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  1. family of five

    Wanted Down Under Series 9 :-)

  2. family of five

    Aqf 3

    Please look at my previous threads or also for threads from Candygirl who is currently in Perth as a locksmith. Its a hard path but can be done! Good luck Tina
  3. family of five

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi, I applied for jobs via the website in my case Queensland health and mater but actually what got me a job was sending direct to the hospital. I did also apply direct to each recruitment department (Queensland Health have these on their website) once had PR and also got a couple of offers via this method. I rang around and got the name of the NUM or MUM nurse unit manager or midwifery unit manager and sent a paper copy to them. I have this week also been working at another hospital as was recommended and have seen lots of jobs posted there even though none of them are on the website. I was told to approach each hospital, literally turn up with ,y CV in hand but did not feel this was really me! However, knowing what I do now if I had my time again I would at least call each MUM/NUM and speak with them, Aussie do like the direct approach. Its all about getting your foot in the door and once in your will get plenty of work. PM me if any more questions. Tina
  4. family of five

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Just to add my experience. I'm a midwife who came to Oz on OH 457 visa. I applied for 20+ jobs in the area which I live and never even got an interview, so I started calling for feedback. I was told that on a 457 I would not even be considered and that citizens and PR are always considered first and that I would never get a job on 457 as all the posts would be filled as I was on the bottom of the pile. So for 6 months post registration I did nothing, but in the meantime applied for PR. As soon as I got PR I applied for jobs again and was offered 3 within a week and one from my local hospital who had previously turned me down. So now I'm working but what a waste of time for me and them, where I work now is always short of staff but on the 457 I simply was never offered anything, they would rather be short staffed than employ someone on a 457, sorry but this is fact. You need PR, Aussie look after their 'own' first. Good luck all Tina
  5. family of five

    Seriously consider the goodbyes....

    We knew it would be super hard and for the kids to do that then have to fly would be a long 24 hours in the air. Friends had told us how absolutely horrific their goodbyes were so we had a leaving party on the Sunday and told everyone we were flying on the Wednesday, left the party after only one sad moment when the kids saying goodbye to schools friends. Then we left at 6am the next day and called our families once at the airport to tell them. Lots of people said we were mean at the time but later everyone especially the closest family members said it was acyually the best thing we could have done. The kids got on the plane super excited about their new life down under and that's how it should be, you are looking forward when you leave the UK and should not be (too) upset at what you are leaving behind. For us it was the best idea how the kids never told the family I'm not quite sure. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and in our opinion we did not want the whole thing of physically pulling the kids of the family when the time come like some others we knew had. Good luck all Tina
  6. family of five

