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Moving to OZ but confused...help!

Guest gopes69

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Guest gopes69

I have permanent residency visa whih expires 19th jan 2006. I have to action the following fast! Help!

I need to enter Oz before 19th Jan...thinking of 2nd week in Jan. My wife has never bee over and I will be bring her and my two sons, aged 4 months and 27 months consecutively on a holiday visa.

I need to apply for RRV whilst I am out there as I cannot apply for it frm the UK.

I am a pharmacist and am currently employed by Boots. I want to come and work out in Oz whilst I wait for my RRV. I need to find employment as a pharmacist...need to register there, so I need to complete my pre-registration training and then need to work out there to pay for the rent and food.

I also need to find cheap as possible accomadation as I am having to leave my job in the UK and have no income whilst in OZ until I find a decent job.

I hope to be in Melbourne or suburbs...

If my wife likes it out there then when my RRV is granted I want to return back to the UK to apply for my wife and kids and sell up in the UK and return to OZ. My job is being kept open for two months in the UK.


If anyone can help...in advice etc. it will be much appreciated.

In summary,

1. Need to get an RRV.

2. Need to find a post as pre-registration pharmacist

3. Need to find a decent job/locum

4. Need to find decent but cheap as possible accomadation.

5. Any other advice... :idea: :? [/b]

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Guest ABCDiamond



You will probably only be eligible for the 3 month RRV.


To be eligible for a Resident Return Visa (RRV), you must be:


a permanent resident holding a valid permanent visa,

a former permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled, or

a former Australian citizen who has lost or renounced their Australian citizenship.


In addition to the above, to be eligible for a five year RRV:


you must be lawfully present in Australia for a total of at least 2 years in the 5 years immediately before lodging the application for the visa, or

you must have substantial and beneficial business, cultural, employment or personal ties to Australia and compelling reasons if you have been absent from Australia for more than 5 years, or

you must be a member of the family unit of a person who holds a valid RRV or who has applied for and met the criteria for an RRV.

If you do NOT meet these criteria, but have to leave Australia for compassionate and compelling reasons, you MAY be eligible for a 3 month RRV


It's really worth checking on this early.

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