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  1. Apologies for the delay in replying, have finally got internet sorted! Many thanks and I shall investigate all the options and let you know how it goes.
  2. matimage

    John Mason removals - taking ages...

    They were very good. Its just the delay now that is a bit frustrating. I guess as you filled the container (how much you pay?) it can pretty much leave immediately.
  3. matimage

    John Mason removals - taking ages...

    It looks like by the time we get it it will be 16 weeks. Worst things have happened I suppose, just surprised its taken so long to leave the UK...
  4. matimage

    John Mason removals - taking ages...

    Yeah, you're probably right but they did say they were particularly busy so didn't expect any delays in filling the container... It cost around £2.5k.
  5. matimage

    Job hunting

    Hi All I am a digital designer looking for work in Sydney. I have sent out quite a few CVs and cover letters to a design agencies and recruitment agents. I haven't received anything back yet at all! Not trying to be big headed but I'm not bad at my job and am a bit surprised that not even the recruitment agents are getting back to me. People have told me that basically Sydney shuts down from Christmas to middle of January so not to get too disheartened but am starting to get slightly worried now! Anyone else found that January was tricky to find work?
  6. Hi All John Mason collected all our stuff (about half a container) on the 3rd December. We flew out here on the 5th. I emailed them a few days ago to see where it is and they said its not even left the UK yet! They said it should go by the end of this week (even though I haven't had a confirmation email yet) and it should get to Sydney by middle of March and delivered to us by end of March. This seems like an incredibly long time and I am sure we were told 12 weeks when we paid. Anyone else used John Mason and been disappointed by the timescales?
  7. Hi all We have recently moved to Gymea Bay, just down the road from Cronulla. Me, 36, wife, 38, and 2 daughters aged 4 and 2. If anyone is knocking around in the area and you fancy meeting up for a playdate or something, let me know. Alternatively, if you're single and fancy getting a coffee and a chat or something, give me a shout!
  8. matimage

    Daft questions re amazon, iTunes and wifi for ipad2!!!

    I have just been through this. I am fully in the Apple infrastructure (iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone) and use UK iTunes with a UK credit card. My problem was I wanted to download some apps that are only available in the Aus iTunes (like the ANZ GoMoney app). I thought I couldn't open an Aus iTunes account because I don't yet have and Aus credit card. However, you CAN get another iTunes account. Apple say they don't recommend it but there is nothing saying its not allowed. The trick is to go to Apple website, create new iTunes account. Select the option that says no payment (no credit card needed). Then you MUST download a free app to activate it. You then will be sent an email verification. The email must be different to your UK iTunes account. You can then switch between your UK iTunes and Aus itunes accounts on any device you have. I haven't yet started trying to get internet (staying with relatives at mo so using their internet). But will let you know.
  9. Thanks for that. Surprised by the wicker though, our removals man said that was a big no-no.
  10. Ah so are you saying your books were quite splattered and they were fine in a container?
  11. Thanks, I think it's mainly tomato (stains like a devil!). And it's on my favourite curry cookbook which I use all the time, hate to ditch it...
  12. matimage

    Couple of white goods

    Thanks! think its added to packing list...
  13. Hi all, i was just about to pack my cookbooks and realised some of them have some food splatter on them, not a lot but its there. do you think customs will get funny? i really don't want to risk it but also not sure if I'm being paranoid... M
  14. matimage

    Couple of white goods

    Hi all i was going to leave my tumble drier and dish washer in the UK (they are both Bosch and very good nick). however, reading some other posts people are saying they are very expensive in Australia. should I ship them out with me? Obviously both are non essential so wouldn't be having to replace them while we're waiting for them to arrive. Will I even need a tumble drier in Brisbane? Thoughts?
  15. matimage

    Shipping a tent...anyone done this?

    Useful comments here. After consideration I don't think we'll take our (cheap) tent. regarding bikes, do you have to make sure all the grease is off gears and chain?