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Am I really doing this?

Guest stevenglish

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Guest stevenglish



my wife and two kids are going to be moving out to Sydney in August if all my plans come to fruition. Now it's all looking a bit more real and like it will actually happen, we're inevitably thinking about the friends and family we'll be leaving behind. I can see it all getting quite emotional, has anyone got any tips on how a strapping lad like myself can avoid blubbing like a little girl at the airport??? lol


Hope to speak to afew of you soon about some important stuff, but thought I'd say hi



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Guest scoop

Hi Steve


Welcome to Poms :)


Personally I will not be saying goodbye at the airport, all goodbyes will be said in my home town much less stressful for the flight out. Even if my family would want to come.


Good luck with it all mate.



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Guest Beki

Hi Poms,

I must admit I really don't fancy teary goodbuys at the Airport either. Rich recons I wont be able to stop them coming, when he went traveling for a year to Oz and other places he said there were about 20 of his friends and family there. He said it was a nightmare walking through to departures!


The only way you can avoid it I suppose is not to tell them your exact flight details and date, that seems a bit heartless though.

The first thing my Mum said to me when I told her our plans was, "don't you dare go sneaking off to the airport without telling us!"


:cry: :cry: :cry:


The other thing I really don't fancy is a farewell party. Don't get me wrong I'm a real party animal usually but it's not much of a celebration for most of the people I'd want there. After a few drinks it'll be really difficult to keep my cool 8) and I'd probably end up blubbing :cry: which is not my idea of how to behave at a "party"!


:D Beki :D

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Guest bethandneil

:P hi ther

my advice....


Blub like you've never blubbed before, within 24 hours your going to be the other side of the world, so who cares!


When you're sat on the beach with a cold beer, and family and friends are here, sat in the rain with a cup of tea, who will be blubbing then?!!!!


not you ha ha ha


Beth. :D:D:D:D

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