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  1. Your chance to purchase an excellent cared for campervan as used by 2 young pensioners for last 2 years to travel around Australia in comfort. We are currently in Adelaide and due to arrive in Sydney on December 20th. 360000KLMs Can sleep 3 and seat 3 Will be sold with 12 months REGO Microwave, Engel Fridge, Gas Cooker, Sink, Integral Water Tank, 2x100Amp Leisure Batteries, 1000W PUR SINE Inverter, Tow Sling, Gas Bottle, Extra Gas Stove and much much more. Too much to list but campervan will be sold fully kitted out ready to roll again. Please pm me for any more information and photo’s etc. Campervan will be available early January but can negotiate earlier sale of van if required. $17900 o.n.o. See email me and i will send an attached description of Campervan including pictures.
  2. A GVA Fridge Freezer for sale. 215 Litres capacity Only bought whilst waiting for our container to arrive. Absolutely spotless and comes complete with original receipt. $200 and we are located in Baldivis WA PM me for pictures or any other info.
  3. Hi just needing some furniture for our rental as of June 25th until our container arrives July 20th ish. Looking for a Sofa, Queen Bed and potentially a fridge if possible Please contact Claire on 0416 807 939 if you have anything suitable
  4. BryceandClaire

    Flying with Emirates in March

    Hi we flew with Emirates to Melbourne with our 2 boys 6 & 5 years old. Thought it would be a nightmare but kids were superb. Emirates staff gave them some goodies as soon as they got on in Birmingham and for connecting flight in Dubai and that kept them entertained. We reserved the 4 seats at the bulkhead so we knew if they needed toilet etc it was not a problem and it worked a treat. Loads of entertainment for them as well. Only thing i would say the food was not what i had hoped for them and they hardly touched it apart from the chocolate and sweets that came with meal. At least they get fed first so you can relax when yours comes. We got them something to eat in Dubai airport knowing they would probably sleep most of the way on the second leg which they did to be fair.
  5. BryceandClaire

    2 weeks in Canberra - Our thoughts so far

    Thanks for post, very helpful read. We arrive in Canberra October 11th so any advise on short term furnished rentals would be appreciated. also could you recommend the name of the hotel in Darling Harbour.
  6. How long is it to realistically find a long tem house rental in Canberra in Beginning of October this year? Not sure how long to book a short term furnished place. Would 4 weeks be enough? Arrive October 11th.
  7. BryceandClaire

    Canberra familes with young children

    We are moving over in October with our 2 boys aged 6 & 5. Just trying to sorting out furnished places to rent short term until we find a rental and our belonging arrive anyone got any ideas? Due to arrive October 11th into Melbourne then lazy drive over to Canberra. Meeting Settlement Service on 14th. Getting exciting now. Just waiting to exchange contracts fro house sale before finalising everthing, Hopefully all sorted by end of July.
  8. BryceandClaire

    Passport Expires before we are due to Validate

    Many thanks
  9. Can anyone offer some advise as to what we need to do when our Sons passport expires in August 2011 but we are not going to validate visa until October 2011? We have since applied for and received his new passport. His old passport number is on the grant notification letter so not sure how to go about getting new passport number onto notification. Many thanks
  10. On status enquiry page it is showing Medicals finalised on 7th January 2011 but still no change as of today. Everything else is done just waiting for page to change to 176 Visa Approved. Obviously it is Australia Day tomorrow so they will be closed but has anyone had experiences of how long it takes once meds finalised. I know from reading other posts that this varies from 1 hour to 2 weeks but it will have been 3 weeks once they re-open after Australia Day. Not sure whether to check with them to see if anything is holding it up or just sight tight and be patient as we won't be moving to September anyway.
  11. Has anyone stayed in any of the Canberra furnished short term rentals or B&B's that are advertised online. We will be looking for somewhere for 4 to 6 weeks in August or September 2011 until we manage to arrange a long term rental. We are a family of 4 with the 2 boys aged 6 and 5. Appreciate anyones past experiences and recommendations Thanks
  12. Just a quick question. We are planning moving to Canberra in Sept 2011 but i was planning on going over the month before to do a reccie for a few weeks to try and organise a rental,schools etc before we all move over as a family. The 176 visa is in my Wifes name but can i go over as her husband and sort rental etc or do we all have to come together. Just would rather sort out rental/schools etc before we arrive in Sept 2011 but not sure if i wuld be allowed to do this?
  13. Thanks for the information, it all helps. Do you think it would be possible for me to fly out a month before we are due to come out as a family and organise a rental property. We are considering coming approx Sept 15th 2011 but i was thinking of coming over in August to sort out a rental property on my own then return to UK and all come out together in September. Would 2 weeks leave me enough time to sort everything out? Do you think i should try and contact some rental agents to arrange inspections etc in advance. We would be prepared to pay for rent for a month or so even though it will be empty until we all arrive in September.
  14. We are going to be moving to Canberra in August 2011 and was wondering how much does owning a dog reduce your chances of finding a rental property? We have rented before in both Belgium and UK with a dog and have always left a larger bond as we know how well we look after our rental properties but this is hard for new landlords to accept at times. We also have references to this effect. We have a small cocker spaniel dog but in the back of my mind i am concerned how difficult it is to find rental properties at the best of times in Canberra and whether having a dog is going to make this even more difficult. We also have 2 boys aged 6 and 5 by time of travel. Still not sure on areas to live as we do not know where my Wife is going to be working yet. We would like a fairly new property hopefully in an area with nice primary school and plenty of younger children. I work in UK Oil & Gas sector so until we are all settled i am going to commute to and from to UK in short term as i work a 2 weeks on 3 weeks off rota, i know it will be difficult but in the short term it allows us to still be financially OK whilst my Wife finds work and schools for the children etc. Planning on having 8 weeks off work to all travel over together and get settled in before returning to work unless i find something in Australian Oil & Gas Sector in meantime. Any advice would be extremly helpful.
  15. BryceandClaire

    Translation Service - Anyone advise?

    Hi has anyone needed to use a translation service? We have been advised we need our Belgium police checks translating from French to English. Not sure if anyone can recommend anyone.