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    Hi all, we had a real hard decision when selling our house. We ended up dropping 17k on it!! The sale is going through at the moment. The Market is suppose to get worse. We are staying with fAmily for nearly 3 months before we fly on 22nd April so we are going to save every penny and claw back some money before we go. Leeanne
  2. leeannekays

    457 visa ?? previous convictions

    We did a police check for my husband and sent it with the visa application, we also broke down each offence explaining the exact situation and reasons and what the outcome was. We were sooooooooo honest. He also wrote a statement of how he would never do anything like that again and how he is grown upend has a different life to back then. It could of gone either way but we were granted permanent residency. Honesty is best policy caus it all comes out in the end. Leeanne
  3. leeannekays

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Where are you heading to Susie? Leeanne
  4. leeannekays

    Vetsassess - employer reference

    My OH did Vetassess last year and he had to get his company to write a letter on his work. He said he wouldnt be going for about 3 years :err:. Wer at last stages now, got medicals on Tuesday 5th July so hopefully going next year. We still havent told anyone! Leeanne
  5. leeannekays

    Police Certificate??

    10working days
  6. We have just booked our Meds and now it has suddenly all dawned on me FOR REAL. We havent really discussed it with family, I have tried talking to my mum but shes not really interested. She loves the grandchildren so much and I think she is finding it hard so wont discuss it - however this makes it hard for me. She did everything she wanted with her life. Its all hit me at once and I feel mentally drained. However I am not going to let the opportunity pass for me, my OH and our 2 lovely children.x
  7. leeannekays

    Air Con Electrical License how easy is it to get it?

    Thank you so so much Toddsim, you have been so helpful. I will pass these on to my OH now. The more we prepare the better it will be when we hopefully make the move. As there will already be so much we cant prepare for. Leeanne
  8. leeannekays

    Air Con Electrical License how easy is it to get it?

    Hi Toddsim, My OH is a Refrig and Air con Engineer and were in the mid of applying to live in Adelaide. What Electrical course is it you can do over here to prepare yourself to get employment in OZ/
  9. I really wouldnt worry, we are waiting for our state sponsorship back at moment and in the meantime preparing for our visa. We had to do a police check for my OH as he could not remember exact dates or fine amounts. The agent has said as long as its explained and in the past and not ongoing then it will be fine. Its important to be honest.
  10. leeannekays

    457 visa ?? previous convictions

    Hello, We are abit concerned, just about to lodge our State Sponsorship, the agent asked if any conviction and my partner whos skill were going on told him of one about 4 years ago. However over 10 years ago he also had one but my partner didnt think to say anything. Should I e-mail the agent and tell him about it?
  11. leeannekays

    Whats Adelaide like?

    We are applying for state sponsorship in Adelaide next week, we would really like to live in Adelaide and done alot of research. So it was great to read your post Tyke.
  12. leeannekays

    Vetassess test Refrigeration & Aircon help!!

    Hello, We found out today that my OH was successful on the practical, how did you get on. Now for the visa!
  13. leeannekays

    Vetassess test Refrigeration & Aircon help!!

    Hi Craig, did you do the practical on the Tues? my OH did it on the Monday and has no idea how he got on.
  14. leeannekays

    Vetassess test Refrigeration & Aircon help!!

    My other half did his Refrig and Air con practical last monday on 21st Feb, waiting now to see how he done.
  15. leeannekays

    Vetassess test Refrigeration & Aircon help!!

    My OH has his practical date confirmed for the Monday 21st Feb. He is taking it in his stride and trying to stay focused. He has been reading over the paperwork so fully aware what is expected of him. It is so much riding on it. Have you been to Oz before craig?