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  1. Hi Guys, Coming to Oz in around 6 months time and selling up here. I have been looking at van / pickup prices in OZ and they are really expensive compare to here. Thinking of just transporting my own vehicle other rather than sell it and buy more or less the same when I get there and pay through the roof. Is this a good idea? Or is there other costs involved once I arrive in Oz? I will be saving around £10K on a like for like vehicle. Any thoughts would be appreciated, Kind regards, Mark Rogers
  2. Hi everyone, we applied for our visa back in 2009 and finally we have a case officer. Having our medicals on Monday, so it actually happening. Now it is, its bloody scary. Lol. I have my own business here in the UK and will be giving this up for the move. Once we have our visa we will be doing a reccie to look at areas and get our Visa stamped. But I am now concerned about employment when in Oz, and how difficult it will be to get. I know I cannot start up on my own, so working for someone else is a must, and wont be a problem. What could I expect to earn, and will me not having experience in metal roofs be a problem?
  3. Hi Phil, I applied on a skilled migrant visa 175
  4. Hi there, I did it myself. As when you look into an Agent, all the work is providing them with all the information. Well if you can do that, you may as well send it yourself and save the fees. It is not hard, it is just time consuming. When you go on to immigration site and actually start the application process it tells you what you need to submit. I think it costs me at the time $2525, which for me was a lot less than it is now as the exchange rate is terrible now. But think of the saving as I think agents fees are around £1500. Good luck, Mark
  5. Hi there, as Bugbrock says, NVQ is no good, I was a time served roofer with no qualifications. So I took the course and got qualified to NVQ2 but found out it meant nothing. I then went down the AQF3 route using a companing called Master Builders of Australia based in Queensland. They came out and assessed me work. Once I had this it was possible to apply under the 175 skilled migrant visa. As of now I am still in the system, waiting. Applied in Sept 2009. Diac are currently upto May 2008 cat 5 applications. Cat 5 is where I am stuck, so hopefully I will have another 6 months or so wait and a case officer will be assigned to me. Good luck, get the AQF3 in roofing and you should be fine.
  6. Thanks at least with this info I know where DIAC are upto. I know CAT 5 is the bottom of priority, so when they said end of 2012 they must of under estimated the timeframe. Only 16 more months of applications to get though, hopefully they will get through these quicker. I dont want to change my application as everything has been submitted, I have waiting so long another year isnt going to make much difference. thank, Mark
  7. Hi everyone, not been on here for a couple of years. We lodged our skilled migration 175 visa back in Sept 2009, I read that we would have a decision by the end of 2012. At the time it seamed like a life time away but now it has been and gone. For the last few months I have been logging on checking my application but nothing has changed since the day I lodged it. No case officer has been assigned to me so nothing has happened. The message is as always, 'Application being processed further'. Does anyone have any inside knowledge or some informed idea of how much longer we realistically have to wait? Thanks for your time, Mark and Family.
  8. mrogers

    Worth changing from 175 to SSV 176 Visa?

    You have been really helpful, If I decide on Perth getting the sponsorship may take longer than Adelaide. But once I have either of these, from what I gather, how long it will take for DIAC to issue the visa is kind of unknown. But SHOULD be less time that Cat 6 as I, like you say will have moved up a group. Cat 6 is 3 years as of now, so if it takes 2 years its a big bonus. Thanks again for providing that information.
  9. mrogers

    Worth changing from 175 to SSV 176 Visa?

    Hi, yes I am on the MODL list, and the jobs in demand list for WA and SA. So it will speed things up changing to a 176, do you know how much quicker? As 175 route is 3 years... Thanks again for your help so far. I love this site.
  10. Hi all, i lodged my GSM 175 visa in August 2009, now I understand that this route will not likely get my visa approved until the end of 2012, as my trade is not on the 'NEW' CSL list. I have now looked into state sponsorship and my trade (roof slater and tiler) is on the list. So I am considering changing my visa from 175 to SSV 176 and going down this route. But I want to know if once I have been approved and got state sponsorship, does this mean DIAC will speed up the application, and if so what is the timeline. As end of 2012 is a little disheartening. Look forward to your replies, regards, Mark
  11. mrogers

    Depressed Pom

    Hi there, just reading your post and noticed your hubby had to get a aqf3 in roofing. I have just gained my aqf3 in roofing also. Where are you heading? I am in the process of doing my TRA, have you done this yet? I am doing it all myself, as from what I can gather, agents only deliver all the evidence YOU have put together. AQF3 was time consuming to collect all data, but pretty straight forward. TRA seems the same. If you have done your TRA, who did you get to certify the copies as they dont want originalls sending. Thanks in advance, Mark
  12. mrogers

    Applying for visa direct with Oz immigration?

    Hello again, I am compiling my evidence for TRA, which is straight forward, but in depth. One thing so far I need help with is they do not want original documents sent. So passports, certificates, etc all have to be certified copies. But certified by whom? I pressume an agent would have authority to certify them but as Im doing it alone just wanted to know who I can use? Thanks in advance, Mark
  13. mrogers

    Applying for visa direct with Oz immigration?

    Hi again, so jsut to clarify, once we get the letter stating we have got the visa, there will be a date for entry which will be usually 12 months later? All the family has to travel there to basically get the visa stamped, then can return. This is the only way you get a 5 year timeframe to make the move? Not like we want it to take 5 years, but until we get the visa we cannot do anything with regards to my business, and house. So having the freedom of no immediate date was ideal. From getting the visa, then having to sell the house, and wrap up my business just seems a little to tight. But travelling to OZ just to get the visa stamped to return to get the 5 year entry also seems alot, financially especially. It feels like your are expected to uproot within the the 12 month period, and I can appreciate that many people want, and do do it in that period.
  14. mrogers

    Applying for visa direct with Oz immigration?

    Thank you so much for the in depth reply, and yes, Im a roofer and WA as our future life (hopefully). If we go for the state sponsor (subclass 176) how long do we have once granted a visa? As I have a business to wrap up, house to sell and and family commitments to sort. As with the skilled migrant (subclass 175) we had 5 years once granted a visa, so no strict time frame to work with. If the 175 route is not possible then obviously we have no choice on the matter, I wait for your response.
  15. Is this a good idea? I have passed my skill assessment an gained an AQF3, so getting through the TRA process I am not worried about. Just wanted to know if anyone as done and passed the online visa process on immi.gov.au? and how straight forward it was. Was going to use an agent but after providing alot of paperwork for the skill assessment without any hickups, I am more kean to give the visa a go also. Any thoughts appreciated. Mark. AQF3 acquired 10th March :eek: