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All the very best to the traybears


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:wubclub: As the title says, all the very best for your new life in OZZZZZZ

not seen you on here for a while, but Nov 24 has been in my head for a while, I know this is the day your OFF, been followin you almost from the start, and now your off, never been able to keep up, set back after set back, got to ask yourself is it worth it ??, anyway this isn't about me, its you guys, just wanted to wish you alllllllll theeeeeee luuuuuuck innnnnnn theeeeee worlddddddddd, have a safe trip, hope all goes well, let us all know how you get on, once settled, be lucky, Theresa, Steve, & Vicky.xxxxx

ps you proberbly wont see this for a few days, got better and more important things on ya,s mind, wish ya so much luck I could burst.:wubclub:

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