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457 through Recruitment Agency - PR?

Guest zuppy

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Hi All,


I'm in Banking and have been on a 457 through a Sydney recruitment agency since July 06. I had intended to go de facto with my partner early next year. She's a kiwi and I just found out last week that she's a "non-eligible NZ citizen" as she's only been in the country since 2006. Sounds like I now have to get PR off my own bat which I should just qualify for (hopefully) through the points sustem with my degree and 10 yrs experience. What are the ways I can get PR? Can I apply somehow through my agency as I've been working for the same company through them for over 2 yrs?


Thanks for your help in advance.



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Guest Gollywobbler

Hello Zuppy


Welcome to Poms in Oz.


Since you are in Sydney (I assume) I would recommend that you ring up a Registered Migration Agent in Sydney called George Lombard. George is absolutely ace as many of his clients on here can confirm:


Visa Info | George Lombard Consultancy Pty. Ltd.


When you obtained your 457 visa in 2006, recruitment agencies were able to sponsor migrants for visas themselves. In about Sept/Oct 2007 new legislation was introduced that prevents recruitment agencies (all except for one called Workforce Solutions) from sponsoring migrants.


Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News


This change did not affect the validity of 457 visas like yours but I do not know whether the new legislation would prevent the agency from being able to sponsor you for PR. I'm not a migration agent so although I know bits & pieces, this question is not one of the bits & pieces that I know!


George would know what the answer to this question is, though.


As for whether you would be eligible for skilled independent migration, I don't know. You could have a look at the DIAC website:


Visa Options – Professionals and other Skilled Migrants – Workers – Visas & Immigration


Please ignore the fact that it says "if you are outside Australia." That is poor wording. You are not eligible for the range of skilled independent visas that flow from having completed a Student course out in Oz. Therefore you would have to apply for one of the offshore visas, probably the subclass 175, but if not then without looking it up I do not know whether NSW offer Bankers State Nomination for the subclass 176 visa instead. They might, but it might depend on what sort of banking you do etc.


Australian General Skilled Migration Booklet


It would be much quicker to ask George than to try to work the whole thing out by yourself.


Best wishes



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