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    Do you recommend a reccie or just go for it?

    Oh yes, I remember that one……. Didn’t it also come with serving staff, and a golf course out the back.
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    Useful info when moving to Australia

    Ok then</SPAN> Hints, tips, and mistakes made…….</SPAN> First of all, I was sponsored by a firm in regional Victoria for my 457 visa which makes it a hell of a lot easier to get here fast, but really ties you down for the three year contract.</SPAN> I was let off because I was bullied by a fellow engineer, and reported it, so after 12 months I was free.</SPAN> If I had my time over again I would have applied for the skilled migration visa, as there would have been no problem finding work to fit my skills; if you are looking to find a well paid position here in oz then you will have to get in to the mining or oil & gas industries, there is nothing else over here that pay like these two……. </SPAN> That’s not to say that you will need to dig holes , or drill for oil, but if you can find something that is connected…..WOW! even the cleaners here are on like $90k.</SPAN> I started in Ararat as an electrical engineer for a small firm on $55,000, then Moved to FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) on $85,000 in Melbourne, now I am Senior Project Engineer with BHP Billiton over in WA, on over $200,000; I am showing this 5 year trend because it really does emphasize how with a little hard work, it is quite easy to make something of yourself in this beautiful red sun kissed land.</SPAN> The $55k wage was workable in the little town of Ararat, which was a good 3 hours from Melbourne; but I don’t see many people on POMS IN OZ wanting to move anywhere else but to the big cities, this includes the outer suburbs.</SPAN> If your combined family income is $100,000 or less you will be poor, the $85k that I was on with FPV was only good, because I was commuting the 3 hours each way to Melbourne every day.</SPAN> Moving to a small town was a good move, they are well laid back and making friends is so easy as everybody knows each other, we found that everyone wanted to know the new POM’s (my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for taking her away from Ararat).</SPAN> Big cities down-under are nothing like those in the UK, there is not the community spirit, for instance, an estate in a UK city will have a couple of pubs, a shopping center, and a school.</SPAN> Here in OZ the cities are much closer to the US style, I think it may be because of the speed the country has grown.</SPAN> I have seen peoples comments about the price of cars over here, well I call bull $hit, the wages are like 3 times those in the UK for the same job, and believe me the cost of living is in line with those wages…</SPAN> Right cost of living; There are several supermarket chains around Australia, Coles & Safeway/Woolworths being the largest, for food prices check links below.</SPAN> https://www.colesonline.com.au/</SPAN> http://www.woolworths.com.au/</SPAN> The main bone of contention for folks moving over, are the houses, coming over expecting sea views with a pool will not be happening guys, for anything shy of half a million……. Unless you are in woop woop (middle of nowhere) and to be honest pools are not as common as you may think, because of the fact that we are surrounded by bathwater warm oceans 10 minutes from home.</SPAN> The houses are much bigger than those in the UK, but our gardens are tiny (think small terrace),you will also find the décor a little dated compared to the western styling.</SPAN> One more note about pools, I have just moved out from our last house which had a big a$$ pool, it was back breaking labor to maintain, cleaning took hours every couple of weeks (the kreepy krauly only does so much) the bags of salt are heavy, and the Acid and chlorine are horrible when they splash over you.</SPAN> My next house will not be having a pool.</SPAN> OK then let’s talk redundancy; I was laid off by Ford in the July 2009 and didn’t find work until January 2010, this was not because there was no work, but because I wanted to get into the mining sector.</SPAN> Anyway, the state will help you, just as the UK Gov will help you, but it is peanuts, and will not scratch the surface of the bills.</SPAN> The banks and the utilities over here are very good, and dropped all of our payments down to almost nothing, while still accumulating in the background.</SPAN> By the time I found a job over in WA, we had lost everything, after the sale of our house, the equity was taken to repay for all of the arrears, this included all the money from the house in the UK.</SPAN> But at least they had not put us on the streets, I think they were very fair. </SPAN> I think that will do for now……. I am at work after all. </SPAN> Cheers guys </SPAN>
  3. Hi Guys</SPAN> I thought I would do my bit and offer any pearls of wisdom I can, with regards to moving over to Australia.</SPAN> I have lived in Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland now so have a taste of half the states……. This includes Cities & the Out-Back.</SPAN> The family and I migrated on a 457 visa in 2006, then onto a Permanent visa, and now we have Citizenship; I have worked in the Automotive sector, the Rail sector, and am now working for the world’s largest mining company BHP Billiton.</SPAN> We have rented and purchased homes over the last few years; and I have also been made redundant with time on the dole.</SPAN> My wife and I have 2 children, Jake 12, and Emily 8.</SPAN> I highlight all these points so that I can pass on what we have learned to you folks; it would’ve been great years ago to have someone to tell how things are, and much stuff costs, like a house, a car, a loaf of bread; not try and fob me off with a “well the average weeks shopping bill is around”</SPAN> I have also noticed that some of the facts that have been passed along have been way off field…… Like being told that a $40k salary will see you and a family living the Aussie dream.</SPAN> If I can help, I will.</SPAN> Dave</SPAN>
  4. Mazzinoz

