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Holiday in Australia

Paul Creighton

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Hi, everyone.

Hope you can help and advise us. We are planning to holiday in Australia next year for 6-8 weeks, there will be myself, Paul (hubby) and Harry (who will be 4 years old next July). Looking at travelling in a mobile home from Sydney to Cairns. So really need lost of advise on everything from flights with children, stop offs, what mobile home to hire, where to stay, what to pack, 1st aid, and anything else you can advise us on. Really appreciate it. Look forward to your replies.

Thanks, Sharon (anxious Mum)

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Hi Sharon!


Just wanted to wish you Lots of Luck with your holiday plans and say that Emirates and Singapore Airlines seem to be the best and I've been to Singapore and would recommend there as a stop off although it's very very hot:yes::twitcy:


As you have a young child, a flight leaving the U.K. late in the evening would be appropriate as this would encourage him to sleep for a good amount of the flight.

Singapore airlines do flights out of Heathrow just before 11pm.


Regards and Good Luck!!!


Dan xx

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Guest treesea

I can recommend Byron Bay as a good place to visit/stay. Toowoomba, just over the border in Queensland is a pretty neat place. They have something called the Festival of Flowers, but I think it is in September each year so may not match your travelling time. It's got some of the best weather in Australia. Autumn really does look like autumn.


For reaserching, especially mobile homes, I would recommend using Google, but www.google.com.au, not www.google.co.uk That way you can just call up pages from Australia for things like mobile home rentals. Don't arrange it through a UK travel agent - it will cost heaps more than arranging it directly with an Australian company.

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