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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all, I've just returned to Brisbane, after training as a teacher in the UK. I spent 2 years there and nearly ended up staying, but saw the light and returned to Brissie - just in time for the floods! I've always found the Aussies to be a friendly bunch but conversationally a bit hard going, as my knowledge of big engines, AFL and fishing is somewhat limited! I never thought about looking for like-minded Brits before, who might be up for a few beers and a bit of banter, as well as sharing costs of the occasional weekend trip down to the 'Goldie' or up the 'Sunny'. I like a bit of surfing every now and then, although as soon as I try and stand up you can tell immediately that I'm a Pom! :-o Any information on regular meet-ups in the area would also be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Matt.
  2. I'm a sports therapist qualified to both BSc and MSc standard in UK sports therapy, currently running regional sports injury clinic in the North East of UK. I have approx 15 years experience in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation sports and musculoskeletal injuries, specialising in rugby union where I have worked for 19 years as masseuse and therapist. I also have University lecturing experience and would also be interested in teaching sports therapy or related courses. Will consider any part of Australia provided that the hours and salary are acceptable. Please drop me a line if you have any vacancies!
  3. Just relocated from Sydney to Perth to commence employment-F.I.F.O 3/1 roster and seek accommodation-something to call home. Given up with Estate Agents, it's a total scam. If anyone out there can help, feel free to drop me a line!
  4. Hi All, I’m moving to Melbourne in a few weeks with work yet as i have never been to the city i don’t know where i should live. i am a 25 year old male looking to live in the city but i don’t know where the best locations are. Luckily my company will be providing me with accommodation - i just need to let them where! Can anyone give me some advice?? ...as a little background I’m looking to be in a lively part of town, close to restaurants and easy access to the city centre. Preferably towards the east as I will be commuting out of town to Mount Waverley everyday. i don’t mind up to an hours commute though for a better location. If I can be near the water that would also be a bonus but I’m really just looking for a part of town with a good atmosphere and good reputation, so hopefully a nicer part of the city. Any ideas??? Cheers, Jack
  5. Hi all. This is my first time on this forum, well first time on any to be honest, so unsure what to do, but here goes. Myself and my family are thinking about moving to NZ. I am currently a prison officer, so I would be looking at jobs in the correctional facilities. My wife has been a local government worker all her life council tax/housing. I may have sorted a job for myself, but I am worried that when we get out there she wont be able to find work. We are thinking of moving to either Wellington or the Hawks Bay area. Any info on these areas would be great, Hawks bay would be ideal for us. Would just like to ask, whats the weather like over there, OH seems to think its just like the U.K, dull, damp and miserable, is she right. I have read a few threads on here and things look good/bad in NZ compared to the U.K. No jobs in NZ, lots of drink driving, locals very unfriendly, price of food/ housing higher than the U.K wages lower, less leave, god I am going on a bit... If I had a job at say $50k a year and a deposit of $163k would i get a decent house. What are the mortgage rates like monthly payments on a house say for $150k. I have gone on long enough and I apologize if all I have done is ask question, I just need to be sure for myself and my families sake that its the right move for us all. Many thanks and hope you all can help/advise. All the best petemel &( ickle charlie)
  6. Hi, my husband has a time served apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering and has his HNC certificate. We are hoping to move to Perth in October of this year. We wondered if anyone has any contacts which would hopefully lead to him acquiring a job, he would consider flying to the mines. Hope you can help. x
  7. Source: Fairfax newspapers http://www.smh.com.au/national/bowen-stirs-up-hornets-nest-over-villawood-detainees-20110426-1dujv.html
  8. hello, i am seeking a sponsor for painting and decoration, i was in oz sep 2009 -2010 i took the recognition of prior learning aqf3 at tafe, i have my ielts scores, just about to send off for tra recognition it should take 1 month, paperwork is ready then to put in to either 175 independent visa application or employer sponsor visa. i am 32 fit and healthy non smoker, loves to work and earn money, married, no kids yet, love nsw and qld east coastal areas but willing to go where the work is. easy going person, i am second generation painter so 15 years+ on the tools, spent a few years working as a maintenance manger for big health clubs, and a few other construction positions. contact me if you can help, and i will forward any info you require. ps i am applying for a tourist visa to enter oz in april 2011, so if you want to meet me or want a skills test let me know.
