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  1. a shoulder without a massive chip on it
  2. Exile

    I think this site is addictive

    good lord your posts are comically blinkered. if you are that dead set on coming here why don't you make the move. you talk about it so much, and refuse to accept any negative aspects of Australia - even convincing yourself that the reason people come back is almost entirely due to family. it must be like some sort of self flagellating torment staying in such a dreary country (the UK) spending all your time on the web fantasizing about moving here. just do it, would you. what's stopping you?
  3. what you are doing about that?
  4. Exile

    A better life

    and your point is? my point was that they don't moan about it.
  5. Exile

    The Gamers Thread

    sorry forgot to add: Microsoft will not change the location of any current XBL accounts. My account is still a UK one but i can not access any of the uk features like last fm. Also, if you buy any recharge cards for XBL points or gold membership in australian shops, they will not work on the UK account as they are region protected. You can get around this buy grabbing points and membership online from places like http://www.maximuscards.com. MS solution:create a new account. Its a bit of a pain to be honest!
  6. Exile

    The Gamers Thread

    the quota is the download (and upload limit). there are unlimited packages but they are fairly recent. Some advertise 'unlimited' but be careful and read the small print as they may simply throttle the speeds after a certain limit. Check some of these: Internode, TPG, iiNet, AAPT for some examples. Avoid Telstra. ethically they are shocking have held back Australian IT infrastructure for ages with a pseudo monopoly on the infrastructure. When I got here in 2007 my OH's folks were on a 200MB allowance. MB!! In relation to Xbox Australia; its a little crap I'm afraid. Last FM doesnt work, Sky Player obviously wont either, the video market place is only a fairly recent thing and is a little limited. They have Foxtel through the xbox, but i cant vouch for it as I havent tried it. Agree about the new Tomb Raider. Looks great. Also from E3: Uncharted 3, Skyrim and Rage caught my eye too.
  7. Exile

    Thought For the Day!

    The feel good nature of the EU is all well and good on paper, but it doesnt half cause some problems when you have regional differences in things like wages, costs of living, salaries and social benefits. Unfortunately there's not really an imeidately obvious way around this. Its going to take someone stepping out of the EU and making a stand for the model to change. Part of me prefers the old Europe model, where it was just "Europe". Just a load of countries next to each other, doing their own thing. - Apart from the invading their neighbours part.
  8. Exile

    A better life

    or the $750,000 lamborghini. granted thats an extreme example
  9. Exile

    A better life

    There are plenty of things to do and places to go in the winter, and Europe is perfectly equipped to deal with the cold. In the same way that Australia is perfectly equipped to deal with the summer heat. Do you think Canadians have the same gloomy outlook, despite having colder and darker winters? I'll answer that from personal experience, no they dont.
  10. Exile

    Obtaining a Driving License

    mercifully no, that's the 'learners permit'. it gets confusing because 'provisional' to me always meant learner because of the UK provisional license. What it means is that you will have to wear a P plate on your car. The length of time varies by state, but is generally crazy. e.g. in NSW you have to wear the red P for 12 months and then the green P for 24...3 years all up. Other restrictions are 90kmh for red or 100kmh for green. If you are in the city though, there are generally no roads that come close to this speed. Australia roads have slow speed limits but everyone wants to drive fast. result = a load of impatient drivers. There is usually a restricted vehicle list too, and in some states its as widespread as "no turbo" "nothing above 6 cylinders". Its quite annoying because literally no thought has gone into the restriction, its just been implemented by politicians who want to appear like they are combating "hoons" (the Australian cringe worthy term for people who drive recklessly in cars) For example: the uber-powerful VW Golf R32 (the exceptionally fast, exceptionally powerful, top of the golf range) is 100% allowed , because it has no turbo and is only 6 cylinders, despite being a monster of a car. The bottom of the range economy Golf, or even the Polo, is banned purely because it has a turbo, despite it being there for fuel efficiency reasons. I believe if you are under 25 there are passenger restrictions on your red P plate. You cant have passengers after 11pm at night. Again, no thought applied. A politician simply assumes that if you are under 25 and on red p plates and its after 11 that you will automatically be dicking around and causing mayhem, and everyon in your car is probably drunk and egging you on to drive like a nutter, therefore they've banned it. Whatever state you are going to, have a check about the rules, but as an indication here is the NSW RTA P Plate restrictions. If nothing else, it makes an amusing read: Red P Plate: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/gettingalicence/200707_p1.html Green P Plate: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/gettingalicence/200707_p2.html
  11. Exile

    The Gamers Thread

    theres the video market place from Sony. (in teh playstation store I think) Their new 'classic film' rental thingy, I cant recall the name. called MUBU or something Music Videos Music subscription service ABC view - similar to iplayer Chanel 7 player - again similar The thing to watch out for in Aus download quotas applied by ISP's. When I first moved here I was genuinely shocked by how poor and limited the ISP offerings were (20GB per month!). There are some decent ish packages now though (500GB etc)
  12. i did mine in London in 2007 but from the point of mailing the supportign information off to getting the visa was just over 1 week. I think I was one of the lucky ones.
  13. Exile

    Think long and hard before coming home

    is there a need to cancel a visa? I would have thought it would just lapse?
  14. Exile

    how much are cars!!?

    just curious: which 2 were they?
  15. Exile

    Just won 10 million

    "two chicks at the same time" (disclaimer: its a quote from the movie "Office Space"!)