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  1. davet19650

    return resident visa

    Hi any idea how long it takes from application to get a return resident visa thanks
  2. Hi Nemisis thanks for the reply we only validated the visa, only stayed for the 3 weeks came home then after about 6 months decided it wasnt for us now a few years down the line would like to go for it if possible painter by trade got the cert 111 in painting decorating family out there are second cousins whats our chances now Regards
  3. Hi anyone on this thread an idea what chance i stand on a rrv. obtained a 175 visa back in 2009 validated in 2010 visa ran out 2014 any chance now of getting a RRv only ties with oz is family in brisbane anyone help ??
  4. davet19650

    Please stop saying there is work if you want it in the UK

    PS perth bum if thats your pic you look cute !!!!!
  5. davet19650

    Please stop saying there is work if you want it in the UK

    cant quiet get this thread there is plenty of work in the building game but now a days its who you know in your trade to get the work as threads have said yes the prices are well down from a couple of years ago because of the eastern europeans but the bubble here has to burst as well, they are cutting our prices down to a minimum and where i am all the contractors are sticking together and saying stuff ya!! let them do the work and see, from what i have seen so far there cheap prices equal crap quality, i have been approached recently by two big uk companies who i told about a year ago to politely to get lost to come back why!! because the undercut prices turned out **** quality, this is a poms in oz site why are people moaning about the uk dont like it go oz try your luck never know me personally, done the visa, cost a lot,done the reccie and decided can not afford to live there so sticking it out in the uk bingo
  6. davet19650

    royal brunei

    Hi used royal brunei 2 year ago to fly to perth, 550 each return read reviews and thought oopps! could not fault them, treated like royalty , drinks topped up without even asking etc, plenty of room on planes, infact were not full so flight from dubei to brunei we had middle row 3 seats each so layed out and sleeped as was night flight. recomend highly Dave
  7. davet19650

    Average wages UK and Australia.

    not van gogh mate thats what i get on day work ,price work can earn more, and i thought my wages were crap,
  8. davet19650

    Average wages UK and Australia.

    average wages still trying to work out where better off painter here £20 hr with uk cost of living oz $25 hr with cost of living ??????
  9. davet19650

    Painter & Decorator after some info!

    Hi ste good luck with any answer you get on here, can only tell you what i know, cut long story short, we have pr visa , painter myself ,did recky year and half ago plenty of work but money not great, expect to earn around $32 to $35 an hour house prices very expensive,rentals expensive, same as you wernt expecting to be rich out there just work hard and earn a descent crust, did the maths and decided we would be really worse of and struggle, so we sold our house here downsized and are now staying in blighty, ok weather not as great as wa but better of here if you wanna know more just get in touch good luck Dave
  10. davet19650

    Work in Perth

    Hi karen n nige,little lisa and the frosties just to let you know what i can tell you. started visa process around 3 years ago 176 painter/decorator wanting to head to perth. did our reccie march last year, started with the idea as you hopefully to be mortgage free as back then ozzie dollar 2.5 to the £, propertys in easy reach to have at least a very small mortgage, ideal mrs get a part time job, me work full . But looking further into it now that is not no where near possible, OK you might have a better life out there weather and leisure, But you will still have to work hard to see it . I was offered a few jobs just on our reccie average wage working for a company 35bucks an hr, house prices where we were looking quinns rock and around 375k plus, rentals 350 a week plus, add all the sums together and they did not work out for us. This was our dream to start a new life down under but it is fadeing away because by the time we have sold up here, loseing money on house , shipping fees, etc etc, you are back to square one starting affresh, beautifull place to live but as the saying goes if its not broke do not fix it, i am lucky here in the uk as jobs go subby for a company but always got plenty of work and good money, sun shining at moment!!!!!!! If any of you want to no more and be of any help just get in touch and i will let you know what i know cheers
  11. davet19650

