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  1. leajk

    citizenship application form

    Thanks for this ,I will just list the last 10 yrs which is a lot easier
  2. leajk

    citizenship application form

    I am completing the online form . I can’t find the PDF form or any help forms to read . Online form page 16 says give details of all countries that the applicant has lived or traveled to since turning the age of 18. Its difficult to read the old stamps in my old passports from over 25 yrs ago, not to mention all the European countries that don’t stamp your passport when your British. i did complete this for my PR visa but can’t find where I stored the paperwork . Worried my new entries won’t match
  3. leajk

    citizenship application form

    Thank you , I have listed my parents and brother , wish I could find my list of countries visited from my PR application. Will have to dig out my old passports and try and work it out from the stamps
  4. leajk

    citizenship application form

    Hey The time has come to complete my citizenship application form. However I am a little confused as they are asking for the same info that we had to submit for the PR visa 5 yrs ago. Can anyone tell me if its just mother , father , brother , sister family members they want to know about ? I don't have to tell them info on extended members (brother-in-law/niece /nephew etc)? Also do we have to list all the countries we have visited since the age of 18 again ?? or just countries since gaining permanent residency in Australia? Any info is greatly welcomed
  5. Perfect... I think I will do that. Once I get my interview ask them for citizenship in my maiden name, thank you all for your responses
  6. Yes when I got married in the uk I just showed my marriage certificate wherever I needed to change my name.I didn’t have to do an official name change registration and pay a fee. I know that if I was still in the uk I could just show my separation agreement to change back to my maiden name, again without registration /fee. I know I could do the same here if I was married and divorced in Australia but not sure if I can if I was married in the uk. So with your previous link I assume you are saying I have to formally register my name change and pay the fee because the marriage was not registered in Australia ? Sorry just trying to get my head around it . I would prefer to get it sorted before citizenship unless I can just show my seperate agreement and original birth certificate at the citizenship interview to it will be issued in my maiden name.
  7. Thank you . For your reply’s my comment about my uk birth and marriage certificates being valid documents in Aus were in relation to being able to just change my name back to my maiden (like when you married) without an official name change as such. So MaggieMay24 you didn’t do a legal name change that you had to submit ?
  8. Hey I have now been living in Queensland for nearly 4 yrs and will soon be able to apply for citizenship. I came here with my partner on a skilled visa 189 ,we were married and it was my partners skills that got us the visa. We have since separated and my partner has returned to the uk . does anyone know if our separation could affect my visa and application for citizenship? Also when I do get my citizenship certificate I would like it to be in my maiden name. Does anyone know if this is possible or if I should get it in my married name then change it at a later date ? Also are my birth certificate and marriage certificate from the uk valid documents to revert to my maiden name ? TIA for any info given , tried google but not clear
  9. Hi , Really sorry I have only just seen your message. Our internet is a bit hit and miss, apparently we cant get broadband in White patch yet !!!! We are Two girls 41 and 37 and would love to meet up if your still up for it ? We have just joined the RSL and went for the first time last Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised. we also visited the Sandstone Point Hotel .....very nice. PM me if you would like to arrange ?
  10. Been on Bribie for a little over 3months now. Bought a house , settled in. OH works away a lot so I have been home alone. Ok at first but starting to miss my friends back home. was hoping to join a fencing club to meet people but can't find a club nearby. Happy to take up another hobbie to get me out of the house. Starting volunteering a couple if days a week to get some human contact but would really like to meet anyone who is on Bribie. I'm 41 have two dogs enjoy anything outdoorsy and drinks with friends Anyone here ????
  11. leajk

    Sunshine Coast to Brisbane

    We live on Bribie Island my partner works in Brisbane and It can get quite busy mainly around redcliffe, it usually takes around 1.5 hrs my partner gets paid travel time so it's not an issue. When we arrived in Oz we were undecided on Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast i prefer Sunshine Coast as it's not as busy as the sky rise Gold Coast but an easy journey for a visit to one of the theme parks so we narrowed it down to Mooloolabah or Bribie. mooloolabah is lovely,Bribie is a lot quieter but you get more for your money. I guess it all depends on your lifestyle if you like coffee culture , bars etc then Mooloolabah has it. Good luck
  12. leajk

    Bribie island or Mooloolaba ?

    Hi, we ended up buying on Bribie, I know what you mean about retirees. We have been to mooloolabah and we really like it but it's more expensive and a slightly longer comute .so for now we have bought a property at white patch. we also went to Noosa the other day which is really nice at least it's all within 1.5 hrs of where we are . We will give it 5 yrs and see how we go.
  13. leajk

    Bribie island or Mooloolaba ?

    Hi ,we ended up buying on Bribie Island. not been to Caloundra yet but are busy investigating areas nearby. we love being close to the Sunshine Coast . Visited Noosa on Sunday which was lovely. Too far from Brisbane to live but only 1.5 hrs from Bribie so easy to visit
  14. leajk

    Bribie island or Mooloolaba ?

    Telstra are currently putting in NBN in the street which should be ready in September,until then we are using mobile internet. We are only in whitepatch but anyone would think we are in the outback! We have seen advertisements in the bribie weekly about the RSL , Do you need to be a member to go in? Sounds great getting a free ride ,could have a couple of drinks we never really know where to go as everything seems to be clubs . Surf club, golf club, bowls club not sure if we need to know members or we can just join so haven't really been anywhere yet . It's early days so everything is new to us but what we have seen so far we like. We have just bought two kayaks so looking forward to getting out on the water. Just found red beach and the Woorim beach where we can walk the dogs off leash.
  15. leajk

    Bribie island or Mooloolaba ?

    Hi, I have only just seen your message, we moved to white patch in April and have been without Internet , where on Bribie are you ? How long have you lived here ? We are loving living here, but we are still finding our feet. trying different places. Went to the new sandstone point hotel. Any recommendations ? Love to hear from you