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    Is life in Australia what you thought it would be?

    That was a post that I would agree with. I wish I came to Australia in 1994 when I was single & had no commitements when I was 24, but now I am 41 with 3 children & a "wife" it would be very hard for me to stay here (I have come here for five weeks on my own). (long story) I could definatly adapt to the oz lifestyle if I was given the chance. I think if your circumstances are right go for it. Good luck cobbler
  2. Thanks missbehaving, I understand on furums each poster will both hear what they do & do not want to hear with each post. That is good as long as everybody reads the full postings before they comment or pass judgement on someone. Cheers for you comments cobbler
  3. so its right to say I need to grow up is it ? if so just explain to me
  4. Conniebygaslight, How dare you question my maturity or parenting skills??? If you cared to read my first post on this subject, My plan was for my whole family ( wife & 3 children) to move to oz but it was only once I bought flights for myself to visit Perth for 5 weeks to visit employer, schools, houses etc etc my wife told me that she did not want to emigrate. Since I have been here I have called my children & skyped them at least twice a day every day. cried many times because I am missing them so much. I am stopping with someone here who has been working here without his wife & son for 3 years only contact is through skype, I feel sorry for him because like me he adores his family. Anyway you are entitled to you opinions however obscure they are!!
  5. Hi all, Sorry for carrying on this drama but, since I have been in Perth,I have either rang or been on skype to my family mostly my 3 children (5,8 & 10), they are either really glad to see or hear from me (as I am them too) but when it comes to talking to the wife it seems that the love has gone. She tells me if/when I go back to the UK she can not live with me anymore & she has not been in love with me for quite a few months ( I did not know this until a week before I came to oz ) Now how am I supposed to respond & feel to that???? It brings tears to my eyes writing this sorry. I feel if I stay in the UK I will only be a part time dad (I would not want to see somebody else living or being with my family) also if I do move to OZ on my own I will hardly see my kids then either which I don't want but at least then I am not around to see who/what my wife is with or doing. Sorry for sharing my problems with you all. Thanks cobbler
  6. cobbler

    Serious cold feet

    Hi Lakaal, OMG a lot of what you say is just like my situation, but I have always wanted to move to oz ( wife has not) I am in perth now for the next month on my own (wife is in uk) looking at the area with a view of moving here soon full time. I am loving it. my wife is considering us seperating after 14 years together. I also have my own business in the UK doing well, loads to consider what do you think?
  7. Hi there, From what I can make out regarding north v south is, north is ideal if you are either working in the city or rely on public transport, which holds property prices high (expect to pay at least 500k) south looks a bit cheaper (not much) but either way both look a different world away from the UK. Good luck cobbler
  8. Hi Hoff, Yes mate I have been here a week now, what I have seen so far is just fantastic,when the plane landed in perth I thought at last after all these years I have finally arrived in Australia. Perth,Mandarah (if thats how you spell it)been there today, houses (loveley but mega bucks), weather (80 degrees today, I could live with that all year, lol), went a footy match last saturday night (didn't understand the rules though but it was different) been to freemantle (nice place), work setup could suit me, I went to hillarys harbour on sunday (great day out). I ring my kids twice a day missing them loads. as the saying goes ''wish you were here'' but marriage might be over even if I go back to the UK (wifes not sure what she wants) Thanks for asking. cheers cobbler
  9. Hi all, I have been here for a week now and they are saying it is a bit colder but it has been about 80 degrees today sunny & dry.. I could live with this for sure. got all doors & windows open now 9.30pm
  10. well I am about to leave for the airport in an hour so hope absence does make the heart gow fonder & we can see what the time apart does to our marraige I do hope we stay together at the end of the 5 weeks. Thanks to you all :wubclub:
  11. I have been with my wife for over 14 years, she has always known that one day my intention was to move to OZ but now it has come down to the wire she has pulled out BUT tonight she tells me if I move over, then she brings herself & the kids over to visit me & it is as fantastic as I say then she ''could'' move to me. I think the problem is I have lived in many places home & away but she has never moved more than 5 miles from where she was born. cobbler
  12. I live in Newcastle but for how long who knows?
  13. good luck to you to wonderingaloud, I'm from staffordshire. Where do you fly from?
  14. I am flying out to Perth tommorrow (sun 3rd April) 9.20pm from birmingham on my own for 5 weeks to meet 457 employer, look at area,schools ,houses etc etc (wife & 3 kids are staying at home) BUT last sunday my wife dropped a bombshell on me by telling me she does not want to move to oz with our children cos we have a good life in UK ( moving to oz has ALWAYS been my dream, I am 41 so time is running out). One or two things were said & we decided it might me best if we split up but stay ''friends''. Where & What do I do????? Please help in my hour of need :hug::notworthy: cobbler