  9. Hi My family and I are soon to move to adelaide australia from england and I am on the job hunt, and so am hoping that someone would be able to give me some advice or direction. I am currently employed as a Royal Navy Aircraft enginneer with experience on both Mk5 and Mk 7 Seaking Rotary wing aircraft, so i would like to stay within this field. I would preferebly like to work in the adelaide area, but if this is not viable i would be willing to travel. If you would like more information please dont hesitate to message. I hope that someone will hear my call and advise in some way or other. (even a small bit of advise would be of great help). Thanks
  10. Hi there, just relocated from WA to Castlehills for work. Company has provided accomodation for two weeks, however one week has passed and I'm struglling to find anything deccent!! Are there any Pom's out there that can provide assistance or advice as I don't really know Castlehills area. Office is located in Castlehills. Look forward to hearing from you. Matt
  11. Hi, Does anyone have or know of any full time job opportunities in or around the Weribee area? My daughter is 19 in a couple of weeks and looking for a full time job, preferably as an office junior / office assistant. She is eligible to work on our 457 visa and has some office and site experience. If you have a vacancy or know of one, please PM us the details. Thanks, Mark
  12. Guest

    Newcomer seeks advice

    Hello, could anyone give us some advice on the best places to live in wa. We are currently applying for our visa, have just received tra approval for husband (gas fitter- pipe fitter welder). Any help with regards to work, how easy it is to get? where to start would be great as well. We have three young boys, advice on schools as well. Actually any advice you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks :wacko:
  13. hi im a 38yr old floorlaer coming to oz dec-jan 2010 would like to no if there is any jobs going when for when i arrive and where is the best area and companys to enquire before i arrive .iwas in oz last year and liked it but struggled to get any possitive links for work. iv been self employed for 20 yrs and have pics of jobs such as karndean ,amtico,saftyflooring,lino,carpets borders and designs and also ceramics and wood. can anyone help please thank you
  14. Hey Gday mates arrived in Newcastle a few weeks ago and the whole experience so far is not what I expected. I thought I was going to love Newcastle and the Aussies. Have been out and about with hubbie shaol bay etc and currently living in Merewether (rental) and love the beaches. But there does not seem to be many jobs the main high street is run down and it seems like im living in 70's aussies are way behind the uk with banking fashion etc.... Hubbie has started a job in Maitland which he is plodding on with at mo, and I have had a few trials for jobs but not what I wanted. one being telesales (had to escape after 1 1/2 hours and the other being a coffee shop but was thrown in the deep end on a busy day and told I would be paid on day but wasnt, all fun and games!! Ideally I want day shifts during the week (admin role) I could maybe have a coffee shop job but want more. I worked for a local council in my previous job- business support officer. If anyone in Newcastle knows of any jobs going please let me know. Also if any of you guys fancy meeting up for a toohies please let me know my hubbie and I would love to meet some likeminded people. :huh: Sorry to rabbit on.... bye for now-Kirstie x
  15. Hi All My husband and I have just moved to Perth and are feeling a bit lonely having only each other to talk too! for the sake of our marriage, we really got to get out and about and meet new people so if you fancy meeting up for coffee, lunch or a BBQ, let me know! my other half likes golfing and I like to go for walks on Burns or if I am feeling energetic, sometimes go jogging. we also fancy taking up kitesurfing so get in touch if we sound like we'd get on! PS this feels really sad, feel like I am selling myself on a personal ad!!!
