK as a trial run. I suppose a lot depends on your financial situation, if you could find a job and a nice place to live. For us the future would be grim as a Teacher and Electronics engineer. After teaching in Oz schools I would never want to go back to a British school and while there are some fine schools they are staffed by Teachers close to breaking point whereas here Teachers are much more relaxed and creative. Good luck with your decision making.
  15. JohnAli

    Teaching in australia

    We were in a similar position did IELTS general scored 8s and 9s got 20 points and went for state sponsorship .IELTS is not that hard it's just lots of practise or is it practice ? !! They're the type of things you need to know !! We are in WA and they love British Teachers here, it's a fantastic place to teach.