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  1. Hi, My wife is hopefully going to do her Citizenship in the near future,and we would like to know which one of the above mentioned options would be the easiest to do?,Because she qualifies to do either. Thanks In Advance.
  2. Hi, We are looking for a few players for the upcoming season,especially a Goalie plus defenders and midfielders,very friendly club has been going many years,good social as well. Need to be able to play to a good standard and be fit,it's a competitive league even though it's the masters league over 45's. thanks.
  3. aussietool

    Perth Airport Taxi Service.

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let people know that are in the UK,and who are moving to Perth WA,that I have a new Airport Pickup Service business up and running,Its a single man operation(ie me..),where by I can pick up newly relocating families from the UK and take them from the airport to their accomodation,As an expat myself hailing from the Midlands,hopefully I will be able to give a helping hand and a friendly face on arrival and perhaps give a little bit of advice too. I cover a wide area range,so its not just Perth but the surrounding areas too and will pick up from the airport any time day or night. So if anyone is interested please don't hesitate to PM me for more details. Thanks Geoff.
  4. aussietool

    Shipping UK Car

    hi mate i really would sell your car and get a new one here,theres plenty of choice,prices for used cars tend to be higher here because cars tend to wear better particulary here in perth because of the climate and cars rust less,but shop around to get a good deal,i brought my 1st car from an auction here(an old honda accord) and now have a ford focus,so its just takes time to get what you like,unless you are loaded lol
  5. aussietool

    Joondalup - moving with 16 and 13 yr old boys

    you will have no trouble at all finding soccer teams in the northern suburbs,its a very well set up sport for all ages
  6. aussietool

    Onshore spouse visa..

    Hi My wife got her onshore temp within 2 weeks when we came over,very straight forward,if you need any help dont hesitate to pm me...
  7. aussietool

    New friends wanted please!

    well we are still here anyway if you fancy a drink
  8. thats ok,dont know if you want to go training,we play every wednesday at Chitchester Park in Woodvale at 6:45,season starts in a couple of weeks
  9. oh well....
  10. am sure we could sort a meet up sometime,just pm me and lets take it from there Geoff and Jacqui:jiggy:
  11. Any decent players out there looking to play some soccer in the Northern Suburbs of Perth,my local Sunday footy team is looking to recruit a few players.We need a goalie and 1 or 2 defenders and midfielders,as I said we are in a vets over 35 league,great bunch of mainly poms,and a good way to get to know a few people if you are new to Oz. Anyone genuinely interested in playing some soccer please pm me and I will get back to you. Cheers Geoff.
  12. Hi all Ive been a self employed hairdresser in the UK for 15 years,now living in Perth,do I need recognised qualifications before I can get a hairdressing job over here? thanks in advance for any help