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  1. shirleyt

    My travel thread

    Safe journey Stacey, I'm sure you'll be back one day. The foreshore at South Perth, won't be the same without you.
  2. shirleyt

    Life of a Forum

    Don't doubt yourself Kate, it's due to your forums that I've met some amazing people!
  3. Hang around for next year and you can join Johns fan club!
  4. Did contemplate it but didn't think it appropriate with husband and kids in tow!
  5. Always nice to be popular but I think I'm old enough to be Jakes mother!?
  6. As you can see from the photos, I couldn't keep my hands off him!
  7. Thank you for a lovely afternoon, John and Kate! It was lovely to put faces to all the names!
  8. shirleyt

    My travel thread

    It was great to meet up with you Stacey and I can't wait to hear all about your life on the road with Jake!
  9. Just me and Oprah down Matilda bay next week then! Good luck Stacey, see you in February at the meet up!
  10. Ok , thanks Ali! Oprahs in town next weekend, might drop her an invite to bump up the numbers!lol
  11. shirleyt

    My travel thread

    I did tell you not to judge it midweek as the place comes to life at the weekends!
  12. shirleyt

    My travel thread

    You found it then? Is the hostel living up to expectation, so far? Get ourself out tonight and hand out those CVs. I think Fremantle would be a much nicer place for you to stay and work for a few months rather than being stuck out in the outback, especially through the summertime!
  13. Come to the meet up and I'll photoshop us all in bikinis with a six pack!