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  1. hey could you give more details of application fill up questions so we can be prepared in advance.
  2. Hi there, To apply SA SS first you have to get ID from EOI but I am wondering during SS application through online what documents you need to upload as well. Specially to proof of fund what do we need to have in hands. Is land owned jointly with spouse will work as a proof if not sale but valuation done? Thanks
  3. wan2no

    not enrolled visa can apply for PR?

    HI sorry in couldn't get your age points. If it is below 33 but over 32 yr what's the point I can claim? Another query when there is 3 Yrs ban of application I mean in what cases?thanks
  4. i voluntarily got withdrawn from course so didn't get enrolled. i left Australia and after 2-3 months immigration cancelled visa as notified by university. my question is can i apply for PR visa now as offshore? what sort of documents i have to collect from immigration to show? is it normal procedure or abruptly done? one more query, for age 32 years 5 months what will be points in gsm?
  5. I want to apply for Qld ss from Australia. Has any one done this before? What are the condition for that? Specially what's about showing work evidence in Queensland though some one is not there I mean in another state?
  6. wan2no

    How to get qld ss while in oz

    I am trying for qld ss living in Sydney by student visa. In 489 visa ss application it is noted that one need to have evidence of job in qld even in same or related field! I am wondering how it could be possible for one being another state! Any way if I go to my home country in vacation and apply will it be still as onshore as having valid student visa? Or should I cancel my student visa and then apply? What to do?
  7. I am onshore applicant but one point makes me confused can any one clarify this? How it is possible? Better to be out side I think! It's similar to have a job offer!? Note: If you are currently residing, working or studying in another state or territory of Australia, pleaseprovide evidence you have accepted a job in Queensland in your nominated occupation or closely relatedoccupation
  8. I am thinking on my previously submitted documents? yet is not ok? my current occupation is relevant and has in SS(NT,SA, WA). why shouldn;t I gain positive? my previous nomination might be wrong not fraud so why there is no second chance?
  9. I got negative result last year though applied by an agent. They replied that my education( b.pharm and MS in pharmaceutical science) and tasks ( senior executive, production in generic manufacturing pharmaceuticals) were not relevant so my desire occupation (industrial chemist) is not appropriate. My agent assuring me another occupation (industrial pharmacist) but that is not in SOL. I am planning to apply now at my own try with the similar documents to an another occupation ( production manager, manufacturing) as my tasks are closely related. I want to rearrange the tasks slightly from my supervisor in work reference letter that I submitted before. They recognized my degree as post graduate and job duration as my given period. I think, as my documents are true and I have related tasks I might get positive result now. Expert please comment should I apply or will do any further qualification done as MBA for the managerial occupation? My agent is in afraid of having engineering degree to get production manager occupation assessment positively. he is in doubt in this case should I try? Thanks in advance......plz help me with justified comments:chatterbox:
  10. From WA migration site it seems that one requires job offer or 12 months employment history in WA Australia to get state sponsor. Is there any means to get sponsor without the above options? I mean similar like job experience outside Australia? like schedule-1?:chatterbox:
  11. In NT migration web site they specified that one has to live and study 2 years in NT. Does it mean 365*2=730 days in a row or gap is acceptable? again if one goes out side NT in summer vacation and completed total 160 credit or 16 months of study NT then does he/she can get sponsorship, too? another question if one study at a campus in sydney of Charles Darwin university masters for one yr and goes NT in 2nd yr and complete another one year diploma from TAFE will he/she get the sponsorship as it is 2 yrs of study in NT combined. These questions are needed to answered very quickly as going to think soon..
  12. wan2no

    Delays with VETASSESS

    Still waiting.... can't start a timeline.....
  13. wan2no

    Delays with VETASSESS

    I am still waiting...its over 16 weeks. So far i know my boss didn't get any call from Vetassess for enquiry yet. He didn't check his yahoo mail. What types of enquiry does vetassess do? is it by over phone or by email? Now what can I do? My agent called to assessor last week and got the information that processing is going on. iS IT ALLRIGHT? OR There is any problem? Is there anything or preparation to take from my end at present or just staying calm? thanks
  14. Few days back I knew minimum requirement of NT sponsorship IELTS is 7....but now it shows 6 which one is correct? how much time does it take?
  15. For ACT sponsorship it urges IELTS 6 if one is Canberra resident. My question is how much days stay will full fill Canberra resident ship requirement. If I go there in visitor visa will it suffice? If it is for 1-2 months will it do?