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  1. warren&liz

    Just one film....

    Drop Dead Fred :-)))
  2. warren&liz

    Suzuki Scottie

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Our sincere condolences. xxx
  3. warren&liz

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Have wanted to attend a meet up since we arrived. Keep missing it. Unfortunately, can't come this year either. Will be leaving for UK on 8 April. Got a wedding to attend. Will try for next year.
  4. warren&liz

    Dismal England reactions?

    When we were coming to Oz I was told by numerous people "Oh I would love to go there". When I said why don't you apply they replied "oh I couldn't leave (family, friends & other excuses)". These are the people who say there is nothing in the UK. As said before they haven't walked in your shoes.
  5. warren&liz

    My brother sent me this...is he OK

    WARNING beware of Perthbum's cider.
  6. warren&liz

    Apply for citizenship before returning to UK?

    As you have been here for three years I would stay and get your citizenship. You don't know what the future may bring. Always have a back up plan. As for the passport. I applied for mine 25/1/2017 and received it 13/2/2017 so just over 2 weeks to get it bearing in mind Australia day and weekends. Not long at all.
  7. warren&liz

    Dream is over!!

    Why are you angry at other people? You seem to be the one who made the decision to leave. This was your idea not theirs. You do sound like you are being very selfish. Looks like people give in to you because you are likely to have a meltdown. If you don't pull yourself together you could lose everything.
  8. warren&liz

    How much do you spend on your mobile???

    Have an iphone 6s. I like prepaid. Spend $40.00 pm. Use it in work as well as private. Also, make calls to the UK. Always have credit left. That's with vodafone.
  9. warren&liz

    Where are you from?

    Kells, N. Ireland.
  10. warren&liz

    Rose-tinted glasses (did it work for everyone?)

    Sorry it turned out like this for you. Living somewhere is always different to the holiday experience. You didn't do the wrong thing returning home. You just did what you had to do at the time. Australia isn't for everyone. Just because English is the language spoken here doesn't make it the same. Sometimes I think it would be easier if it was another language as you wouldn't have preconceived ideas of how things will be. Good luck. Life is full of surprises some good, some not so much. You gave it a go. A lot of the people who will tell you that you should have stayed would probably have never had the courage to go in the first place. None of their business.
  11. warren&liz


    This made me cry. Just proves everything has feelings.
  12. Just in case anyone else is asking if their meat is Halal. Be careful of your wording. One butcher said, no his meat was not Halal but had been slaughtered Halal. This wa s because the shop is not Halal certified. So meat was Halal when it died but once it reached his shop was no longer classified as such. Best to ask if it was killed by Halal method.
  13. Have spoken to some butchers in our area. (Perth) They seem quite happy to tell you if they are Halal or not if you ask. McGloughlin's, Malaga & Avon Valley Beef are Non Halal. Mount Barker chickens in Perth are Non Halal which they do sell in supermarkets. Stegglers ARE Halal. Apparently all pig products are Non Halal as Muslims won't touch them.
  14. Coles meat is Halal. Probably Woolworths too. Was only told this the other day. Looked it up and sure enough it is. They want to serve the whole community!!! I think it is disgusting that our opinions are of no importance. Am going to find a butcher that sells humanely killed animals.
  15. warren&liz

    Relationship breakdown - advice needed

    Hi Nikki So sorry to hear about your troubles. Would your partner be willing to sign his half of the house over to you? Could you afford the mortgage if he did? Then sell, if only to keep your name from being blacklisted. I really hope you get things sorted. Hugs