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  1. Hi All I know this is a long shot but has anyone brought their scuba tanks with them to Oz, given up trying to get them tested and have them gathering dust in the garage?? If so, I'd love to get my hands on one of your valves before you sell it for scrap! I brought a few of my Fabers with me and it was a huge PITA to get then hydro'd but finally managed it. However, now I need a DIN valve with the M25 European thread (NOT the Aussie/US standard 3/4") to replace a K (yoke type) valve. I know it won't have a burst disk but I can work round that.
  2. What dates are you looking for? That may help!
  3. Glad I Moved

    Best curry in the world

    AFAIK, the only recipe for an Indian dish that contains sultanas and /or other dried fruit such as prunes and apricots are any of the many variations of the biryani or some naan breads. Growing up in the Black Country I ate at many Indian restaurants (although the memory is a litle blurred due to the prior consumption of excessive Batham's mild) as well as at the homes of Indian /Bangladeshi / Pakistani friends and cannot ever recall seeing a sultana.
  4. Ibrahim family + vendetta + tooled-up Lebs.....need anyone say more?
  5. Glad I Moved

    In the Fridge.Eat later?

    I think it is very telling that they are scrapping the "Best before" info on foods as it was causing far too much wastage. It was being interpreted as being the same as the "Use by" date and thus perfectly edible food was being thrown out by the tonne.
  6. Glad I Moved

    Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ - 43 years on

    I think it has been said before that Enoch Powell was the best Prime Minister that England never had.
  7. No it didn't. There was certainly a zero tolerance policy to crime but the real key to Bratton's success lay in revolutionising the way the NYPD worked and tracked its crime statistics thus allowing precinct commanders a free reign over how they managed their resources. That, and recognising and addressing the fact that the NYPD had until then been an inherently racist force who were regarded with justifiable distrust by the black community. It was an intelligent, rather than brutal "hang 'em and flog 'em" approach to policing that made the difference and one which I would agree may work in the UK but I cannot ever see anyone completely scrapping the way the UK force is controlled and governed. Remember, the US police force system has been evolving into its current state for the past couple of hundred years. The UK force can't morph into something even vaguely similar without a radical restructure.
  8. Mate, if you re-read my post you'll find that I specifically included New Labour. Unless the history books have been re-written in the past few months I believe that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were in there somewhere. And no - I am not a politician nor a social scientist nor government policy analyst so why should I presume to be in a position to make suggestions? I have no research data to hand, no facts to work with and no senior party officials to consult thus if I were to suggest a "solution" I'd be as bad as any other fool who thinks they can pull one out of a hat. Of course I bloody well expect someone to do something constructive - but that is why the country has innumerable PROFESSIONAL, EXPERIENCED and QUALIFIED policy makers, not to mention MPs, in place to ensure that the wheels keep turning. I wasn't aware that the UK is now being run on the back of a national suggestion box.
  9. You fail to see, or at least acknowledge, the difference between what is "right" and what is "Law". The law says that the Council cannot evict entire families from their homes because of the actions of one member of that family. The law exists to prevent the sort of mindless, knee jerk reactions that you and others are proposing. Once law is replaced by mob rule, whether the mob is destroying property or seeking revenge on those who have destroyed property, it's all over.
  10. Obviously that would depend on who else was living on the house with the aforementioned murderer, rapist or violent criminal but that was not something you included in your original post. Maybe I should have been clearer and said that a murderer, rapist or violent criminal living on their own and serving a long prison sentence would lose their council house by default If they had a family who could afford to pay the rent then the council would have no reason to evict them. Simply having one member of a family member banged up is NOT sufficient reason to evict everyone else living in the same home...which is why this latest idea is so absurd.
  11. :wacko: If you are a convicted murderer, rapist or have committed a violent crime, you'll be in prison for a fairly long stretch so you won't be able to keep your council house anyway! They ain't going to keep it vacant for the next 10-15 years!
  12. Two points - this thread isn't about armchair pollies coming up with "solutions". In fact that is exactly where this bloody stupid idea of evicting anyone connected with the riots came from. Cameron's too far up his own arse to see daylight and being totally out of his depth he's now blindly following the shrieking middle England masses who for the most part live hundreds of miles from anywhere affected by the riots but who'd happily set up stocks in the street and break out the tar and feathers if they could. Again, what sort of message does it send to his senior police officials when he goes running to the ex boss of the NYPD and LAPD for advice on how to deal with HIS problem? That's the job he was supposed to sort out when he was elected Prime Minister! FFS, can't he see that the entire US police system is based on a completely different model? Does he not realise that the US gang culture can in no way on earth be compared to a few spotty hoodies throwing stones at coppers. Bad though they were, the UK riots were a teddy bears picnic compared to what happened in LA. Secondly, I don't think there is a "solution". The UK's been heading down this path since Thatcher essentially created the disenfranchised underclass and whom New Labour did nothing to help. When society starts labelling an underclass as "Chavs" and goes on to publicy mock, humiliate and bully them by portraying comical characters such as Vicky Pollard, what do you think's going to happen? Are they going to join in the joke and have a laugh at themselves or are they going to give us the finger and begin to operate in an alternative society where striking back at their tormentors is fair game? I know what I'd do. Unless and until such attitudes change on both sides, I doubt that anything can be done to solve the situation in terms of re-integrating these into the accepted norm of UK society... if there is such a thing anymore.
  13. So why post this then? Make up your mind... Process has already started I am happy to report. London riots: teenage 'looter' and his mother served with eviction notice by Wandsworth council Daniel Sartain-Clarke, 18, and his mother have been served with an eviction notice on their £225,000 taxpayer-subsidised flat.
  14. Are you for real? Putting an established family out of a Council subsidised home so they can be put into another Council subsidised home whilst at the same time depriving those other people who were trying to get into sheltered housing out on the streets? And who decides who is a "law abiding" family. I wasn't aware that not having a criminal record was a prerequisite for being provided with Council housing. Yep - a truly brilliant solution.
  15. An eviction notice can be served very easily so starting the process is one thing. However, (and it is a HUGE "however") getting the notice approved once all the very valid legal issues addressed in the past few posts have been considered and a magistrate can be persuaded to set a precedent that will have huge implications for the entire UK Council Housing and benefits system is something entirely different. As soon as the notice is served I would imagine that the appeals process will start and I'm sure there will be a very experienced civil rights brief working pro bono who, quite rightly, will tear the Council to pieces and leave Cameron with yet more egg on his smug face. Creating scapegoats, no matter how deserving of a good kicking, and then punishing their families and siblings who are deemed guilty by association and without trial is NOT a solution! It is just one step closer to a police state.