  16. hi, I'm a chartered Quantity surveyor with 10 years experience seeking sponsorship in Oz, Melbourne ideally. Any advice on what companies to approach etc cheers, clona
  17. Hi, My husband and I have now been in Melbourne a week and I need to meet some other mums and little ones for my daughter (one) to play/hang out with. I will also need coffee and chat to keep me sane and advice about life here with a little one. We're currently renting a flat on the St Kilda road short term but happy to travel by public transport to meet up. Thanks Clare
  18. Nick and sez

    Plumber seeks advice

    Hi Gill, my names Nick and im a plumber just about to send of my Vetasess, providing i get the paper based assessment passed then i intend to carry on with the practical asessment. Hopefully if i pass that then i am not to sure what to do, currently i do not have an migration agent and have been looking to try a 175 visa. My wife and i would like to go to Queensland as we have been on our honeymoon and my wife worked on the Whitsunday islands yeras ago. However reading all the advice from many experienced people as yourself, should we get a migration agent and how do can i find out if my Job,general plumber is on the SS list for a state or on the CSL which im not sure how to check. As a newbie all i can concentrate on at the Moment is the Vetasess test and your advice to Christigi seemed fantastic, Any pointers would be great. Thank you Nick and sez.
  19. Hey there, Im new here so sorry as this will sound very amateur-ish!!! :err: I am a 22 y/o male who has recently completed a NVQ level 2 in Motor Mechanics at college.. From past experiences in my teens, being in Tasmania was the best place for me in the world, I would love to migrate basically, I have my heart set! I have family friends currently living in Hobart but im just unsure as to what I should maybe do here on into the future as far as experience I should build up or any advice really on further qualifications I may need to gain, even visas that would be particularly ideal for my situation! Like I say, im going at it a bit blind atm, Im only 22 and just need some positive guidance really, much appreciated! :notworthy: Thank you in advance for any responses, regards!
  20. Hi all, I'm hoping someone may have found themselves in a similar position and might be able to help me. I 'm 28 and ACCA part qualified, completed 8 of 14 exams and have 8 years of experience, I know Accountants is on the list of occupations in demand, but, im obviously not qualified. I would like to obtain a long term business sponsorship visa, the 457, does anyone think there is scope for that considering my position? I fully intend to continue my studies whilst in Australia and would be qualified by the end of 2010 and therefore be in a position to apply for a permanent visa. I would also consider a working holiday visa as I understand you can obtain business sponsorship whilst in the country and considering my position would I actually stand more of a chance this way than applying for a 457 visa in the UK? I hope I've made sense. Your advise is greatly appreciated.
  21. Hey all im a plumber with 9 years experience and a current wa plumbers licence, i mostly did commercial and industrial work at home, ive worked for a couple of companies in wa but am finding it very difficult to locate the larger companies who carry out the type of work im usually involved in surley there must be some one. I knom most companies are looking for staff but these jobs are usually not advertised but circulated through word of mouth. So im just wondering would anyone have any contacts or phone numbers ect. I came home for christmas and will be returning to perth on the 13th of january and will be looking for a new job and forward to seeing sun again. many thanks chris
  22. Hi i'm a 23 year old nurse living in Brissie and I'm all on my lonesome. :sad: Looking for female travel companion to go Fraser Island, Byron Bay, Dreamworld, White Water World, Australia Zoo and if your interested I'm off to Sydney for Mardi Gras for a few days at beginning of March. And anywhere else we can think of. Unfortunetly Sydney is the furthest I am ale to travel due to funds and work. I'm all on my own and can only entertain (and talk to myself) for so long. So if there is a likeminded person out there we can go and explore together. Hayley
  23. HI, can anyone please shed any light on who i contact for employment in australian prison service?? have contacted relevetn correctional depts but i get fobbed off as noone seems to know the correct answer?? they say they need me but i dont get anyfurther. please help? cheers jason:Randy-git::arghh:
  24. Hi there I am a spark who hopes to arrive in Perth July/August this year and was wondering if any one had any info on the Class A exam, expected earnings, job offers lol, or any other info. I am an installation spark with lots of experience in domestic and commercial. I have done some industrial work and a couple of years maintainance. Any info would be great and any job offers even better. Thanks for looking Jay
  25. uk carpenter 4months here ,seeks work,i have abn card red card,all tools reliable ute ,good work ethic,honest and reliable any help ,advice etc would be appreciated