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  1. Basically anything you buy over a counter here costs more than the UK, so be prepared for a shock when you do the grocery shopping and so on. WA sounds ideal for you though if you like it reasonably quiet and simple. Greta place to bring up kids too. We are Rockingham area (down south) and wife works in the city (45 min by clean, on-time and plentiful) train and I work locally at a school. Wish we had done it 20 years ago, the reduction in stress vs the UK would probably have added 10 years to my life expectancy. Day care can be expensive and hard to find but like a lot of things it really depends on the situation where you are. We have a daycare centre at our school and it has a waiting list but as they are building a lot of houses I hear that a new one is opening soon, so there will be more places than needed. thats how it goes in a lot of the growth areas, I guess it is harder in the more established areas. PM me if you want any more help. Cheers.
  2. Burmans

    Bunbury - Insider knowledge needed!

    In my experience, for some jobs, the pay in a place like Bunbury will actually be a little higher than in or near the city. It's not quite like working away in the mines of course, but if they did have a marketing job down there (for example) they would probably have to be offering a little extra to tempt someone away form the city. I hope that makes sense. Good luck.
  3. Burmans

    Perth vs Brisbane!

    Hi Lisa, Wow, that was really interesting re-reading those old posts. Well, we chose Perth over Brisbane in the end and came over in January 2009. It is hard for me to make comparisons with Brisbane because we have not tried to settle there. I have been there a couple of times for holidays in the 80's and 90's and loved it, but we chose WA for two main reasons: 1. The weather is not supposed to be as humid, but still nice and warm. 2. We liked the idea of a quieter way of life, but were also happy that we thought Perth offered everything we would want as a family. We had never visited WA and made this decision on the strength of what we had read here and on other websites. We also spoke to my cousin and he raved about WA. So we have been here 2 years now and I can say that I am sure we made the right decision. It's been a very busy 2 years in which we have had to contend with health issues, work issues, schooling issues and building a house. I wont bore you with all the details but we got though it all and I think being in WA deffo helped. The weather is great here. In the summer it is hot pretty much all the time with the occasional day of rain. Average temps are 25 to 35 degrees with spikes of 40+. In the winter it cools down a bit, but is often very nice, like and English summer day. It gets a little wetter in winter, but compared to England it's fantastic. We settled in an area called Rockingham which is about 45 mins south of the city. It's great here but like with most places you get rough areas and nice areas. If you are checking out housing on the REIWA website, other than the number of bedrooms this is the main reason for lower house prices. If you are thinking of coming to this area, PM me and I can give you more info about the nice areas vs the rougher ones. Living here, you have to go everywhere by car. Nothing is within walking distance really as everything is so spread out. Driving is easy though as the roads are quiet compared to the UK. They are also wider and as (nearly) all the houses are single storey everything seems more open and the weather makes things brighter. In the UK my life consisted working 12+ hours a day, the kids vegging in front of the telly and my wife being lumbered with all the household stuff on top of a full time job. Over here I work locally and get home before my wife does as she trains it to the city and I take the kids to soccer training, guitar lessons, cadets, water polo, daughter's boyfriend's house the beach and so on. I also cook a couple of times a week! I love my life here and so does my wife and both kids. we would never go back to the UK to live. We went back last July to visit family and we have had a few visitors since we came out, but generally speaking we have not been homesick. My 15yo daughter struggled for the first 6 months, but that was as much to do with the school we put her in as anything else. She is well settled now and in her last year of school now, hoping to go to Uni next year. My son is 12 now, so he was 10 when we arrived and he fit straight in. He loves the outdoors lifestyle. He joined a soccer club and made a load of new friends and we found him a great (state) school which was a short bike ride from home. He has moved up to secondary school now (in Y7) and they do so much for the kids it is unbelievable. We have a pool the garden of our new home and he is in it all the time. I would say your 9 year old will love it. I don't know what Brisbane is like for access to the beach etc, but I would guess it is pretty good, but I would say that where we are has to be better unless you go for a beachside suburb in Brisi. We are literally a few minutes from the beach and there are loads of surf-lifesaving clubs if he is serious about swimming. Jamie isn't into the sea so much and prefers pool swimming. Trying to look for downsides, I would say that the cost of flights to the UK is one, but I don't know if it is any worse than Brisi, probably better if anything? You do feel a like a bit of a poor relation to the Eastern states sometimes, for example all TV start times on Foxtel (Sky) are stated in NSW time, but you get used to the very quickly. They have all the English Premier League games on live on Foxtel if that is a factor for you and the TV choice is pretty good. We do miss the BBC and ITV for the drama short series and things like Strictly Come Dancing, but if you are handy with the tech, you can overcome these things without too much bother. We don't miss anything we want to see. House prices in WA are generally expensive to the rest of Oz, or so I am led to believe, but in my opinion still very good value compared to the UK. We used to live in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and after a few years of renting we were going to buy a place. All we could afford there would have been a 3 bed terrace on an average estate. Here in Oz we now have a brand new 4 bed detached with stack of space, triple garage, study, theatre room, pool table, 10 metre swimming pool. We run 2 cars and have all the lifestyle improvements too. We manage this on 2 full time salaries, my wife is a pensions administrator and earns about 31,500GBP and I am a Finance Manager at a school (middle management, not top tier) and I get about 47,500GBP, so we are both earning more than we did in the UK, difference being I was in a high stress top tier job in the UK and didn't have a life! Anyway, I am probably dronning on a bit, I tend to do that, the bottom line is I would highly recommend WA, not too close to the city, somewhere in the northern or southern suburbs like us. If you need any more detail on any particular subject, please reply, I'm happy to help. Cheers Wayne
  4. Burmans

