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Will a UK TV Work in Oz?

Guest JRC93

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Hi All,


Been in Melbourne for 3 months now and have finally got round to my first PiOZ post.


Life was very chaotic when I left the UK back in August. I did not even get the time/chance to find out if my TV would work in Australia. (It's only 7/8 years old; a widescreen... one of the last to be sold before everything went plasma).


Eitherway, it has now arrived in my container and is being delivered to my new rented home next week.


WILL IT WORK though? Or, will I need to buy a new one? I suppose I might ask the same question about my even newer DVD player...


Advice would be welcome.


Ta, Justin

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hey mate,,,it will only work through another unit ie digi box,austar/foxtel etc


if you go directly to the antenna you will only get vision but you wont get any sound,,but thats not a bad thing cos oz tv aint all that anyway,,


Cheers ,,,happy unpacking

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Guest snow white

hi there

some of our tvs worked fine with no digital box one had no sound but we had austar installed and it works great now totally depends on the make the biggest pain here is no scart all the phono leads grrrr

lesley x

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