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    time accrued on 457 visa and pr visa application

    Thanks for the reply, even if the role is the same but different employer?
  2. hi..i have done about 3 years on 457 and was starting applicatin process to get pr, but I now will change employer......so nstill in same occupation...will i have to redo the two or three years before i apply for pr?
  3. You can open your own self managed super account, transfer then take out but you would liable for penalties but if you aint going back? who cares?
  4. exenger

    tourist visa after reject 457 app

    i thought the review wouldtake a few months. At the time it was recession in uk, bad winter and not enough money saved. so I have saved, gained more experience with work, had a gf, 1 dog who is still with me. Not used to not not being stressed. It feels good.
  5. exenger

    Gutted !!! What the HECK is going ON !!!

    hey farrukh, they took three years to appeal a 457 application that was refused back in 2009 september. i would hang in there, no point stressing. good luck tho and i am a pommy white english london born and they didnt do it quicker for me. haha
  6. exenger

    tourist visa after reject 457 app

    well I did the review and won, reapplied for the 457 -and this was granted last thursday, oct 2012!! about three years! that was a tough three years. well I'm having words with my agent and PR is the next step.
  7. Wow good question! I hope I dont get into an argument with this chap. He seems really clever.
  8. but in this particulaur case they were. And in any case they(the news outlets) always say the ethnicity, even if they are the indiginous to uk. I think they chose not to say in this case because they were more afraid to be labelled as racist. But like you say, we know, and most people who are rational, which happens to be most or all us and we are able to work this out...that not all muslim men, pakistani men etc are paeodos. Just the bunch that was caught op'norf are...paeodos. I hope they serve nice and long prision sentances!
  9. I love reading the papers online, spesh the Daily Mail as you get a real sense of honesty from the comments page. I would like to thank the BBC and other similiar media outlets for refraining from identification of the ethnic backgrounds of these chaps. Without this censorship I would have thought that all pakistani men were paeodo's.
  10. exenger

    Accessing your Super

    I am setting up my own self managed superfund, the bank says I can have a savings account linked and can uses this to transfer money between accounts. I was just going to set it up to play the stock market for the last year I am here in Oz and hopefully increasing the value before I leave. Its only 20 grand, which after gov tax and charges will be about $13000 or 7k+ ukpound. But the lady at the bank reckons that I will have access to the funds in the SMSF via the joint savings account. So could this be the way to withdraw my super before I leave the country avoiding the 37% tax clawback when you quit Australia. Anyone have any experience of this?
  11. yeah...the bbc. Havent you noticed how any newstory on their news website always seems so void of detail. Maybe the phones werent working that day ;-)
  12. exenger

    Pre Paid Internet Dongles

    on prepay which is vodafone I pay just $29 to reload, this lasts about 28days, and gives 150 worth of calls, $350 to other vodafone users, free facebook, 500meg data I could have a contract and pay about the same. I have a horror story about telstra that would take me all night to type. They are sh it, bad service just a nightmare, unfotunatly if you want a landline you will have only two choices, optus, not as bad and I us them for fr my landline and internet.
  13. exenger

    I want to go to a pub

    We are talking pub........ and not an imitation Weatherspoon:cute: Barstaff not wearing a uniform, drink outside and not behind rope barrier, less of the over stated security that is outside the local(ok if its nightclub, late night boozer). A pint of lager that is not minus 0 with no head...please.
  14. exenger

    I want to go to a pub

    Pint of kronenburg please and some change for the pool table. cheers
  15. exenger

    I want to go to a pub

    lets go down the boozer ...lets go down the boozer.. ta dar da dah.... ta dar da dah ......lets go down the boozer I get pommy radio on my Iphone, LBC, BBC GLR, all the night time shows. Its nice to hear the news and weather and traffic reports from the M25.