    Don't Delete Junk Mail!

    Thanks everybody. A real milestone. The last couple of days have been very emotional. Good luck to you all. Wayne
  5. Burmans

    Don't Delete Junk Mail!

    Thanks Cal. Tom, The subject line ofthe email will look something like: "OSF2008/032737 [sEC=UNCLASSIFIED]" And it will have an MS Word attachment with a name like: "100 - Approval ltr - single applicant2_.doc" Don't know if that might help anyone? Cheers WB
  6. Burmans

    Don't Delete Junk Mail!

    At least don't delete it without scanning down it for a visa notification! After reading various posts about how long a spouse visa should take to come through and as we have been married for 20 years this year with 2 kids etc etc, I was certain Mrs B's should come through around mid-May. I was very surprised and eventually started to get worried when we heard nothing. In the end Mrs B contacted the AHC and got an email back from a very nice CO who informed us that he had sent email confirmation that the visa had been granted back on 21 May! Today being 08 July!!! Apparently these emails are often screened out by junk mail filters and Mrs B, trusting soul that she is, never actually scans through them and just deletes them all each day without checking them. So anyway WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! We're in!! Now we can set about booking flights, getting container quotes, worrying about jobs, schools, housing etc - I can't wait! :spinny:
  7. Burmans

    Do they have Doctor Who in Oz ??

    You could always get into downloading them using torrent files? It illegal of course and it uses up a lot of MB/GB so you have to be on the right broadband deal or it may cost more money, but its not too complicated and you can watch them over and over again (on your PC). I think its mad that these types of programs are not up to date in Aus, the BBC are really missing a trick here, especially with the huge ex-pat community in Oz and the historic immigration from the UK as well. It reminds me of Star Trek: The Next Generation in the 1980's, the yanks learned the lesson and now things like Lost are only a couple of days behind the US (however some thing like Heroes are still a few months behind, sop thank god for torrents). Can't wait for tonights episode! We all know Davros is back, but my tip is for a guest appearance from the 9th Doctor too!! Wayne (Age 44!!) Why hasn't the BBC got their own channel on Foxtel in Oz?
  8. Burmans


    Relax, they have Foxtel, owned by same company who own Sky (Murdoch is an Aussie isn't he?), anyways they show more sport than you can shake a boomerang at, including Premier League and Championship :-) Check it out here : FOXTEL About the same cost as sky and they even have Sky+, they just call it Foxtel IQ. Cheers Wayne
  9. Burmans

    Visa Notification - Phone or Letter?

    Thanks all. We didn't use an agent but have had communication at all so far so don't even know if we have a CO! Will keep checking the email every 5 minutes... Cheers Wayne
  10. Hi All, I know this is not important in the scheme of things but can anyone tell me what the usual way is that you are told about your visa? Is the method different for different types of visa? I think I remember somebody saying they got a phone call and I think it was like 8.45am or something. Do they do that for eveyone or do they send letters? We are waiting on a partner Visa for Mrs B, which according to my reckoning should be coming very soon. Thanks all, Wayne :yes:
  11. Burmans

    Whos Heading To Rockingham

    Hey all, FYI similar thread at perthpoms at Rockingham Area - Perth Poms See you there ! Cheers Wayne
  12. Burmans

