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Help Please

Guest Missiemo

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Guest Missiemo

Hi Guys



Some time back I found a link where you can send your CV ready for when you arrive, of which they circulate it to potential employers, would anybody know what it is.


Hope this makes sense







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Guest ABCDiamond

A list of some of the Commercial Job Websites:


Seek - An Online Job Search facility (107,248 Jobs listed at 24/11/05)


CareerOne - An Online Job Search Facility provided by News Limited (57,365 jobs at 24/11/05)


Jobserve - An Online Job Search facility (41,617 jobs listed at 11/11/04, mainly IT&T jobs)


MyCareer - An Online Job Search facility (39,863 Jobs listed at 29/10/04)


Jobnet - Job Search for IT Professionals (6,987 jobs at 24/11/05)


Hays - Hays is ranked as the world's 7th largest recruitment company (5,228 Jobs listed at 24/11/05)


BlueCollar - Jobs for Blue-Collar Workers (3,042 Blue Collar Jobs listed at 24/11/05)


ConstructiveRecruitment - Jobs in the Construction Industry (246 Jobs listed at 24/11/05)



The above links don't copy over, so just add .com.au after the name.



Government Job Websites


http://www.jobsearch.gov.au - Australian Government Job Agency Search Facility (89,506 jobs listed at 24/11/05)


http://www.workplace.gov.au - More Information on Jobs, Wages, Unions etc.

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