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  1. RegDwight

    Citizenship Ceremony

    Do you know if the citizenship certificate is given on the same day or after the ceremony?
  2. RegDwight

    Citizenship Ceremony

    Well, so I called DIAC first and asked them for information. The operator told me it was strange that I had waited over 6 months and then called my local council. He then got back to me to say there were some delays with Stonnington. It's looking like 21st November will be the the date. If I had called earlier they could probably have bumped me up (my guess). To be fair, I did re-locate and I think that muddled up their system somewhere.
  3. RegDwight

    Citizenship Ceremony

    Thanks dmjg. I'll give my local council (Stonnington) a call tomorrow and see if I can squeeze out any info from them. In either case two weeks prior seems like a really short notice period on their part just in case someone couldn't make the ceremony - then they would have to reschedule and wait another 3 months?
  4. RegDwight

    Citizenship Ceremony

    How would I know which my nominated shire is? Are you referring to the local council I am part of? I went to their website, and it suggested that I contact DIAC.
  5. RegDwight

    Citizenship Ceremony

    Hello, I'm starting this thread because couldn't find enough information on citizenship ceremonies and dates. I'm hoping someone here on the forums might be able to assist. I applied for my citizenship in March, sat the test and received an approval by late April. It is now October and almost 6 months later and I have not received any new information. I'm concerned as the letter I received from DIAC said I must attend a ceremony within 12 months - it's not that I don't want, I just haven't been advised when:err: Does any have information on this. I'm in Melbourne and applied at CBD office. Cheers
  6. RegDwight

    Citizenship Timelines and City Council

    I received my approval letter in late April and 6 months later I'm still waiting for DIAC to contact me regarding a ceremony date. What should I do?
  7. RegDwight

    Australian citizenship : Serious problem

    Hi Karen, I have all my documents now for my citizenship application except for my Birth Certificate which I have to obtain from overseas. I'd like to know if you submitted your birth certificates and if the originals were sighted at the appointment. Cheers and appreciate any help you can offer, RD
  8. For a citizenship application, do I have to provide the birth certificate? I have never changed my name and it is the same as the one in my passport.
  9. Some COs don't bother to check what is REALLY needed. They just ask for the whole lot. Happened to me as well - can't remember what - but basically it was already on the system, yet I was asked for it.
  10. Howdy Sky, hope things are well at your end. Nah, I decided to come back after all. I went abroad for 3 months only, so like everyone else here, I can get my grubby hands on that so-far elusive aussie passport by the end of this year
  11. I didn't know that was even possible. Oh, hello everyone :-) I thought that if your bridging visa B expired then it was pretty much finito. I think they will ask you to step aside and ask many tiring questions at the airport - you might want to have a good reason prepared for why you didn't turn up after 3 months were over and if you really care about your residency. They asked me a whole bunch questions, heck, even after I came back with the PR in hand. Mmm, might want to seek professional advice. Most people who take such a long sabbatical convert their applications to offshore. The other downside is the time it might take for you to now acquire citizenship. If you've taken many long breaks in the past it could work out against you.
  12. They say things will be better next year when the EOI system starts.
  13. RegDwight

    HR applicants where are you now??

    When a man knows too much, he must become shaheed and go for martyrdom.
  14. That sounds okay to me. Only 8 days. Send an e-mail to Team 15 with a note for your CO. Be brief, just say "Meds are ready for online verification - Regards", no questions nothing else. Also write in the comments section of a PLE the same thing. It worked for me. EDIT: Oh, wait a min. You must wait for MediBank to finalize!! Only contact the CO AFTER being finalized.