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  1. Hello I'm only seeing this now. My husband is a welder and has been in the trade 15+ years. Is you employer still looking for workers?
  2. Hello are you still looking welders? In the trade over 15years.
  3. Wee kimmy

    Advice on mining work

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a site my husband was reading up on called 'Mining Austrailia'.
  4. My husband and I want to move our family to Oz, but without spending a fortune in doing so. My husband is a fitter welder and im a hairdresser, we have 4 kids aged between 16 and 8months. We tried moving before but were scammed can anyone help and direct us in the right direction?
  5. Wee kimmy

    Fitter/Welder looking for a sponsor

    My husband is 35, he has been a welder from the age of 16, when he started his training. We had been intouch with a recruitment agency, but I think they were not legit, as my husband has sent numerous emails with no reply unfortunately we paid them a sum of £400 an that was meant to get his certificates changed over! Would you have any advise on wat may be the easiest visa for us to apply for? Other than 457.
  6. Wee kimmy

    Fitter/Welder looking for a sponsor

    Hi Rubert, We would go over for a couple of years to see how we like it, but if a permanent visa came up that would be great. As my husband is trade qualified we thought a 457 was a better option. There so many visa,s it so hard to no.
  7. Hello, Any vacancies for Fitter/Welder??
  8. Wee kimmy

    Australian Mining Job Information

    Any work for Fitter/Welders??
  9. Hi, hope someone can help, my husband is a fitter/Welder with nearly 20years experience, how would he go about getting a sponsor for a 457 visa?
  10. Wee kimmy

    Fitter Welder

    Hi Steve, pm sent
  11. Wee kimmy

    457 visa

    http://www.worldwide-recruit.com/ is the link i have
  12. Wee kimmy

    457 visa

    Hi Guys, Has anyone else on here dealt with WorldWide Recruitment agency???? Plz let me no Thanks
  13. Wee kimmy

    Agent out of contact

    My family and i are in the same position
  14. Wee kimmy

    Recruitment Agencys

    Will be applying from Uk, we have already went through another agency but just want to keep my options open, we had thought we would be sorted by now, but it just seems to take time.
  15. Wee kimmy

    Recruitment Agencys

    My husband is a Fitter/Welder, and im a hair dresser