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    Moving Back To The UK

    We are very soon moving back to the UK. When we came 4 years ago we arrived with only 8 suitcases. We now have a house of furniture which we'd like to take back with us. Can anyone recommend a reputable company please and what is the average cost for a 3 bed family home?
  2. Hi there, recently moved into the area and don't know anyone. Have girls 8 & 4 years. Anyone looking for a new friend? Michell:biggrin:
  3. harrietotbot

    Moving to Brisbane in 3 Weeks

    Hi All, I have just joined this forum. My husband, 2 young children (5 Years & 18 months) and myself are moving to Brisbane in 3 weeks. As yet we do not know where we are going to live, husband will be working Mt Gravitt area any suggestions?