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  1. sussex boy

    How did you decide on area?

    Job, that should decide your area, I am in country WA and applying for jobs in Perth and getting nowhere in my trade / motor trade. I would secure a job, Skype interview where ever you can then move. No pint living in a nice house then having to head back to UK after six months due to no work. Seek site is good. type in your trade and minimum amount and have a look. My workshop was sold from underneath me and I have been job hunting for 3 months here in WA. Now looking further afield and had 5 phone interviews in a week all either country QLD or SA. Good luck the move, just a bit harder than it was, and remember you move a year down the line.
  2. sussex boy

    Job market for trades

    Since you can always move down the line, job comes first. I have been on this forum for nearly ten years and in Australia for nearly 8. A lot of people moves fail because thy found a nice house etc but husband has a 4 hour commute or no work there. Job first then location and once settled in keep an eye on your preferred spot. Moving all the way to OZ and then having fail would be rough. I wanted to go to WA but was instead sponsored into Alice Springs NT, did my time and then moved to Bunbury, GFC meant no one was hiring until they new what was going on. Good luck with the move, look up Austral and Thiess in Perth.
  3. sussex boy

    Becoming a 457 sponsor walkthrough advice

    Cheers all, i was very briefly on a 457 myself. I am trying to sell the idea to the owner of the business. I am more looking for a , "its costs this much, takes this long and this what we need to do" so I sound like I know what I am talking about. Very different being on the employers side of things. Even with the mining down turn we have remained very busy mostly because we work on BMW and Volvo's/ Audi etc.Finding someone with that experience has not been easy after our top guy left to start his own business.
  4. Hi there. I run a small garage in the SW of WA. Have been looking for a while for a foreman type experienced tech who is used to working on euro car which is 75% or our work. Had zero success so far and wanted to maybe look at sponsoring someone in. But the business owners are unsure since it sounds complicated. Diac website seems to take you round and round in a circle. Appears I need to show receipts for training I sent the other guys on, market tested job?????? No one replied to add asking for VW or Renault experience.... Have contacted the local agent but they were very tight lipped. Any sensible links to article on first time sponsoring or advice would be really welcome.
  5. Hi does anyone have anything in West Australia at the moment? Have a mate looking to the 457 route and start asap somewhere. Vw, Renault, Fiat and Nissan. 20 years experience .Pm for details. Cheers.
  6. sussex boy


    I sold and old Fj1200 which I had owned for many years to help fund the move to Oz, after pining for a bike for ages and trying to get a house built have brought a Virago 250 to run around on and really enjoying being back on two wheels again.
  7. sussex boy

    Perth Get Together - 28th February - All Welcome

    Cool, really like your sig by the way.
  8. sussex boy

    Finding a job - rough timescales (189 visa)

    All good advice etc. My own experence was from the Uk, almost a year, after migrating and moving from the Nt to WA about 6 weeks. Definatly hit up any companies in your line and research what projects they have going and tailer your CV to the application if poss. Good luck, and dont forget linkedin -) pS, I think that the most important thing is the job, find a job, then take a breaklease or short rental nearby, then choose where you are going to live. Have seen a lot of threads saying we chosen to move here.... but there is no work so we have to move back to the Uk.
  9. sussex boy

    Info on living in Darwin?

    With tourist season about to kick of your propbably going to go ok -)
  10. sussex boy

    How old is too old?

    Hi there, who knows. Its not as if you are a prisioner here, you can allways return. I moved in my early 40s with my younger wife. We now are parents x2 and love it here. But is hard work. First thing first is job and visa etc. Where you move to maybe less important than you think. I f you have a visa and no work then the move will fail. Good luck
  11. sussex boy

    Buying and shipping a car from uk

    Hi, was thinking of importing a camper trailer. Conway poptop windout variety. 2k gbp or $22000 here for a used one. Any idea if it would be worth it?
  12. sussex boy

    New in australia

    Hi there, settle in at a backpackers for a week, you will meet a ton of people doing the same-). Have fun and take care
  13. sussex boy

    Pipe fitting/Welding Jobs n Australia

    Hi, when I looked on seek most of the jobs were mining and LNG projects in north wa and darwin fly in fly out.
  14. sussex boy

    Cheap suv in West Australia

    Car now sold , cheers.
  15. sussex boy

    Life and Nursing in Bunbury?

    Hi there, cannot complain about Bunbury, we moved from Alice Springs just over a year ago. We settled in well but had visited the area and knew it well. There are a couple of media companies here, prime media and GWn have offices here so might be an angle. There are two large hospitals here side by side and a teaching wing , they service the SW so both a reasonable size. Good luck wherever you choose.