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  1. Hi huys, We just got granted our 176 last week and now wonder is there any other families making the move from Dublin to Melbourne in Sept, oct 2012 etc. We are thinking about getting a container and could share. Be great also so share advice and make some friends. Husband is primary applicant and is strategic planner, Im a teacher and we've little 5month old baby. Cant wait to go but daunted by what we need to do!
  2. ack

    Oz or Ireland?

    Personally I would not uproot my family with children to come out to Australia on a employer sponsored visa. Since we have arrived out we know of 4 people that we let go and the panic and struggle the went through to find another employer in 28 days was awful. One didn't and is back home now....plus they didn't have kids. You just have ABSOLUTELY NO SECURITY with a 457. We are on a 176 and thank god we are. Some employers know they have you over a barrel and screw you accordingly. Can you see about another visa option. I personally would find it too much of a risk esp when you are finding things at home grand. In terms of medicals, I've read of people who have children with autism and they got their 175s so I don't think that would worry me too much. All the best with your decision, its a tough one x
  3. hi kismo. I will send you a pm now shortly with some info x
  4. Hi Kismo, Well we are here now 7 months. Both have jobs, place to live, baby in crèche etc. We like Australia but I am feeling homesick really badly. I didn't think that I would. Forme I REALLY miss having my family and my friends around me. Esp with our baby growing up its hard having no one around who takes an interest and Skype while great is no substitute. Its tough making new friends...when I think back I made friends slowly over the years , 1 from here 1 from there and thenyou have few friends but when you drop yourself someplace completely new it takes a while to build up that circle again and for me Im finding it tough not having friends to say oh Ill meet youfor coffee or lets head out etc etc Don't get me wrong we like Australia and if you asked me did I want to go home tomo Id say no but I don't want to stay forever. There was no work at home for my husband so that's why we moved. I wish though I had asked the question more 'Do you see yourself staying in Australia for ever?" ,rather than do you like it there?! Ive met a good few Irish here now and while they like it too a lot say they want to go home eventually. I know its still VERY EARLY days for us and it was never going to be easy but its much harder than I thought. The visa and moving part is easy its the Saturday afternoon when no one calls over or that you have a phone yet it never rings that I find the hardest! For us we have no jobs in Ireland to go back to and couldn't afford to now anyway. Also would I want to go back to our old house in Ireland either - no! Our lives here are good but its the absence of family and friends that's the killer for us. You need to think LONG AND HARD about any move to the other side of the world and when you think you've made a decision think further. Itts a very long way away and that's something too I didn't realise until I made the journey All the best with your decision its a seriously tough one. I guess Life is about the journey and not the destination is now what Im trying to remind myself of!
  5. Hi guys, so we are moving into our new place in Hamton tomo Cant wait. ITs taking along time to get to this point and we are now very broke after paying for the months advance rent, bond, couch, beds, fridge freezer, washing machine etc etc.............. Anyway have it the utilities are being connected properly tomo as well as all the above being delivered...but Ive yet to organise broadband for the house. I know we can do it too on connectnow but I wanted to just find out a few things first. We want a FAST internet service (apparently cable is availablein Hampton & FAST) but I see that the following do not allowyou to illegally download. (The Australian ISPs that have agreed to help in policing infringements are Telstra BigPond, Optus, iiNet, iPrimus and Internode.) Without getting into a debate about the morality of it....does anyone know if they really do prevent you accessing sites like piratesbay to download torrents. Obviously we will want to skype home alot and listen to RTE radio and news online. Do ye reckon 8MB will be ok?? I think Telestra have a package for mobile, internet, landline and foxtel for $165 per month. Any suggestions for me guys??? Thanks, A
  6. Right I want to go home! I havent seen any spiders but the girl upstairs has absolutely FREAKED me out about a huntsman being in her bed and biting her! Add to this the fact we were around in a friends house the other night and they told us there are loads of redback spiders out there!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG Im from Ireland where there is nothing to fear. Jesus I really want home now! We are moving into a place in Hampton in Oct and I am totally freaked about it! Its got big garden with lots of trees and some by the bedroom windows. Jesus I dont want it now. For the last two nights I havent slept right thinking about creepy crawlys and it doesn help that Ive a little baby. I dont want to let him out now to play in the garden. Im stressed. Am inbed writting this but checked the bed clothes before I got in!
  7. ack

    Am totally freaked about spiders etc!

    Snakes......ahhhhhh I keep thinking because we are curently in CBDthey arent an issue...but sh1t they could be an issue when we move to suburbs. Im even thinking the fact weve ducted heating theyll be hanging out there too
  8. ack

    Am totally freaked about spiders etc!