    Do you recommend a reccie or just go for it?

    Oh. And a note on Wanted Down Under…… I agree with Seraphim; they show the family what they can afford on their current budget, which is like a third of the Aussie wage, and so ends up being a rat $hit dive. Then they show them the job and the wage available…………. In the last season there was a guy in the Oil & Gas industry, they showed him some pretty ordinary homes, then told him he would have the starting wage of $180,000, errr, that’s like £116,000. No thanks guys, if I want to see fiction I will watch Dr. Who:dull:
  5. Mazzinoz

    Do you recommend a reccie or just go for it?

    You don’t need to do a reccie first, we just turned up 5 years ago and never looked back. I have noticed that people who move to the big hubs like Brisbane or Melbourne tend to struggle more than the guys who go for the smaller or rural towns; they seem to have to compare it to the UK, if you try you will fail miserably. The best thing we did was first move to a little town called Ararat out in the bush of rural Victoria, there we lived the real Aussie life; you didn’t feel the need to go looking for an English shop to buy English sweets, and English pies……….. or look around for a community full of English people that you were desperate to get away from in the first place! We have now lived in Ararat & Melbourne in Victoria, Perth & Port Kennedy in WA, and will be moving to Mackay Queensland next week; of all these places, I would like to retire back to Ararat. Believe me, there is nothing more awesome than the community spirit of small town Australia. One other thing, don’t leave any unfinished business in the UK, like renting your house out; it leaves you with a tether back home and it will always be in the back of your mind, cut all ties with the UK (I don’t mean Family and friendsJ) so you will be free to immerse yourself fully in the great Aussie lifestyle. If anyone has any questions please feel free to PM me, I have lived all over OZ and have a heap of contacts in some great industries…… Cheers Dave
  6. Mazzinoz

    Armstrong Beach

    One more thing Bobj Do you have anywhere local that brews Beer? Like a U-Brew-It? I have been going mad trying to find somewhere……….. Thanks big guy
  7. Mazzinoz

    Armstrong Beach

    Cheers Bobj
  8. Mazzinoz

    Armstrong Beach

    Awesome We have just sorted a 4*2 with 1.5 acres at the south end of the esplanade, took a chance without seeing it first, so your feed back is VERY welcome. Is there anything we should be wary of, or do we just turn up and enjoy.:cool:
  9. Mazzinoz

    Armstrong Beach

    Hay guys We will be relocating from Perth to the Mackay area next week, and would like to know if anyone knows what Armstrong Beach is like. We have hated living in the city, as we are country folk at heart, and we are hoping that Armstrong will be a little quieter………. But not so remote that we have to milk our own cow! I have a job at the Hay Point terminal, and hope it isn’t too far to commute. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers