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how much patience?

Guest stuartjadams

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Guest stuartjadams

our applicaiton hasn't been a straightforward one...so almost two years since we started my wife an dI are still waiting.


Basically the strong advice from our Agent in London it to continue to wait, and not to contact the Case Officer as "they don't like it", and would more likely put us to the bottom of the pile.


however, the issue i have, is that 5 weeks ago now, they got in touch to say they couldn't find the med results sent in July. Straight away they were provided with courier details etc.


What i want to know now (apart form the visas being granted of course) is if they have found them, or do we need to go through that again.


So they question...do i go against my agents advice and get in touch, just to know if they have found the results (and are working on processing) ...or should the patience shown over the last two years continue?


we just seem so so so so close.


opinions appreciated...



(Frustrated of Berkshire)

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Guest samlee

Hi Stuart,

Its a nightmare this waiting game! I have just sent meds and pcc 2 weeks ago and now have to wait like you! It feels like its been forever already and we need visa by January so we can go travelling first! No pressure.

Any way with regards your query. We didint use an agent so have done everything ourselves but if I was in your position now I would go with what feels best.

If you have waited for 5 weeks already then i'm sure a short email to find out won't hurt. But then I suppose no news is good news.

It would drive me crazy not knowing so I would email case officer to check. This is just my opinion and what I would do.

Hope its of some use

Good Luck


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