    APHRA update

    Hi all, I know there are many post here recently re Aphra and the registration process especially diploma nurses etc. Well today Aphra updated their rules and below are a couple of links re the new registration standards. I think it will be of concern to many people as I've had a quick read and know that for the professional experience section I don't think I would have passed (as a midwife). Don't think I have ever spent 20 hours per woman and would not be able to prove it even of I had. I gained registration late last year 20.12.14. Anyway here are the links have a read Im not expert but wanted to highlight the new regulations. Good luck all Tina http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-and-Endorsement/International.aspx http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-and-Endorsement/International/experience-requirements-for-a-midwife.aspx
  7. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hello all, Just got home from the shops and checked emails GOT OUR VISA AT 16.15. Good luck everyone Tina
  8. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just a quick update in case any of your were wondering, still no visa!!!! Application 16.03.04 Medicals Early April 2014 so long ago I've forgot 1st contact via email from CO 19.06.14 requesting *Australian police check for myself and daughter - er already uploaded??? *UK police check for daughter - er she was not 16 in uk? Email sent to CO 20.06.14, 24.06.14, 30.06.14 no reply so UK police check sent for anyway 21.06.14. UK police check received and uploaded 07.07.14 Then on immi account status changed on eldest daughter Australian qualification required??? er still in school??? 7 and 8 year old UK police check required???? Called office and after 1 hour on hold got told unless requested something in writing ie in the email we received these other things are not actually required is just a 'note' for CO. No contact so another email sent to CO 21.07.14. 24.07.14 call from a woman who claimed not to be CO but stated that no police check required for youngest but Australian qualification for eldest was required, explained does not have any. So told to get a letter from school to state that at school. 24.07.14 Email for CO confirming the conversation we had earlier, er hang on during the call you claimed not to be the CO,TWICE maybe she just forgot who she was??? Letter received from head of school upload 30.07.14 with UK police check (for a third time) just in case. Now we wait again. This is the Parramatta office. Good luck everyone Tina
  9. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Every CO seems different, if it says received dont worry. The UK police check seems to take for ever but it would seem yours may be lost 11 days in one place is crazy. Getting it sent to UK seems like a good idea, good lucj. Tina
  10. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just a quick update. Daughters police check arrived Monday - so went to JP and uploaded last night Daughters form 80 uploaded for 3rd time (just in case) Immi account still shows australian quailifcation required and character for 7 and 8 year old still showing required. Still no reply to email sent 20.06.14 and 24.06.14 so guess the email replying backlog is long. waiting! Tina
  11. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Well can't beleive I had done all ours and then they have asked for another, bet its not needed. I know the counter signing is a nightmare,luckly know a couple of JP's, now just one more to go. Hoping to have a grant by the end of next week, if police check goes in Monday. Good luck all Tina
  12. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    The case officer requested via email a UK police for daughter who is now 17 and was only 16 years for 6 weeks in the UK. The guideline says Police checks for you and everyone included in your application, whether they are migrating or not, who is at least 16 years of age. You must provide a scanned colour copy: of an Australian national police check for anyone who has spent a total of 12 months or more in Australia since turning 16 years of age of police certificates from each country in which anyone in your application has spent a total of 12 months or more in the past 10 years since turning 16 years of age. So I never got one done before. So I quickly sent for one to ensure it was back in the 28 days (also had to send it first to friend in UK to get photo signed) . We its on its way back and should be back Monday, 16 days total. I paid for the quicker service and courier as our police checks normal service took over 6 weeks. I did email my case officer re why I needed a police check for daughter and the fact on our immi account it also states police check required for 2 other children 7 and 8 years and for daughter Australian qualification (still at school so not got any). I never got a reply in the 7 days turn around time quoted so called them (twice first time on hold for an hour) and got told that if its not requested via email the immi account 'required' status does not mean that. Also that no reply from emails as there is currently a 3 weeks backlog on opening emails and then it has to be forwarded to case office. Good job I sent for daughters police check although I wont be happy if its not required and I have paid extra. Lets wait again. Tina
  13. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    hi, We did the old 80's and then the new ones with 30 years and then changed again to the new ones back to 10 years so they have both, but upload the newist one again. Also about to email them with forms as it says can do that. tina x
  14. family of five

    AQF111 in stone masonry

    Hi all, When we did the skills assessment had trouble as other half is a surgical shoemaker and there was no where in the UK to do the AQF III. So I contacted training providers in Oz and he did the course via email and a large amount of assessments which were sent over for verification. So I would advise the same for you guys as you are unlike to find somewhere in the UK. Cost was $5000. Good luck Tina x
  15. family of five

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, Well finnally got an email from our case officer, it came through at 7.00pm but has the time on it 8.30am so not sure what happens there? I have been having trouble logging in since firefox updated the other day and now have to do it on daughters windows computer. The email requested form 80 for daughter, police checks for me and her??? Not sure if computer issues but the form 80 had already been done and seems to have disappeared and the police checks were both already upload and showing on there. So uploaded them all again, see what happens now. So for all you guys wondering about the form 80 the answer is yes, we are from a low risk country (UK) and have had to do it. The time line is 16th March application 19th june case officer Tina x