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  1. carolinemc


    Hiya yep only here 1 wk! We have moved here with my job,what about yourself?
  2. carolinemc


    Thanks Tink :) Its such a stunning town definitly best decision we have ever made x
  3. carolinemc


    Thanks Bob,well you were true to your word it really is beautiful! x
  4. carolinemc


    Hi Megan,it really is beautiful up here! We are living up here as I got a job with sponsorship in Paraburdoo. Its such a small community and I can safely say its the best decision we made!
  5. carolinemc

    Paraburdoo....just loving it :)

    Thanks all one very happy lady here all but for the cockroaches :wideeyed: We are all loving it..Sydney a little too young (6mths) but Honey is loving it..she starts school in the morning and is VERY excited!! Its such a beautiful town and we keep having to remind ourselves that its Winter!!! We arrived in Perth last wednesday night and flew up to Paraburdoo on Friday morning,so just getting over the jet lag now...have to say though we are like 2 kids at christmas!:laugh:
  6. carolinemc

    Paraburdoo....just loving it :)

    Hiya, Hows things going with your application? Yep just stuck up a few pics there :cute:
  7. Its been a while guys as I've been crazy busy but finally here in the beautiful town of Paraburdoo :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I am one very happy camper :notworthy:
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  9. carolinemc

    Got the visa yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Thanks guys :biggrin: I thought it was a bit strange alright the label thing but its down as a request by the case officer. Rang London today and they said just need to post the passports over,the girl on the phone said certain case officers ask for them and to follow on with what they request....weird I thought but needs must
  10. carolinemc

    457 visa applications in APRIL/MAY,2012

    Hi all we got our visa today finally!!! Think we had the worst case officer in the world for dragging her feet. Only when I emailed her last night telling her my company are not happy with the progress did I get an email this morning to say we had it..it was the same a few weeks ago nothing from her for over 2 weeks then 1 call to her and the next day something else for us to do!!! Bit of advice I can give anyone is keep on top of the case officer...
  11. Just thought I'd let all know we got our visa this morning and we are soooooo happy!:biggrin: Quick question: anyone have info on getting a label for our passports? We are in Dublin but read on a blog that we have to get in touch with the London embassy is this correct??? Caroline :wubclub:
  12. carolinemc

    457 visa applications in APRIL/MAY,2012

    Brilliant Barry delighted for you :biggrin: Let the fun of packing and goodbye parites begin:jiggy:
  13. carolinemc

    Any 163 visa holders out there????

    Congrats on your news,well done:biggrin: Sorry cant offer any info just wanted to wish you all the best Caroline:wubclub:
  14. carolinemc

    Got my 457 Visa

    Congrats on your visa!! Good luck down under :biggrin:
  15. carolinemc

    457 visa applications in APRIL/MAY,2012

    Congrats well done :wubclub: Can I ask how you found out you have the visa the reason I ask is I have had the crazy 12 hours:wacko: I had to ring my co at 2.30am (Irish time) to speak to her as hadnt heard from her in nearly two weeks even though I had sent 3 emails asking the same question!! My employer told me to ring and put pressure on them,then leave it a week and if I still have no news ring again and ask to speak to a manager,she said you will soon see the ball roll!! However havent had to ask for manager as when I spoke to co she said nothing was outstanding that she was waiting for the medical report to come through...they were done on the 26th April!!!! So she said she would leave it till end of week and if heard nothing would email them next mon. And ended the conversation giggling telling me not to be worrying and that it was not policy but she would email me when she had made her decision on the visa so as to ease my mind:confused: So happy with this info we went to bed,however when we got up at 7am I had an email from my co to tell me that I needed to get the medical centre to forward on my partners bits. I thought this a bit odd so dropped into the centre (its beside us)to discover they had NOT sent the medicals,as they were waiting for us to come back with a letter from out G.P. about my partners Epilepsy...totally understandable except for the fact the medical people DID NOT email/ring me to tell me they need this....spot the crazy lady in the medical centre!:arghh: So they did what they had to do while we were standing there and then took great pleasure in ringing me 2 hours later to tell me that it had all gone through...think they wanted a medal!! Something tells me the medical people and the co have messed up in relation to the time frames....not a happy lady at the min:mad: Just thought I'd share my crazy 12 hours...