    Still looking for help

    Hi people on here been on this site for over a year now, contacted numerous people with lots of help and guidence as to our move to oz, responces back to us as when you get close to a move get in touch we can help ie work, locations ,rentals etc OK we are nearly there , going for a reccie on the 6th march for 3 weeks really looking forward to getting there and sussing it all out, but for some strange reason everyone i have contacted on here that has said can help out has not been back in touch within the last few weeks prior to us going out, am i being paranoid or everyone to busy to reply, as you guys out there who have done the move know it is a really scary business . so please all the people i have contacted over the last year or so please get back in touch as need to head down there on a possitive note cheers
  12. Hi Darryl Try wjobs.com.au always loads of bricky jobs on there Best of luck Dave
  13. Hi put me right if i am wrong , we were over there in march, P&D Myself, opened up bank accounts while we were there ready for our return, was told by the english bank advisor there that the ABN number can be done online takes about 15 minutes was going to do it there and then but decided to do when we arrive for good ??????????????????????? Dave
  14. Hi thanks to the guys that posted the websites in my last thread MY GOD !!!!!! The price of second hand cars loads for sale but like 2.5k for a shed on wheels , newer the model a bit closer to a similar model back in the uk for price. does anyone know how easy or hard it is to get hire purchase on a new car down there , ie proof of income, utility bills etc and do they insist that you have lived there for a while before you can get the cred or can you get one straight away any help please cheers
  15. davet19650


    Hi Hackman Have a look on wjobs.com.au always adverts on there for painters be there soon as well i hope looking for the same good luck Dave
  16. davet19650

    Oz white card

    Hi i have just done the white card on line application with bluedog training. Already to pay but going to leave untill nearer a move. Have heard but not sure but do you have to have an ozzie address for it to be sent to thanks dave
  17. davet19650

    Help needed please for a new life in perth

    Hi Gollywobbler Yes Jackal i contacted him back in february just before we went out for our reccie ,he got back and then contacted him when we got to perth, we arranged to meet up for a drink and a chat ,then he texted me the night before and said he couldnt make it, i tried ringing him a few days later and he never answered or replied to voicemail so gave up. Got to know quite a few guys out there and there is plenty of work obviously more money working for yourself cheers Dave
  18. Hi to everyone down there in perth having a bit of a dilemma as to our moving down there as to whether we can actually afford to do the big move. what we are after is some honesty from as many of you already there or in the moving process as to your thoughts on whether we will suvive. i myself are a painter and decorator by trade, we did our reccie and validation back in march, met up with quite a few people to find out the work situation, seems to be good, but working for a company will pay me roughly 30 to 35 bucks an hour, we are looking at renting which looks to be around the 350 a week, the wife wont be working to start with probably part time at something after a while so my wages will have to cover everything, we will be looking a buying a car when we get there, this will be a cash purchase with what money we bring over. so with my earnings to cover rent, car insurance,utility bills,shopping etc and any things else that any body can think of will we be able to survive with out going under. any help greatly appreciated with as many threads back as possible cheers Dave
  19. davet19650

    Help needed please for a new life in perth

    hi craighannay earnings will be about on par with what i get here + or - where have you seen propertys for them amounts we are looking for a 4x2 NOR or SOR havent seen anything at them rates cheers
  20. davet19650

    Oz white card

    Thanks CKR Can you tell me how long the ozzie one lasts for will leave it tho till a few weeks before hand so it will last for longer once there cheers
  21. davet19650

    Help needed please for a new life in perth

    Hi Texan73 what sort of car did your friends get for 2k
  22. hi yeah thought about renting but our mortgage is £700 a month and the rental the agents reckon we will get would be about that, then you have to take of there fees. so would be out of pocket, also the other negative would be if it wasnt rented for a few months would have to cough up that as well as trying to live in oz.:arghh: even thought of trying the bank for a mortgage holiday for a year if poss to test the waters down there first. will keep trying to sell for now. Any one down there in oz thats coming back wanna buy a 4 bed detached in northampton 185k cheers
  23. hi would love to here some info on this aswell. not having any luck selling ours. no tell a lie couple of offers of like 20grand less than we want, partly i think because the agents tell the buyers that we want to emigrate so think we are desperate to move. WHICH we are but not 20k out of pocket. Time to move agents soon and not tell em anything!!!!!!! cheers
  24. davet19650

    white card in oz

    hi everybody down there, wondering if anyone can help, we are heading down to perth hopefully before the end of the year, depends on the house sale!!!! i am a painter and decorator by trade and am looking at applying for my white card before we arrive, have heard you can do it online with various companys and have so far tried bluedogtraining, But have already come across a hitch, you go to register to sign in, ask you for your details enter a mobile number but then the problem occurs it doesnt recognise an english mobile number , so i cant proceed , has any body got any ideas please... many thanks Dave
  25. davet19650

    white card in oz

    nice one stevief8 just the email required to get through just spent 20mins having a go at the online test , what a nightmare gonna take ages, some really simple questions, catch you out ones and ones i aint got a bloody clue on or just guess and get wrong and go back 2 questions oh well keep trying again tomorrow cheers