    Whos Heading To Rockingham

    Woohoo a Rockingham Thread! why didn't we think of this Ness? Yes we are going too, just need a spouse sub-class 100 for Mrs B, hopefully a quickie! Not leaving until early Jan 09 as Mrs B is to be made redundant in November (deffo, nice to have lots of notice - her firm is relocating to Perth (Scotland)) anyway if she stays to the end she gets big bonus :-) Currently looking at Cooloongup, but will rent for 6 months and get the lay of the land before we buy. Staying with my cousin in Mindarie (in the north) for first week when we arrive so will probably need a holiday let for 2 or 3 weeks to give us time to organise our 6 month rental, just horrified at the prices of holiday lets! Deffo have to set up some meets when we all get there. Cheers Wayne
  13. Burmans

    Extra baggage allowances

    Thanks for the info Wendy. We are not booking for a while but will bear this in mind. Cheers Wayne
  14. Burmans

    Telling people - when & how????

    Hi Jane, God I feel for you. I really hope you can get these things sorted. It makes me mad when I hear about situations like with your ex. I think your family will come round when they realise its really happening and then want to come see you all like Paul & Lisa's. Its a shame that your ex's attitude is making it hard for you with your youngest, but that is obviously exactly what your ex is hoping for. All I can say is good luck with it and keep perservering. The good guys always win in the end! Wayne
  15. Burmans

    Telling people - when & how????

    Hi All, Well our experience has been good and I really feel sorry for the ones who get the guilt trip laid in them. You talk about holding things back so you are not a bore and to be honest I get the same feelings when posting to PIO, I don't want to bore everyone with my situation and I don't want to annoy those who have it tougher than we do by telling you all how relatively easy it is for us, but I REALLY want to be able to talk to someone about the whole thing! My parent were £10 poms in 1960 and had me out there. They came back to the UK before I was a year old but ever since I could remember I wanted to go and live in Oz, what my parent did left me with the flexibility to do that. So I have dual nationality and two passports etc and I got my kids Aussie citzenship by decent when they were still babies so they have passports too, so we just need a spouse visa for my wife Nicki and as we have been married for 20 years this year and she is healthy and has no police record we expect this will not be problem. Anyway back to the thread... Due to what my parents did when they were young they can't really say much about us going, but to be honest they have been great anyway. I think my Mum is putting on a brave face and I think she will suffer nearer the time as it starts to become reality. My sister tell me that she says stuff to her like 'OMG he's really doing it this time' (we have had a few false starts over the 20 years of marriage). She has a boyfriend and I have 2 sisters that she sees a lot of, I just hope one of them has a kid soon! My Dad, as much as I love him is quite self-centred, not selfish as such - he's as generous as he can be with presents for the kids etc, its just his way, you only hear from him when he needs something and he lives in his own little world with his lady friend etc. I will miss taking him to football though. I am hoping they will both come out to see us, maybe with my sisters. My mother-in-law is great and very level headed and as we have had those false starts I think she has always suspected it would happen one day. She has been a bit tearful but none of them have ever gone down the guilt trip road, we have been very lucky I think. My sisters and Nicki's brothers have all been great and very supportive too. My only problem is telling my boss. I work at a small transport company and have risen through the ranks to director and get on really well with my boss. He has become a friend and has been very good to me, nice car, good salary and lots of perks and I am worried how he will take it. When I think about my job it is the one thing that would keep me here. I have had a lot of ups and downs work-wise and after many years have finally landed on my feet. It has taken a lot to decide to leave that behind and I think my boss will take it badly, so we have decided to leave it until we get the visa confirmation. My wife is set to be made redundant in November (one of the triggers that brought emogration up again for us) and so she has told all her mates at work. Its no sectret from anyone else, just my work and its hard for me to keep my trap shut as I REALLY want to talk about it all the time as I am sooo excited! The only other reaction thats relevant to this thread was when we told my best mate and his wife. We have been mates since school and were each other's best men and our wives are best mates now too. We were so excited about it when we told them, my mate Steve was cool but his wife Jo immediately burst into tears and ran off to the loo! I didn't know what to do or say but Steve explained that we are the third couple that they are close to that are emigrating! Jo was fine about it after she compased herself, but that was a real shocker for us. Anyway, sorry to drone on, but I don't really have anyone else I can talk to about all this, its all old news to the wife and most of my day to day contact is with people at work who cannot be told yet and I need to talk as I am so excited!! Thanks Wayne