    Yeah but those 'little' buggers are dangerous. Keep thinking about my likkle baby I hate the feeling I cant relax thinking about these horrible creepy crawlys
  9. I was going to suggest the library too to meet other mums! Seems to be good spot Am here a month now with my little fella (I say that as he is about to celebrate his first birthday!)
  10. Ring them to obtain the extra baggage allowance. We were requested to send them the grant notification letter and then they awarded it. Best of luck!
  11. Hi,we have recently moved here and need the following items.... Washing machinefridge/freezer Hoover lawnmower garden furniture couch kitchen table and chairs coffee table bedside lockers baby seat for car baby 1 yr plus baby seat for bike ............... .............. basically everything!!! We need a starter pack! if anyone has any of these items available and is looking for someone to take them /buy them could you please PM me. Thanks!
  12. HI all, I know this question all depends on your style of living and is all quite subjective. But would value peoples opinions/insights. We are here 2months and are finally looking at long term accommodation in Hampton/Sandringham. We have 1yr old and job comes with a car andall its expenses like insurance/petrol etc all covered. Only my husband will be working for the next while and so our income will be 91k gross. With having the baby we wont be doing alot of eating out and dont generally spend alot on 'entertainment' or take-aways etc Rent will be 500 - 520p/wk for a 2 bed house. Because we are in short term accomm its hard to tell about cost of bills like gas, broadband etc so we arent sure how much 91kwill actually go or how much of that will be taxed! I will def say Melbourne is SO SO expensive compared to home (Ireland) but we are liking it here. thanks for your help everyone
  13. hi guys thanksfor your replies. Yeah we have a PR visa. Wouldnt have come out here if we hadnt! I just CANT get over how expensive it is here ..its unreal! Purchasing power is terrible. I have serious days when I think why did I give up my job to come out here. Its nice dont get me wrong but its not home and as a teacher (secondary) I wonder will I be able to get a job here and find affordable child care for little fellow. We are about to sign a lease for long term accomm but I keep having waves of panic coming over me. Yikes!!!!
  14. Hi guy sI posted earlier that my husbands meds have been referred...we know why Just wondering though how long did it taken the Drs in Australia to check the results there and either request more tests or say fine??? Also...why would visa not be granted due to meds? Im soooooooo concerned.
  15. ack

    Halo Finance

    I was recommended by a guy to use Halo finance. Anyone had any experience of them, thanks guys xx
  16. Anyone ever used this site to find accommodation? From what I understand its unique selling point is that the 'hosts' may be there at the accommodation and its a B&B feel to it. I dont like that youpay up all the money at the time of booking.
  17. Hubbies heading out to Melbourne on July 1st. Any suggestions as to where to book him into for few weeks? Prices are crazy and im not putting him in a dorm!!
  18. ack

    electronic visas

    My husband is travelling out on July 1st to find a job and a home for me and baby before we join him in August. Just wondering now...does it take long when he arrives into Melbourne Airport for immigration to validate his visa etc on arrival. Just wondering how it all works when its electroincally (virtually) attached to his passport number. Thanks guys Aileen:smile:
  19. Hi guys, Just wondering who have ye chosen to fly with. I know emirates are doing a deal with AMZ bank that if you open an a/c with them you can get 50kg allowance but thats only for UK,NZ or AUS passport holders so that rules us Irish out Am thinking now Singapore air as they give 30kg for those flying first time with their unvalidated PR visa. So many decisions....! And just want to book to get started!
  20. Oh god lads........ Im getting so anxious about everything. Im a secondary teacher and husband is a urban planner and we've obtained a 176 visa. We are planning to emigrate from Dublin to Melbourne this August....but am starting to think this is something Im too scared to do. We have a 7month old baby and savings of €25k I am in a total panic thinking this is bad idea.....and terrified husband wont get work in Melbourne and we will struggle. Im hoping I will get recognised as a maths teacher over there but know teaching is as tough to get into as it is here in Ireland! We dont have a luxurious life by any means here but am TERRIFIED of making the move -haivng no family, support of knowing anyone when we arrive and finding we are in much the same situation over in Melbourne as we are here! ie just one person working! Its coming to the time really that we need to make a decision to book the flights and get teh ball rolling on this move and Im becoming paralysed by fear. Im in full time paid employment here until August when my contract runs out and my husband is only picking up bits of consultancy work here and there. Does anyone know really what is the job market like in Melbourne? Im reading lots about recession hitting Oz too and Im scared now! We could afford to move over but maybe not back!!!!!! Think I need some positive realistic words!! xxA
  21. Thanks guys for your messages- they REALLY DO mean alot. Im just really bricking it! Its such a big move and something Im not used to doing or even ever considered. I know really everyone feels the same way and has the same worries. I just keep thinking- we will be foreigners in anothers persons country with knowledge of local practices and this scarescrap out of me. Then to boot Ive never even been in Australia and have no family/friends there- even though it appears like half of IReland is there at mo! Yeah Deb I thought 25k was good bit of savings to be bringing...god its almost my annual net pay after the govt takes half of it!!! It had better last when we get there. Part of mefeels if we can survive here maybe we should and never mind this lark of emigrating to the other side of the world with a small baby but I also know we should go for the adventure. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Im just a naturally risk averse person and am a serious worrier so its not surprising Im getting cold field
  22. I think there are 2 issues here, baggage and stopovers. I agree wit everyone who ostrich for less stops but in end we had to in for the extra baggage just because we are going wit a baby and will need as much of our belongings wit us while we wait on our items from Dublin to arrive later. In future we will def be opting for emirates just not this time
  23. Got a quote from Singapore Airlines fo €1,420 for 2 adults and infant...but we are going to end out paying €1,501 as British midlands apparenlty is going to be taken over in the next while by British Airways and schedules will change so going to go from Dublin to LHR with Aerlingus hence an additional €80.
  24. Sent Sing Air an email last night........stillwaiting to hear back which is annoying...cos Im itching to book our flights. We too have a quote of €1,400 for two adults and the baby on our lap, mind you Im hoping to get a bassinet!