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  1. Hi There I really hope there is someone on here that can help a mother in destress My son has only a few weeks to apply for another visa and I am told his best options are a remaining relative visa as all of his family are here and are residents or to go defacto. He has been living with his girlfriend for nearly two years now. If we put in an application now for either will he be able to stay and which one should he go for? Any advice will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  2. Kerrygal

    PR with aspergers

    Just started to apply for PR and we are in a bit of a muddle... Our son has just finished year 12 and has Aspergers. For residency we need to prove that he is totally dependant on us and is not able to obtain full time work.So he can do one of two things, do a full time college course or get him assessed making sure the assessment states this. But then we have been told by our migration agent that when the application gets sent t0 the department with this assessment as proof it will be down to the imigration department to conclude whether having Aspergers is a health issue for the department of health or not. Has any one experienced this situation as any advice would be very welcomed!
  3. Kerrygal

    OHS cert iv - Help

    Hi there, I need to get some sort of a qualification here in OZ if I am to make any sort of real money when my kids are old enough to mind themselves, but I don't know alot about the laws or the documentation for that matter that are required when answering questions. I need some kind soul that can identify what I am going through and may have got help along the way themselves in their career and wouldn't mind sharing some of their knowledge with me Thanks a million for taking the time to read this post
  4. Kerrygal


    We re in our 40's also but we are living in Western Sydney. Hubby not too bad for friends but I haven't really connected with anyone yet after a year and a half. Are you guys british or Irish? We are Irish
  5. Kerrygal

    Hi Looking for New friends

    Im in St Marys been in australia for for a year now still no friends so would love to go for a coffee

    <p>Hi Kerrygal</p>

    <p>Im close to Erina if you would like to meet up still just let me know</p>

    <p>Ju <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>


  7. Kerrygal

    Terrigal & surrounding areas

    Hi There, We are an irish family who have been living in the entrance for the last 6 weeks. My hubby has bee here for 3 months now. I would love to meet up for a chat with women/families in and around Erina, Wyong etc. I have three children also 18 16 and 12. Avoca has a beautiful beach... Anna
  8. Hi Guys, Myself and three kids 18,16,12 came over 6 weeks ago to join my husband who has been here now 3 months. So far I am not working, kids not in school and the only other adults I talk to are my hubbys friends who are all men. Would love to meet up with mothers(40) and kids around same age. Our lease is up the end of november and we will be looking for somewhere else to live. We were thinking further up the coast maybe queensland although Port Macquaire is lovely any advice would be helphul. Anna
  9. Kerrygal

    Any Irish heading to NSW?

    Hi Harryob1 Got our visa yipee going to australia Good luck to everyone else with their applications
  10. Kerrygal

    We got our VISA yipeeeeee!!

    :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: What else can We say Worth the wait Australia here we come
  11. Kerrygal

    Reality of obtaining a 457 visa

    Hi to All, Just wondering about something our migration agent had told us that our nonimation for a 457 visa has been approved but not our visa how long more do ye think we'll be waiting for our visa to be granted? Kerrygal
  12. Kerrygal

    Any Irish heading to NSW?

    Hi Harry Well at first we did up the resume and sent it off to 100's of companies. No joy ..Then a friend of our suggested his brother in Port Maquaire and straight away things started rolling. You said you had friends in sydney could you ask them if they have any contacts that could sponsor you. Anyway hope everything goes well for both families whenever it happens..Up Kerry
  13. Kerrygal

    Any Irish heading to NSW?

    Hi Harryob1 We have told our parents and some close friends as they started to notice we were going here and going there ie medicals, x-rays, passports , school reports etc but it will be a shock for most when they find out. By any chance did ye have nat west to yer home in the last month. We had them and they said they had an appointment in Ardfert the same day? I have an Uncle and Aunt in Sydney and cousins but i thing we have to be near my husbands sponsor and he is in Port Maquaire. Not sure yet where we will be based? It would be nice if we could stay in touch we are adults 40 and 38 kids 18 16 and 12 sorry about no names will publish all when we get out visa ..... How long more do you think you will be waiting?
  14. Save your money and get one with air conditioning in oz we did the research and its going to cost a packet to send it out there, getting it cleared and then passed by immigration. We are not bringing ours anyway but everyone is different just an opinion:err:
  15. Kerrygal

    Any Irish heading to NSW?

    Well were suppose to get our visa granted by then wont be going untill kids finish school and get everything sorted but ya hopefully heading in the middle of july. All these changes to the sol list is crazy when you think about it if Irleand had the same insight that Australia has it might not be in the situation it finds itself in these days. My husband found himself unemployed shortly after christmas and the day he went in to draw his stamps there were three eastern europeans just in the country 3days signing on lol This will not be happening in Australia. If the Irish government could take a leaf out of australias book who knows what would happen .. there may even be summer jobs for our sons and daughters this year This is not a moan just an observation.... Good luck with you applcation and just think positive everything happens for a reason if its meant to be well it meant to be... Feel free to pm anytime