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Guest cappy

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Guest cappy

Hi everybody!


My wife and I (25 and 27 respectively) are soon to start the permanent residency visa application process to move to Perth.


I have no degree but 5-6 years good experience as a technical IT engineer and manager the missus is a HR advisor with 2-3 years experience with a good degree. She also has her uncle and Aunt in Perth who are eager to be our sponsors which we hope will help.


I have been reading this forum with interest and, while some think it's a waste of money, we are going to use the http://www.overseas-emigration.co.uk agency to help us with our application. We will probably only get this one shot to migrate as we'll be looking at starting a family in the next few years (probably not long after settling in oz, or being refused) so want it to work first time. Plus we have very busy lives with work and don't want to delay anything more than we need to. We were planning on holidaying in Florida in the first half of 2006 so the money for that will be spent on the agency/visa application process so we're not losing out too much.


I'm really hoping we will be successful and can get out there, whilst also dreading the days leading up to leaving as they'll be really hard on us and our family. And no doubt it'll be a struggle getting work/housing etc when we first get out there, but it's a challenge we both want to experience.


So that's our story. I'll no doubt be on here asking many questions, but I'll also share our experiences to to help others.


Speak soon


cappy (Matt)

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