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  1. Hi Snifter. I know that. Thanks. The point is we need formal acknowledgement letter to be able to apply for Medicare.
  2. Hey guys! How soon did you receive your acknowledgement letters and visa fee receipt from the department? Submitted paper application 1.5 weeks ago. Money debited last Wednesday. Still no confimation. Do they send it by post or e-mail? (every time I call different consultent says different) Is there any way you can ask them to make it faster? My wife needs Medicare urgently and I'd like to have a bit of service for the $4575 we paid for the visa application. :mad:
  3. McKlaut

    Online Partner Visa Applications

    Couple weeks ago submitted paper on-shore partner visa application. Their website said that partner visas can only be submitted as paper applicaitons. So, it actually can be lodged on-line? Frustrated with the service. As usual when it comes to australian visa.
  4. McKlaut

    When to get medical?

    Thanks Adam! That's exactly what I had in my mind.
  5. McKlaut

    When to get medical?

    Hi Adam, Thanks for the advice. Why do you think it's not worth it to supply medicals with visa lodgement for partner visa? As far as I remember previously Department recommended that applicants for partner visa do medicals and provide police clearance together with visa application. I cannot find this now though. So, do you think it's better to wait for the office request now? We are going to submit on-shore partner visa application soon and we were going to do medicals at the same time. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I found this: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/107857-medicare-while-waiting-pr.html http://www.humanservices.gov.au/spw/corporate/freedom-of-information/resources/operational-information/medicare/applicants-for-permanent-residency.pdf At least we can have Medicare! )
  7. Thanks Snifter and CollegeGirl. That's very interesting information. She's not covered by reciprocal Medicare unfortunately.
  8. Hi guys, Does any one knows how fast DIAC can process 820 application with the fact that my partner is pregnant? We didn't plan for such event and hence having no private health insurance covering pregnancy (they all require 12 month waiting period). Therefore, Medicare as well as proper visa status ASAP is very important. Apart from this very happy! ))))
  9. Can anyone recommend GP in Perth Northern suburbs? Don't wanna visit just random GP anymore.
  10. Hi everyone, I know it might look funny but I'm looking for single blokes to go for drinks Friday and Saturday nights. After splitting with my wife I realised that I don't have single male friends that I can go for night out. Most of people I am in contact with are good family members with kids and obligations. :biggrin: While I'd like get together with people who have time and easy to do things they want. :biggrin: Don't get me wrong, I am not a gay, I love women ) I just need company to spend time with. ) So, if someone in the same position let me know and we can get together. :biggrin:
  11. I don't remember the definite salary threshold for child care benefits, I think about 130K. You can search this here: Family Assistance Office | Payments Don't bother too much right now. When you lodge you application with Centrelink they will calculate all you eligible themselves and send you a letter. In fact there are many factors they take into account before giving you benefits, so it may vary. Income is just one of the major ones.
  12. McKlaut

    Fish Market in Perth....?

    Where is it in Innaloo? Near Westfield shopping centre?
  13. Hi there, We live in Innaloo (close to Osbourne Park) and Child Care costs around 80-83$ per child per day. :wink: Having income of 80k you will be eligible for child care benefits around 25-28$ (roughly) per child per day paid as fee reduction. You will also be eligible for child care rebate which is paid quarterly and amounts 50% of difference between your full child care payment and child care benefit you receive form Cetrelink (in other words (83$ - 25$)/2 = 29$ per child per day) but not exceeding 7k per year. I know this because we also have 2 kids 4 and 2 years old. These Child care benefits depends on you income and the more you earn the less you get in the form of CCB but you still have Child Care rebate. :wink: You may also have Child Tax Benefits for you income around 200-300$ fortnightly. These are rough estimations based on your statement that your declared income per financial year is 80K. :biggrin:
  14. McKlaut

    Fish Market in Perth....?

    Yes, there is one small fish market as well as fruit and vegie market in Canning Valey. It opens on Saturday's mornings and usually there too many people there. :wacko: