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  1. Hi folks As the heading suggests I have landed back in the UK. Just secured a job and a rental unit. All good, however I figured to know if anyone on here has been in a similar position and tried to obtain a personal loan and how you went about it? Any advice appreciated. matt
  2. MattC

    Keeping Australian phone number

    Does anyone know if it is possible to keep your Australian mobile number whilst being in the UK-not on a contract, but pay as you go basis. Any suggestions welcomed.
  3. Only got a small amount of clothes and belongings to take back to the UK, but what's the safest and cheapest option? reccomendations appreciated.
  4. MattC

    Tax depreciation

    Dear Poms in Oz Looking to rent out my unit and head back to the UK. Question:-Is it worth getting a tax deprecation report undertaken on the unit? Thoughts? MC
  5. Before I start, thoughts go out to those that have lost there homes in the fires down South today, there is always someone worse off and can't think of anything worse than at the start of the year to lose everything. Now, I am a little tired and feeling a bit philosophical, however I need another view point. Lost my job in October, been hanging on in there and now on Centrelink. I am a citizen of Australia and have a property here. Seems to me the way the economy here in Australia the future isn't very rosy here and I have to look for alternatives. I have tried to get work in Australia in other parts and the other option is too head back to the UK and to be honest I can't see myself going back and working. Question is, do I go back to the UK without the prospect of work and rent my unit out here. Or do I hang on until I get a job offer wherever that may be and then head off?? There must be other people in a similar boat?!! Loving my life out here, but some days I do wonder why I keep hanging on in there!!
  6. MattC

    Post grad study finance while in Oz!

    Thanks, that's exactly what I'm trying to do-applying for a distance learning course in the UK rather than an Australian one. By the sounds of it I'm probably best to finance the course out of my own pocket, rather than search for finance.
  7. Ok, so I'd like to undertake some post grad study via distance learning while I'm in Australia and unemployed. Trouble is I need a loan, which seemingly I can't get unless I'm on British shores as the loan companies need to run a credit check on me at a UK address-where I haven't lived for 6 years!! i am a dual citizen of both countries. Anyone got some suggestions on funding for study??!!
  8. Where, UK or Oz? I am a dual national of both countries.
  9. I agree that nothing is impossible. However I have previously lived in Sydney and have tried for jobs on the East with little success. I just don't know how long to give trying here in Oz!!! I am a dual citizen, which is a bonus. I am also settled in Perth and have made good friends.
  10. Thanks all for the responses. I do not have a job to go back too, as I have been advised by many companies including recruitment agencies that I need to be in the UK before being considered!! I see myself in a "chicken and egg" situation savings here are dwindling and keeping me going I have centrelink, but it's not that much. My unit is up for rent and as such think it might be better to let someone pay the mortgage for a bit while I try and sort myself out with work!! Anyone with some bright ideas that I have thought of before, please chip in!! Cheers
  11. G'day Cobbers!! Hope everyone has had a jolly good Christmas! Can't wait to call in the New Year and put 2015 behind me. Having been here in WA for 6 years and as a dual national I am one of many who are unable to get work, so far it's been three months and counting. In my thoughts at present is that of returning to the UK, not that I want to, it's circumstances which dictate. As I would not have a job upon returning to the motherland I will need some form of income to get myself on my feet so to speak, this leads me to ask:- Has anyone here gone back to the UK and tried to claim dole or signed on? If you've answered "Yes" then what was the process? Are there any people you have dealt with in the past that could potentially assist me to understand what I have to do? Your thoughts, guidance and prayers are appreciated! Matthew
  12. Bit of an open ended post and very hypothetical, however I am keen to get other peoples views. Made redundant from the iron ore sector in 2014. Retrained as a learning facilitator and taught in a TAFE and not for profit organisation over the past twelve months, however work in the sector has also dried up. I have now been out of work for 8 weeks. Can't get a job in Perth metro due to having a lack of "Perth metro Experience" or alternatively I am over qualified. Can't get a job in the UK as I am not on British shores. Although the work environment is more positive than here. I am a citizen and utilizing savings to get by, which won't last forever. I have a mortgage and my unit is up for rent. I am quite settled here in WA, but at the same time I can't live on "fresh air". It's all very much a chicken and egg situation. I acknowledge I am very fortunate, but at the same time and to a certain degree "standing still". Anyone else out there that is in a similar situation?!!
  13. MattC

    What to do/Cert 4 TAE40110

    Hi folks Been on leave without pay due to health issues since March, living off savings having done FIFO for a number of years. Potentially due to return to work in June. In the meantime I've done some training in training and assessment. Has anybody on here done the course or could help out I'm n construction and the post coursework is hard to do as an "independent contractor". Any advice appreciated. Matt
  14. Hi there, first of all thanks for taking the time to read this post! I'm a single Geordie lad moving from the Southern suburbs up to Clarkson (Pavonia Links, near the train station) this coming Friday 6th July. It'd be great to hear from anyone either from the UK or the North East for a bit banter and the like. Currently writing this from the UK and moving when I get back, so intend to be a bit busy over the next few days, but would be great to hear from anyone!! I'm also reading a number of bad reviews about Clarkson, is it really as bad as what people say it is?! Hope to speak to you soon. Matt