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    Doonan or not Doonan?

    Hi Hayley I lived in Doonan for nine months so know a little bit about the area. I still live in the vicinity and can maybe advise a little on the surrounding area. I never saw any snakes in the time I was there and I was living on acreage surrounded by forest. Not saying they aren't there but then snakes live all over Australia. If you have any pets I would be more concerned with paralysis ticks. My vet told me Doonan is the paralysis tick capital of the sunny coast. However in my short time there I only removed a couple of bush ticks from my dog and nothing more sinister. Personally I don't like Doonan very much and I think the area is overpriced for where it is. Hence which is why I moved from there. Let me know if you need some help on the area and I will pm you. Debs x x
  2. DebsX

    Brisbane or Cairns

    I could be tempted by Gordonsvale as well. Shame my hubby works out of Port Douglas so the commute would be too much for him each day. Our house was just a stepping stone onto the Aussie housing market. Our long term outlook is to have somewhere with some acreage so I can have my horse again and a few chooks :biglaugh: I would actually also love to live in the Daintree, it's just so stunning up there. We have even thought of moving a bit further north as well up to Cooktown but the house prices seem to be rocketing up there. All just plans for the future though, who knows where our lives will be in another few years. I'll pm you with my email addy so we can stay in touch. Regards Debs x x
  3. DebsX

    Brisbane or Cairns

    We were in rented accommodation for three months and then we decided it was just money down the rain and why should we pay off someone elses mortgage when we could be paying off our own. Having said that we are very very fortunate that we feel very much at home in Australia and have been lucky enough to find an area that suits all our needs. I know this country isn't for everyone but we felt settled and happy enough to make the commitment to buy a house here. We moved out of Port Douglas though as it's way too expensive for us to buy there but we are only up the road 10 mins away. Whereabouts in Cairns are you staying? There's so many nice suburbs there and the house prices I have found are quite reasonable to rent and to buy. Regards Debs x x
  4. DebsX

    Brisbane or Cairns

    Thanks hun. I have been lurking for quite a while after I got my head bitten off on a post a few months ago. Also we moved house four months ago and bless Telstra it took them three months to get our phone connected. Still loving it up here though but has been quite humid for the last few days. It seems to have come all at once, from cool evenings and mornings to the humidity. The locals reckon we are in for a very very wet wet season. I must say my lawn needs it atm, it's looking very sick :twitcy: I have been following your posts though and saw you are due to fly out here in January. I wish the best of luck with it all and maybe we can meet up for coffee when you get here. Debs x x
  5. DebsX

    Brisbane or Cairns

    Don't forget you can save a fortune in heating bills in the winter as well. It doesn't get as cold up here in winter as it does down south. Oh and they do have stinger nets out in the sea in the summer to protect you from the nasties out there. I'd go with where I was familiar with and where my mates were. You've lived in Cairns so you know exactly what to expect from living in the area. Good luck with your decision. Debs x
  6. Hiya Bohlesover I've PM'ed you Debs x x
  7. DebsX

    Cats from Sydney to Brisbane?

    Animal Transport, Pet Transport, Dog Transport, Cat Transport, Air Transport, Road Transport, Transportation, Interstate Transport, Overseas Transport - Dogtainers Try these guys. They shipped my dog up from Sydney to Cairns. Had no problems at all. Debs x x
  8. DebsX

    Help Dog lovers

    Hiya One thing to be aware of is that in some areas you need a special licence to keep more than two dogs. Maybe check out the relevant details beforehand. Regards Debs x x
  9. Having just been jumped on like a ton of bricks on a different thread. This will be my final say, for what it's worth anyway. I'm with Aldo on this one. Yes ofc people should post their negatives about Australia. How else would people coming over here get a balanced outlook on it. All that seems to happening now is different variations of the negative thread running. I think Aldo is right in saying that there should be a different forum for negative posts. Regards Debs x x
  10. DebsX

    my 6 week update

    OK. I had a feeling that my post would be thrown totally out of context. To say that I think that people shouldn't post negatives on here is a totally ridiculous thing to say. Ofc people should post their negatives as should people post the positives. This gives a more balanced view of life in Australia. All I was trying to say is there is a negative post running full steam ahead right now and the OP could have placed their posting in there. The same ground is being covered over and over again. All this post is going to do is turn into a different variation of the original negative post. What I didn't expect is for people to jump on me like a ton of bricks just because I suggested it could have been placed in the negative thread. It has nothing to do with the fact that it's a negative post. Sorry if I offended anyone but it seems that things are just going from negative to negative right now and I feel there is no place for me here. All I seem to be doing these days, is not helping to advise people with their move and worries and fears of coming to Australia. All I seem to be doing these days is defending Australia from all the negative postings. I'm sorry that I love my life here. I'm sorry if I'm too positive for some people. I'm sorry to all those that are unhappy here. Have a good life people. I hope you all achieve what you are looking for in life. Over and out Debs x x
  11. DebsX

    Negative posts only please.

    Too cold down there for me mate :biglaugh: Debs x x
  12. DebsX

    Negative posts only please.

    I think I'm actually living in a different country than Australia. I really can't relate to any of these issues. Sorry and all that. Maybe I'm just lucky that I don't have these issues to deal with. Debs x
  13. DebsX

    We have got the Bug.

    In my opinion I wouldn't pay anyone anything just yet. I'm sure you'll be able to find work for yourselves when you get out here. My advice would be to find yourselves a good migration agent. You will find loads recommended on this site. Most of them will give you a free 15 minute consultation. That way you will then have a better idea of which way to proceed and with which visa option. Good luck to you guys. The path is a long and stressful one but worth it in the end. As they say "No pain, no Gain" Debs x x
  14. Well said ED. In fact speaking of how animals and insects do a wonderful job within our eco system, I watched a really good report on tv last night about bees. A mite has invaded the bee population in every country, except Australia. It has now infiltrated the bee population in New Zealand. It's only a matter of time before it hits the Australian shores. They reckon that if we totally lost the whole of the bee population, the world would starve to death in five years. So much has the bee population been dessimated in America, that they are now exporting millions of bees from Australia to help rebuild the colonies. The moral here is never take any of our wildlife for granted. Debs x x Debs x x