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  1. tommo64

    transfering savings/ house sale money

    Does anyone know what the definition of a 'large' transfer is and what the threshold amount is before the reporting obligation kicks in?
  2. tommo64

    Adelaide: A better Britain?

    All I can say is we moved here 3 years ago and overall have no regrets. It isn't easy by any means leaving behind all you know - friends, family, etc. but if you're willing to give it a fair go, it's a great lifestyle. It isn't 'Britain in the sun', it's Australia. Most of the locals are friendly. We've encountered virtually no negativity from them. Make no mistake, you won't be welcomed with open arms. If you are expecting that, you will be very disappointed. But if you're willing to make the effort, Aussies generally speaking are very accepting of who you are and non-judgemental. They are, by and large, straight 'John Bull', don't like airs and graces and tell it just how it is. The cost of living here has risen quite a bit over the last few years, fuel prices, utilities, groceries have all gone up but I guess that's the same everywhere. I think things have levelled off a little lately and some prices seem to be falling a little. Like anywhere, it pays to shop around. My only advice is that if you do come, then come with an open mind and be willing to give it a fair go.
  3. tommo64

    Temporary to PR Visa Question

    I have question on behalf of a friend who is currently on a temporary employer sponsored visa (457 I think). His 2 years expires soon (early January 2013) and he is hoping his employer will sponsor him under the ENS scheme for permanent residency. However, his company's workload has dropped off recently with no orders in the pipeline and 3 out of 4 tenders failed, so overall not looking good at the moment. He is therefore very concerned that they may be unable/unwilling to sponsor him for another 2 years for his PR visa. Can anyone advise what other visa options might be open to him?
  4. tommo64

    UK Washing Machines

    Hi All, Has anyone brought over a washing machine from the UK and had any problems using it? I ask the question as we know of someone who brought theirs and it wouldn't work. They said it was because the sockets here, although the same voltage as in the UK, are only rated at 10 amps as opposed to 13 amps in the UK. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, is there a solution. Our washer is quite new (less than 2 years old), so we don't want to have to buy a new one unless we have to.
  5. tommo64

    Hairdressing thread

    Hi, We have just moved to Adelaide with an 18 yr old daughter who has just gained her NVQ2 back in the UK. She would like to continue her training and further her career so if their are any salon owners in the Adelaide area looking for a junior stylist/trainee, please bear her in mind.
  6. tommo64

    Bank customer ID check

    Hi, we just needed our passports. We activated our bank account the day after we arrived.
  7. tommo64

    Banking- Which one?????

    NAB are linked to Yorkshire bank here in the UK.
  8. tommo64

    Techy Questions

    We have a few questions of a technical nature which hopefully someone out there can answer for us:wink: Mobile phones: we plan to bring our unlocked mobiles out with us and buy new PAYG sim cards. Can anyone suggest which network provider to go with and where is the best place to obtain them? Land line phones: We have DECT cordless phones. Will these be compatible with the Australian phone systems and are the phone sockets the same as in the UK? Wireless Router: same as above really, regards telephone socket, etc. Satellite dish: We have a Sky satellite dish on the side of the house which hasn't been used for some time but we were wondering whether it could be used over there with the right set-top box. I know there are cable networks throughout Australia but not sure about satellite TV. It's just a question of trying to decide what to bring and what not to. No point in shipping stuff over if it won't work. would be grateful for any advice from those in the know:notworthy: Many thanks.
  9. tommo64

    How sick can you get??

    Read an awful news story the other day about a guy who gouged out one of his girlfriends eyes and threw it away. What possible provocation could justify such a barbaric act? Unbelievable.
  10. tommo64

    Will you all stop saying we are all sad!

    Hey folks, There's nothing 'wrong' about moving to Oz and there's nothing 'wrong' about moving back to the UK. It's all about what's right for the individual and their families. Hats off to Meme and others for giving it a go. It may not be for everyone, but you won't know until you TRY!:notworthy: All the best Meme and thanks for your post.
  11. tommo64


    Hi All, Anyone fly with Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong? They seem to be coming out fairly cheap at the moment. Or has anyone managed to get cheap flights with other carriers? Cheers,
  12. Hi Folks, We are hoping to move to Adelaide in Feb 2010 and would like to know if anyone can give any advice or suggestions for reasonably priced short term furnished accommodation for us to rent on arrival. We would probably be looking to rent for say 4 - 6 weeks while we sort out something more long term. Not too bothered which suburb. Anywhere within 15 miles radius of Adelaide CBD would suit.
  13. tommo64

    Can this really be true?

    How insignificant are we?
  14. tommo64

    Petrified of Sharks......

    Flip flop is absolutely right on this one. To put things into perspective, far more people are killed on the roads each year, yet we don't give it a second thought before getting behind the wheel. Rather than fear these magnificent creatures, we should endeavour to learn as much about their behaviour as possible. If we are well informed, we can take sensible precautions and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Avoid swimming in remote areas, but rather stick to patrolled beaches.
  15. tommo64

    Can this really be true?

    Think it depends on how many you've had and how hard you bang your head on the pavement when you fall out of the pub!:biglaugh: