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  1. We used Crown from Scotland to Brisbane. Similar price to the others but we bartered till they were a few hundred cheaper. Admin staff were quite poor and shipping was delayed, despite being a sole use container, but the workers in both Scotland and Oz have been excellent (we've subsequently used the Oz guys again). Only a couple if cheap glass bowls broken and otherwise spot on. We didn't use their insurance (got it 1/2 price online) and havent claimed anyway. Overall very happy
  2. lyndalelodge

    Sell Us Your 'Sport'

    A played rugby until a snapped ma ACL, but it's fixed noo, so a'll be trying to make a comeback for a lucky golden oldies team when we arrive in Brissie Opportunities to run aboot like a bairn again, sidestepping (or maybe not!!) and bashing into folk legally, with a good social scene and suberb fans (at the big games anyway, there's never many fans at my level!!). Best game ever
  3. lyndalelodge

    Scots ,Irish And Welsh

    As long as the mighty Berwick Rangers stay in the Scottish football leagues to help bolster our keek team, since Berwick's always been part of Scotland anyway
  4. lyndalelodge

    Flying Newcastle to Brissie on 4 July with Emirates

    Oops, was £275k, now £250k!!!! Lol
  5. lyndalelodge

    Flying Newcastle to Brissie on 4 July with Emirates

    Valued at 3275k, but now reduced to £250k :cry: If it disnie sell by the end o August, it's gettin rented and put back on the market next year again!!:frown:
  6. lyndalelodge

    Ever tried to rectify a problem only to make it 10x worse?

    I'll remember the paper plates and plastic glasses if you ever come to ours :biggrin:
  7. lyndalelodge

    Flying Newcastle to Brissie on 4 July with Emirates

    Thanks, finished work yesterday, it's getting exciting :biggrin: And with that, comes all the goodbyes:cry: Still can't wait tho:biggrin: Now, just need to find a buyer for the house!!:wideeyed: Cheers, Mike
  8. lyndalelodge

    Just had the snip!

    Very slightly off topic, but when a got circumcised at 15 or 16; to start with it was always female nurses that came and 'played' with ma 'tackle' to see what the problem was whilst i lay there thinking of dog sh*t trying to keep the wee lad down and then post op, I swear every nurse was slim with big t*ts and they all bent down in front of me at every opportunity whilt me with stitches all around Wills was straining to bursting point in agony!!!! Needless to say I've had a few minor ops since, but i've never had the same number of good looking nurses since. They bloody knew what they were doing!!!!
  9. lyndalelodge

    and the guilt trip and negativity starts.

    I sympathise entirely. My Mum's been great, but the inlaws...FFS, talk about a miserable 11 months since we told them (for them and my to some extent, my Missus cos of them; but I just ignore them!!). It's not easy, but I hope they move on for all your sakes or they'll regret spoiling the 6 months before you leave!
  10. lyndalelodge

    how do we get 40kilos from singapore?

    I meant to say also that this is because we've already had our validation trip so we wouldn't qualify for any additional baggage allowance, otherwise we might have checked out some of the other airlines a bit more.:goofy:
  11. lyndalelodge

    how do we get 40kilos from singapore?

    Hi Kelly, The main reason we chose Emirates was the 30kg allowance for all 4 of us (even the 3 year old), plus another 4 x 7kg for the carry on. I'm not sure we could get by on 20kg each. But if you're on a PR visa (is it?) you may be able to get extra allowance since you haven't validated. You might also get this on other visas, but it varies amongst airlines I believe (but I'm not sure). Aside from this, I'm afraid I'm not much help, which basically means oops, I've not been much help Anyway, great news for you and good luck Cheers, Mike
  12. lyndalelodge

    Shipping questions....

    In broad terms a lot of the shippers quote a 20 footer as holding 1000 to 1100 cubic feet. This is a little on the light side but allows some margin for error. We were originally looking at approx 1500 cubic feet (as calculated by all 5 folk who quoted us) and cut stuff out and squeezed stuff into spaces to make sure we get into a 20 footer, we did; just! This knocked a few grand off the price and saved us from taking stuff to Oz that would live in the garage.
  13. lyndalelodge

    Shipping collected

    We were reasonably well organised and had most of the house emptied of stuff that wasn't going to Oz. We kept two rooms full of the stuff that was staying and put stickers on anything else that was staying to make sure they didn't pack the wrong stuff. The night before they arrived we packed everyones suitcases and weighed them to make sure we weren't over the limit (or hopefully not!) and kept these in wardrobes, which again got the sticker treatment. I took a few days off work and basically acted as supervisor whilst trying not to tread on toes and sent the Missus out to buy cakes and stuff from the bakers to keep them happy. We didn't really pack anything, but we did fill all the drawers and any spaces we could find. But I then instructed the packers to take out and check and do whatever was necessary for them to be happy we weren't trying to smuggle anything over that shouldn't have been! Re the split of what was sent and what was staying, we had probably 3 good clear outs in the 3 or 4 months running up to the packers arrival. We'd clean out once and then 6 weeks later decide on another clean out and get more ruthless each time when we started to consider some of the tat that we were going to take over which probably wouldn't be used, or at least not much. Also, we checked lots of prices at Ikea, KMart, etc and decided to buy quite a few items new when we arrive in Oz. However we also bought a few new things here to replace things which were old and dirty and not worth the hassle of cleaning, e.g. a new Dyson Ball to replace our manky 5 year old one, which are currently cheaper here than in Oz. All in all, it's been a slog, but its good to have a clear out:smile:
  14. lyndalelodge

    Shipping collected

    The £4,609 we paid to Crown for a full 20 footer included 3 men for a whole 2 days, plus another 2 men for about 3 hours each on day 1 who came to help. excellent squad of guys.
  15. lyndalelodge

    Shipping collected

    Hi Wilma, Thanks re exam, fingers crossed!! We're on the same flight, so I'll keep my eyes open for 2 frustated auld yins with bored teens speaking with a doric twang We'll be the frustated auld yins with the endlessly blethering 7 year old girl and the wild 3 year old boy!!! Cheers, Mike