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  1. Hi here are my details - 54plate,renault,megane,70k,aircon,1.9 diesel,manual,hatchback uk value 2k oz value - couldn't find a used price seems to bring up a new price even though I ticked used cars Thanks
  2. Hi, Im moving to Perth in Sept 2012 and looking for work as a Business Analyst. Does anyone have any advice they can provide on this occupation in Perth? I currently work for Sky in the UK so a similar industry would be good in Perth. I heard Foxtel might be a possibility...any thoughts? My role is easily transferrable so any other industry would also suit. Thanks
  3. smitsav

    One way flights Scotland to Perth

    Hi, Any idea on best airline to fly one way for emigration to Australia? 2 x adults 1 x infant 1 x baby From - Scotland To - Perth Fly - Sept 2012 One-way only(return ticket if cheaper than one way) All comments and advice welcome Thanks
  4. smitsav

    Received Visa and wife is pregnant

    Hi good luck hope you receive offshore s/c visa 101 soon thats 6 months now since applying in June. Did you have to pay for Police checks and medicals again even though you just did them for your own 176 visa?
  5. smitsav

    Received Visa and wife is pregnant

    Hi I'll contact Australia House as recommended to find out current processing times for the visa 101 offshore. Fingers crossed it's less than 7 months that way we get it before we hit Australia and it's validated and ready to go. If it's longer than 7 months I think the best bet from your comments would be to go for the tourist visa to get the baby into Oz followed by a bridging visa whilst awaiting an onshore visa 101 application being processed. This way there will be no extra costs involved with flights out of the country, time off work, hotel etc in order to validate an offshore 101 visa. Do you guys agree? Merry Xmas! Our tree and decorations going up tonite:biggrin:
  6. smitsav

    Received Visa and wife is pregnant

    Hey thanks for your reply that was really helpful. I think I'll apply offshore for the visa 101 in February as soon as I can after the baby is born which should give us about 7 months before we need to enter Australia to validate my GSM 176 visa. As you mentioned if its not through in time before we leave we can get the baby a tourist visa and await notification in Australia from the CO that the visa is ready to be granted. When you talk about the CO is it in reference to the CO I have which dealt with my own GSM 176 visa or another CO which may be assigned to the babies 101 visa?
  7. smitsav

    Received Visa and wife is pregnant

    Hi thanks for your replies. Did Australia House and the CO say the 7 to 8 months processing times for the visa 101 was for offshore or onshore applications? The Diac site quotes for low risk cases 3mths offshore and 7mths onshore - see here: http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/5.0.htm I need to double check as I cant apply for the visa 101 until Feb when baby is born and then must be in Australia by October to validate my GSM 176 visa. If the visa 101 takes 3mths I should be ok if it takes 7 or 8 months I may need to think about taking the baby in on a tourist visa and then applying for the visa 101 onshore.
  8. smitsav

    Help with child visa (subclass 101)

    Hi, Visa 101 is cheaper and shorter to obtain when lodged outside Australia. It has a 3 months processing time when lodged outside Australia and costs $1995 - http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/5.0.htm My wife is due February 12th and we need to validate our GSM visa 176 by October 14th. So if I'm organised and get the application sent for the visa 101 as soon as the baby is born say the 1st March to leave time to get the passport sorted we should have it back by June. We want to fly September so it's tight but I think it might be better than waiting and taking the baby over with a tourist visa and then applying onshore for the visa 101 which is more expensive. Any thoughts on the best options? Thanks
  9. smitsav

    Help with child visa (subclass 101)

    Thanks for your reply. Good luck getting visa this month or next and let me know the outcome when it happens
  10. Hi, We now have our 176 (PR) visa and I want to get an idea of the jobs market in Perth for Business Analysts. Does anyone have experience they could share in finding a job. It would be good to be able to have one set up for when we arrive. We need to arrive by Oct 2012 in order to validate the visa. Thanks
  11. smitsav

    Child Visa 101 Timelines

  12. smitsav

    How to validate gsm visa 176

    Hi you mentioned we must all enter (and leave) to validate the visa. Must we leave once entered? If I decide to apply for the child visa onshore then I don't want to have to leave. I thought entering Australia was enough to validate my own visa176. Is that correct?
  13. smitsav

    How to validate gsm visa 176

    Can I just confirm thats's correct what you said 'My wife and kid have separate visas to my own' is that true? They are both on my 176 visa and I haven't seen any other visas for them. Is it the case that even though they are on my visa they are classed by the system as having their own visa? Thanks
  14. smitsav

    Help with child visa (subclass 101)

    Hi, We are in a similar position to you. Myself my wife and kid are on my already received 176(PR) visa which we must validate by October 2012. My wife is due our 2nd child on February 12th 2012. We need to apply for a Child Visa 101 and the DIAC site says 7 to 8 months processing time. Do you have an idea of how long it might take from your own experience? We thought we could easily add our new born to my 176 PR visa so got a shock when we found out that a brand new visa at £1400 is required. Is Australia House decent enough at answering questions over the phone or by email...what is your experience? Thanks
  15. smitsav

    How to validate gsm visa 176

    Hi, Myself my wife and kid are on my 176 gsm visa which I need to validate by October 2012. I need to get a new child visa 101 for our child due in February 2012 and the DIAC site says it takes 7 to 8 months. Does anyone know if I can just enter and leave Australia to validate my 176 visa or does my wife and kid have to go also? If we don't get the child visa 101 by October 2012 then I must validate my own 176 visa. Thanks