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Amtico / Karndean flooring specialists?

Guest julesnjas

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Guest julesnjas

Hi All


I am a skilled and experienced design vinyl specialist and myself and my family are looking to move to Australia in particular Brisbane. I prepare and install products like Amtico and Karndean to all areas including new build / existing residential, commercial and show homes etc. I am basically asking if anyone can tell me what the job situation is there? I know the new build cannot cope with the demand but whenever i see pics of the floors in Australia they seem to be polished wood or ceramics. Is the demand really there? to warrant the move. We really want to get out of the UK and really start to enjoy life so to speak.

I have in the past contacted manufacturers in Australia but every time they say they cannot give me names of companies to contact. If anyone can not name names but to point me in the right direction this would be most helpful.


Many thanks in advance.

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