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Guest mandymoo

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Guest mandymoo

I wonder if anyone can help us with a query we have about endowments & pensions.

We were going to keep them going in UK, but we have heard that we may have to pay tax to the Australian Goverment on them when they mature. Just wondering how true this is??


Also, has anyone got any advice if its best to cash them in here and start them up again in Oz, and has Oz got anything like ISA's???


Any advice regards to this would be fab.





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Guest mickroo

Hi Mandy


I have posted some info on transfering UK pensions already on this site and from what I understand the whole issue is subject to change in a big way this year (6th April 2006). Things do look a bit complicated so my I suggest a chat with an independent pension adviser wound not go a miss.

With regards to endowlments I myself cut and ran from this type of investment five of six years ago.


If I find out anything more about pension etc, I have a few lines of enquire going at the moment, I will post the findings on this web site





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