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    Queensland devastated by floods

    We're on the Capricorn Coast - coastal from Rockhampton (OH works in Rockhampton) and the Fitzroy River running through the centre is yet to peak apparently. At the moment the only issue we have is food getting to the supermarkets as has already been said. On Thursday there was no bread, milk, fruit/veggies in Woolworths! They are still stocking the shelves but with much smaller amounts which I guess are running out by the end of the day. OH has had to divert getting in to work in places but it's nothing major. I feel so very sorry for the people who live inland from here. I believe Emerald has been the worst affected area and I know of someone who has had to up-root her family in Theodore because of the flooding there too.
  2. nowell

    Wanted Down Under

    Which is why we didn't just fly straight home after filming - we stayed on and visited another area and was great :cool:
  3. nowell

    Wanted Down Under

    They did do revisits this series as well! :wink:
  4. nowell

    Wanted Down Under

    You're totally right Luke! It was all filmed 'for the show' not to actually help us at all. The only good thing was the free flights for us :laugh:
  5. nowell

    Wanted Down Under

    Hi (my first post here - using OH's username!) We filmed on this series of WDU and ours is on the 12th Jan, shown on the Gold Coast. We filmed in March and moved here in July to (flood stricken) Central Queensland. Both OH and I are dreading seeing ourselves on TV. I think someone else on here said theirs is shown on the 7th.
  6. Mate to be honest Rockhampton may not be place for a young single man. If i was in your shoes i would be heading to the cities or around the cities Rockhampton has not alot going on do a search on here on rockhampton and you'll see peoples thoughts. There are alot of jobs in rockhampton but also are alot in OZ in general check seek If you got that amount of money to come over with i would still recomend work holiday visa as you can pick were you want to go. We come over with less than that family of 3. If you search on here you'll find people who have come over with only 3k In regards to looking for work i contacted all the dealers directly in the area we wanted to be and didn't get much responce so i widened our search and Rockhampton we ended. Also used Seek and other job sites. But i found going direct is the best way It wasn't our first choice but its a way in to OZ and with GSM taking so long its the best way for us. Any more questions just ask.
  7. Hello all We are currently on a 457 visa got here 2 weeks ago i start work monday in Rockhampton. You will find it hard to get sponsorship in the cities and gold coast as i did when applying. Its becoming hard to get sponsored i we were looking for over a year before i got offered sponsorship we come over here in march and i lined up interviews before we arrived. I am a main dealer mechanic and was offered alot of jobs but they wouldn't sponsor me untili completed a 3 month trial and having a small family was unable to to do so on a work holiday visa. I'm under 30 I had 1 interview with a dealer in Rockhampton which a travelled for 7 hours by car from brisbane to attend an interview and here we are. My advice to you lutonmatt is if you have no ties to the UK then come over on a work holiday visa you will find work no problem. Where ever you decide to head to Any Questions just ask :biggrin:
  8. nowell

    baggage info

    Indeed we found this out when trying to book flights. Have you perm visa as we are going over with singapore airlines and if you have perm visa you can have up to 50kgs ??
  9. nowell

    baggage info

    With Qantus you can get a migrant fare which allows you double baggage but it is more expensive than a normal ticket Contact Qantus direct for a quote
  10. [quote= However, I would LOVE to live in Yeppoon or Emu Park - if only there were jobs! Good to hear that Yeppoon is nice as we are heading there end of july to live! :biggrin:
  11. nowell

    Certifying Docs - 457 online application

    I photocopied them and they signed on the front of the doc stating it was a cert copy If you google certifying docs you will find a statement which they copied All was ok with our visa them doing this
  12. nowell

    Certifying Docs - 457 online application

    Just got our 457 we got them signed by my friend who was a teacher and scanned them through As far as i am aware they have to be signed no matter what they are as when i asked our agent they said they needed to be signed.
  13. nowell

    Processing times for 457 visa

    Hi all Just want to share with you my time line for 457 very brief but may halp some people 3/5/10 457 and nomination lodged 14/5/10 nomination agreed 18/5/10 further information required 19/5/10 visa approved No meds or police checks asked for. Carn't believe we have got it so quick was not expecting it in the next few weeks as what i have been reading on here.
  14. nowell

    car mechanics

    There is alot to do but its all part of the process and it does take some time to do. I think i will cost you around £1300 for the lot and you pay it in 2 stages the first is for the written part then the next for the practical. Its expensive but essential as will not be able to proceed with a visa.
  15. nowell

    Yeppoon QLD anyone???

    Thanks for replys good to here that yeppoon is good area. We are not big city people so it sounds great for us. Does anyone know if there are any good or bad areas in yeppoon so to speak? Cheers