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  1. WellyNZ

    Help anyone know about ENS 457

    My 457 visa took 8 weeks. The company applied for it around the middle of April last year and I was over and working in Oz by the 25th May.
  2. WellyNZ

    457 processing times

    Got my visa approved today :jiggy:
  3. WellyNZ

    457 processing times

    Really? My application was made in March and I've still not been approved :cry: But apparently my "nomination" was approved last night. So I suppose it's some progress.
  4. WellyNZ

    457 processing times

    I'm still waiting on mine going nowhere this weekend. I guess I should postpone my plane tickets then!
  5. WellyNZ

    457 processing times

    Hmmm you might want to read this http://www.immi.gov.au/gateways/agents/pdf/subclass-457-visitors.pdf as I had planned to do the same thing.
  6. WellyNZ

    457 processing times

    The company I'm going to be working for is pretty small but well established (a media and technology company that's been around since the 80s) so probably don't quite have the same muscle as someone like a health board to get things moving. I guess I'll just have to be patient. I have no other choice!
  7. WellyNZ

    457 processing times

    I'm panicking a bit here. I was hoping to be flying out to Sydney on Saturday morning and start my new job on Monday but still haven't heard from the immigration department. The company who is sponsoring me did request a copy of my passport, a copy of the employment contract and proof of health insurance on the 12th April, so was hoping it might have been approved (or otherwise!) by now but it's been nothing but radio silence since! I know they recommended not booking plane tickets until the visa had been approved but it was such a bargain for the flight, I couldn't not book! I'm absolutely on tender hooks at the moment as my last day at work here in Wellington is on Friday and then I'm gainfully unemployed until Australia give me a visa! Scary.
  8. WellyNZ

    Been offered a job is $90k enough?

    I think you're reading far, far too much into this. As someone who currently earns less than a quarter of what Tanya's husband is earning and has never made even close to that kind of money, I'm genuinely curious as to what kind of life style someone has to be earning $200k+ and finding life "not easy". I wasn't being hostile in my question and I don't see how anyone else was being hostile. For me, if I was earning $200k+, I'd feel I had all the money in the world and money would literally not be a concern anymore. Edit: Just to clarify, I think people were more surprised than asking Tanya to "justify" herself, hence the comments. It's often pretty easy to misread the tone of a comment when it's written rather than spoken.
  9. WellyNZ

    Been offered a job is $90k enough?

    Who was being hostile?
  10. WellyNZ

    Been offered a job is $90k enough?

    Not sure how anyone could struggle on over the equivalent of £100k! Do you have expensive hobbies or something??
  11. Hello all! I've booked my flight over to Sydney and will be arriving on the 7th May. I'm going to be starting my job on the 9th May (unless anything disastrous happens between now and then) so won't have chance to find somewhere to live between arriving and starting my new job. Can anyone suggest any backpackers or YHAs close to Eveleigh? Or even self-catered apartments? Will need something for a few days until I get somewhere to live arranged! Cheers! Alastair
  12. WellyNZ

    When to call it a day?

    Not just the press which is reporting doom and gloom. Everyone I speak to back home says the same thing! That's great if you can afford to buy a house with cash but for me, there's more to life than owning a home! I'd rather not own a home if it means a better lifestyle elsewhere.
  13. Oh I'm a pom with residency here in NZ
  14. There was something similar on the job advert I applied for. I thought I'd be cheeky and send my CV in anyway. Got a job offer two weeks ago and we're going through the visa application process at the moment!
  15. WellyNZ


    Hello all, The job I'm going to be starting in May is based in Eveleigh. Having never previously set foot in Sydney, I'm looking for advice on cost of rent around that area or places to live within a 10-15km area of Eveleigh. Can anyone give me any tips or recommend somewhere to live in that area? Thanks very much!