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Parents 676 Visa Advice

Guest Lesmcg

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Guest Lesmcg

Hi There


Wondering if anyone out there can give me any advice??


My parents are in Australia on a 676 Tourist Visa for 12 months which expires 23/9/11, the visa had a no further stay condition on it. Unfortunately my mother took ill and was admitted to hospital for over a week and is now waiting for an operation on a 3 month waiting list. Due to the no further stay condition we wrote to immigration with letters from doctors etc and immigration have waived the no further stay condition and advised she should make a substantive visa application.

Been looking today and not too sure what we can apply for, we would love for mum and dad to be able to stay in Oz longer with us as they have no one at home.

Do we just apply for a tourist visa (although they are in Australia- not sure if you can do this or if you have to be out of Australia) or is there any way we can apply for the aged parent visa 804?

A few months ago we went to immigration to ask if my parents can apply for parents visa and the lady said we could of if they were on a standard tourist visa but because of the no further stay they could not apply - so can we do this now?

They have 2 children my brother and I, my brother is an Australian citizen and I am here studying hairdessing and my course finishes soon and I am applying to stay for another 18 months?

Any advice would be appreciated


Thanks in advance


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Guest Guest31881

I would suggest you talk to an agent, You cannot just apply for a bridging visa, you have to apply for visa to stay and the bridging visa will be issued when the current visa expires. To bridge you between the two visas.


There may be a health visa she can apply for? :biggrin:

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